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The world of CBD is such a new horizon and is taking health and beauty care to new heights. However, can you bring CBD miles high? After all, the new “it” product is derived from a plant that is a member of the Cannabis sativa family. While CBD oil comes from hemp, which is not an illegal...
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When it comes to health and wellness, we take a lot of things for granted. You hear about the benefits of a product and bam! You’re sold on a product that you believe works. Yet, you have no idea why. With the recent federal legalization of hemp, CBD products are going to become that “it”...
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CBD is such a versatile ingredient — you can find it in everything from toothpaste to beverages to gummies. Growing in popularity are CBD muscle rubs. CBD muscle rubs are an excellent way to provide comfort to joints or assist with post-workout recovery. Whether you’re pushing your body hard as the high school QB or find...
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Our second annual Joy Day is coming! This day of giving, a big sale and giveback event, happens Tuesday, Feb. 18. Mark your calendar and plan to save big while investing in a hopeful future for refugees in Uganda. This is the day we celebrate company founder Joy Smith’s birthday. We do it Joy-style by giving...
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Our first full episode is online, and it’s a goodie—at least we think so. We interviewed Hoban Law’s managing attorney, Garrett Graff about the legal ambiguity surrounding hemp, importing CBD, and merchant processing. You can find our first episode on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. Full Transcript: Hannah: Hello and welcome. You are listening...
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Anyone who has passed third-grade science knows how the grow cycle works. All plants start as a seed. From there, atmospheric pressures (such as sunlight, water and soil), change the composition of the plant. As a result, the plant bursts into a full-blown crop. Voila! You have a completely new product. Chemical compounds aren’t much...
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