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If you’re a dog owner that consumes cannabis products containing THC, you may be curious as to how the cannabinoid famous for its intoxicating effects might affect your canine companion.  Does THC make dogs high like it does humans? Is THC toxic to dogs? Will your dog be okay if they get into your gummies...
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Our pets are truly members of the family. Their loyalty, love, and adorable faces provide the entire household with so much joy. Many of us would do anything to help our pets live happy and active lives. That's why millions are turning to CBD oil for their pets' mental health. How does CBD benefit our...
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Pet owners may believe that their pets live a life of luxury without a care in the world. What they may not realize is that there are actually many things that can stress pets out.  Regardless of how cute they are or how well (or not) they obey commands, our pets primarily operate by their...
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There’s an unparalleled love between a human and their cat. While dogs are touted as human’s best friend, cats are often cast in a cold and unloving light. A cat’s love is earned and unconditional, making it one of the strongest bonds in the world. It’s so important our cats get the care any other...
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There eventually comes a time in the lives of many dog owners where they have to face the fact that their beloved canine companion isn’t as young as they used to be. Caring for senior dogs isn’t always as easy as it was when they were younger, either. Dogs, like humans, have different needs as...
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Most pet owners would agree that their furry friend is much more than just a pet. Many pet parents consider them to be family members. The human-animal bond is very real, and the benefits of owning a pet impact many aspects of our lives. While it’s not always easy caring for a pet, most pet...
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