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Why Some People Hate Exercise (and How to Love It)

Why Some People Hate Exercise (and How to Love It)


Some people couldn’t live without the energy and satisfaction they get from their daily spin or HIIT classes. Others couldn’t think of a worse way to spend their time. 

If exercise is an essential healthy habit for all of us, why do some people hate it?

If you’re one of those people who’d rather do anything than run a 5K, there’s good news: you can learn to like exercising. Read on to learn why some of us hate to exercise and what you can do to change that.

Science Explains: Why Some People Hate Exercise 

The answer to this question is much more complex than a measure of laziness or self-discipline. In fact, whether we enjoy or dread exercise comes down to our psychology and biology.

Genetics at Play

Your love or hatred for exercise could be written in your DNA. In one study, researchers examined how sets of twins (with identical genetic makeup) approached and experienced moderate exercise. 

When asked how they felt during a cycling activity, participants almost always gave a similar response as their twin. And sets of twins that used positive words to describe their workout were more active in their daily lives than sets of twins who used negative words to describe their experience. 

Researchers concluded that our genes may play a small part in whether or not we enjoy exercise.

All-or-Nothing Mindset

Do you push yourself to your limit every time you exercise? Unfortunately, that all-in or all-out type of thinking can sabotage your efforts to enjoy exercise. Studies show that those who follow achievable, light-to-moderate exercise routines have better outcomes, enjoy exercise more, and keep up with regular exercise routines more consistently than those who push themselves with vigorous training.

Underlying Health Issues

Exercise can be less fun and more frustrating when we’re sick or in pain. But, these are sometimes the exact times we need to exercise to restore our energy and balance. If you feel worse after a workout, ease up on your intensity or change your exercise routine to accommodate injuries or chronic pain. 

3 Tips that Help You Learn to Love Exercise

Hate exercise? Not for long. 

While science helps explain why we may avoid exercise, that’s only part of the story. Science also says that we can train our brains and bodies to tolerateand even enjoyexercise. Try these three tips to reframe your perspective on exercise and fall in love with your new active life.

Mix it up.

Let’s face it—sometimes exercise can be boring. By mixing up your workout routine, you can entertain your brain while working different muscle groups. Try a new class or take a new jogging route. Entertain yourself with a new playlist or podcast. If you struggle to find something you enjoy, get inspiration from the sports or activities you loved as a kid.

Tread lightly.

Mental exhaustion makes you feel physically exhausted. If you’re tired, stressed, or overworked, opt for light exercise instead of going all-in. You’ll feel energized and glad you took the time for self-care. You may even find yourself craving a more intense workout tomorrow!

Think about the bigger picture.

Enjoying exercise can be a challenge if your reason for exercising is to “lose weight.” Shifting your focus can make all the difference. Beyond losing a few pounds, what’s really driving you? The ability to play with your kids without pain or feeling out of breath? Unabashed confidence? A long and healthy life? These goals are much stronger motivators when you need that extra push to lace up your sneakers and hit the gym.

Can CBD Turn an Exercise-Hater into an Exercise-Lover?

Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. And we believe anyone can learn to love it. 

If you’re not quite an exercise lover yet, CBD can help get you there:

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