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The Ultimate 2024 Guide to the Best CBD Lube for Enhanced Pleasure

The Ultimate 2024 Guide to the Best CBD Lube for Enhanced Pleasure


Looking for the best CBD lube to enhance your intimate experiences? You’re not alone. With the growing popularity of CBD-infused products, it’s important to know which lubes offer the best sensation, longevity, and overall sexual experience. In this guide, we cut through the noise to bring you a clear, concise rundown of the top CBD lubricants on the market, their distinct features, and what to consider before making a purchase.

Quick Overview of Top CBD Lubes

In no particular order, the top CBD lubes making waves this year are:

  • Foria Awaken Arousal: best CBD lube for sensual arousal

  • Smooth Operator: favored for its long-lasting effects

  • QULO: the go-to for versatility

  • Toto: the top pick for vaginal play

  • Huile D’Amour: the finest edible CBD lube in the market.

Foria Awaken Arousal - The Best CBD Lube for Sensual Arousal

Price: Price information not available


  • Contains organic MCT organic coconut oil, USDA organic broad-spectrum hemp extract, organic kava root, cinnamon

  • Vegan formulation, free from alcohol, petroleum-based ingredients, dyes, and phthalates


  • Intensifies female arousal and pleasure

  • Provides a warming sensation and relaxation


  • May stain sheets and undergarments

  • Dropper applicator may not be as convenient as a pump

Foria Awaken Arousal, an all-natural CBD oil, is specifically formulated to boost female arousal and pleasure. It is especially effective when applied to intimate areas such as the clitoris, inner labia, and vagina. Users have reported a warming sensation and a relaxed state that leads to enhanced arousal and more satisfying sexual experiences. Nonetheless, this lube isn’t without drawbacks - as with most CBD lubes that are oil-based, it may stain your sheets and undergarments, and the dropper applicator might prove inconvenient during intimate moments.

The vegan formulation of Foria Awaken Arousal is free from alcohol, petroleum-based ingredients, dyes, and phthalates. It contains organic MCT coconut oil, USDA organic broad-spectrum hemp extract, organic kava root, and cinnamon, and it has a subtle minty aroma. With an average rating of 4.3 stars from over 1,400 reviews, the quality and effects of Foria Awaken Arousal are well-praised, although the effects can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes to kick in.

Check out Foria

Smooth Operator by QUIM - Top CBD Lube for Long-lasting Effects

Quim | Plant-based Intimate Self-Care

Price: Price information not available


  • Contains organic aloe vera

  • Water-based serum safe with latex condoms


  • Provides skin-soothing effects with shea butter

  • Long-lasting, luxurious and thick texture


  • Mild effect due to CBD concentration of 100 mg per bottle

  • Requires some time to take full effect

Smooth Operator is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a CBD lube with enduring effects to match your steamy sessions. This lube is enriched with natural ingredients like organic aloe vera, which not only enhances your sexual experience by providing skin-soothing effects but also contributes to the product’s standout features.

Smooth Operator’s water-based serum:

  • Formulated to be safe with latex condoms

  • Versatile option for safe sex practices

  • Luxurious and thick texture that remains slick during use

  • Impressive staying power which minimizes the need for reapplication

Users have lauded these features of Smooth Operator’s water-based serum.

With a CBD concentration of 100 mg per bottle, users typically experience a mild, noticeable effect from Smooth Operator, including pelvic relaxation and increased blood flow, beginning within 10 to 15 minutes after application.

Check out Smooth Operator by Quim

QULO by Toca- The Go-to CBD Lube for Versatility

TOCA | CBD Botanical Lube

Price: Price information not available


  • Contains full-spectrum CBD and natural botanicals

  • Spray bottle design


  • Versatile for various sexual activities

  • Enhances blood flow and sensitivity


  • Requires some time to take full effect

  • Contains natural botanicals which may impact preferences for users sensitive to tastes and smells

Renowned for its versatility, QULO is frequently referred to as the Swiss Army Knife of CBD lubes. While initially designed for anal play, it soon became a popular choice due to its efficiency in enhancing a broad range of sexual activities, from handjobs to masturbation.

Equipped with full-spectrum CBD, QULO may enhance blood flow and sensitivity, leading to heightened sensations and a more relaxed pelvic floor, although it does require some time to take full effect. One of QULO’s unique features is its spray bottle design which ensures even coverage and easy use, facilitating an erotic and efficient application process during intimate experiences.

QULO boasts a natural ingredient profile with MCT oil and botanicals like basil, cardamom, and ginger, offering an aromatic scent of coconut and hemp. This may impact preferences for users sensitive to tastes and smells, but for those who enjoy these aromas, QULO is a treat for the senses.

Check out QULO by Toca

Toca Toto - The Best CBD Lube for Vaginal Play

TOCA | CBD Botanical Lube

Price: Price information not available


  • Spray bottle design


  • Suitable for sensitive individuals

  • Has enjoyable taste


  • Not compatible with latex condoms

Toca Toto CBD lube has rapidly risen to the forefront for vaginal play. It has garnered praise for its natural ingredients, suitability for sensitive individuals, and particularly its appealing taste.

One of Toca Toto’s unique features is its spray bottle design, intended to enhance the erotic experience by enabling precise control over the amount of lubricant applied. For maximum effectiveness, the recommended method is to spray it directly onto the genitals.

While Toca Toto offers versatility in terms of application, its incompatibility with latex condoms imposes some restrictions on its usage. The smell and taste are botanical, including ingredients such as rose hip seed oil, peppermint, ginger, and hemp, which may align with some user’s preferences but not others.

Check out Toto by Toca

Huile D'Amour by Glissant- The Finest Edible CBD Lube

Glissantlove (@glissantlove) / X

Price: $55.00


  • Contains both CBD and CBG cannabinoids, and essential oils

  • Edible quality allows for aphrodisiac effects when sprayed into the mouth


  • Contains natural ingredients

  • Thin texture requires minimal reapplication


  • Contains sweet almond oil, unsuitable for those with nut allergies

  • Not compatible with latex condoms

Huile D’Amour, an edible based CBD lube, merges the healing properties of essential oils and cannabinoids. It integrates both CBD and CBG cannabinoids, alongside a blend of organic CBD massage oil and essential oils including:

  • grapeseed oil

  • coconut oil

  • sweet almond oil

  • evening primrose oil

The thin texture of Huile D’Amour may seem misleading at first glance, but it has been reported to require minimal reapplication, remaining effective even when used in water or with toys. Additionally, its edible quality allows for aphrodisiac effects when sprayed into the mouth.

While Huile D’Amour offers versatility in its usage, it’s important to note that:

  • It contains sweet almond oil, making it unsuitable for those with nut allergies.

  • It’s not compatible with latex condoms, introducing a safety consideration for users practicing safer sex.

  • Its smell and taste are distinctly coconut and hemp, which may align with some user’s preferences but not others.

Check out Huile D'Amour

Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing a CBD Lube

Several key factors should be taken into account when choosing a CBD lube. Here are some things to consider:

  • Check that the CBD lube safe does not contain harmful additives like glycerin, parabens, fragrances, dyes, or similar ingredients that could affect your health.

  • Ensure the pH balance of the lube is below 7 to avoid infections and support fertility.

  • Be aware of potential allergens such as coconut oil; conduct a patch test before using the product to ensure you do not have sensitivities to it.

Second, consider the lube’s base ingredient. An aloe vera base is water-based and typically safer for use with condoms and toys. Opt for lubes that include natural components like peony root and passionflower extract for added soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits. Look at the CBD concentration as well. Starting with a lubricant containing at least 200 mg of broad-spectrum CBD, which equates to about 2 mg per pump, ensures an effective concentration.

Finally, personal preference in texture, whether thicker or more fluid, can significantly affect your enjoyment and should be taken into consideration when choosing a personal lubricant. If you’re using latex condoms, choose a water-based formula, as oil-based lubes can degrade latex. Opt for a fragrance-free or unscented product if you have sensitivities, as fragrances can lead to irritation and allergic reactions. Avoid CBD lubes containing Nonoxynol-9 due to its association with irritation and increased HIV transmission risk.

How to Identify the Best CBD Lube for You

To identify the ideal CBD lube for you, consider factors such as your intended use, compatibility with contraception methods, and your preferences regarding texture and taste. Not all CBD lubes are created equal, so if you are sensitive to CBD or new to using it, start with a product that has a lower amount of CBD and increase gradually as needed. For individuals with potential allergies, especially to tree nuts, or who are planning to use latex condoms, it’s essential to check CBD lubes for irritants and allergens to avoid any adverse reactions.

CBD lubes, also known as CBD lubricant, can provide relief for individuals experiencing pain during intercourse due to issues such as vaginal dryness and pelvic discomfort. Individuals experiencing pain during penetration may find a higher amount of CBD beneficial, while others might start with a lower amount and adjust as needed for comfort and effectiveness. Some CBD lubricants are safe for oral consumption – these may be preferable for those engaged in oral play, but you should always confirm this by checking the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Understanding Lab Reports and Certificates of Analysis (COAs)

Lab reports and Certificates of Analysis (COAs) offer essential insights into the potency, safety, and authenticity of CBD products. A COA is a verified document provided by certified third-party laboratories detailing the testing lab, brand, product, and potency of ingredients in CBD products. Accurate identification of the product brand names, batch numbers, and legit third-party laboratory validation are crucial aspects provided by a COA.

COAs list all cannabinoids present in the product and their concentrations, which inform consumers about the potency and expected effects. Delta-9 THC levels and minor cannabinoids like:

  • THCV

  • CBDV

  • CBG

  • CBC

  • CBN

and others are also detailed in the COA, ensuring products comply with legal THC limits and revealing the full cannabinoid spectrum.

Terpene profiles in COAs indicate aromatic compounds that can contribute to the therapeutic properties of hemp-derived products. COAs should verify:

  • Full-spectrum CBD content

  • Thorough tests for heavy metals

  • Tests for pesticides

  • Tests for microbiological contaminants

This is to confirm overall safety.


In conclusion, CBD lubes are a unique enhancement to sexual experiences, offering benefits beyond traditional lubricants. Whether it’s Foria Awaken Arousal for sensual arousal, Smooth Operator for long-lasting effects, QULO for versatility, Toto for penile play, or Huile D’Amour as an edible option, there’s a CBD lube out there for everyone. When choosing a CBD lube, consider factors such as pH balance, allergens, base ingredients, and CBD concentration. Always check lab reports and COAs to ensure you’re making an informed choice. Here’s to enhancing your sexual experiences with the best CBD lubes of 2024!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CBD lube actually work?

Yes, CBD lube can actually work by increasing blood flow to the genital area, enhancing sexual arousal and pleasure. This can lead to a more intense and satisfying sexual experience.

Does CBD work for arousal?

CBD may have a positive impact on arousal by reducing anxiety and stress, leading to an increase in libido. While more research is required, some studies suggest a potential benefit.

Does CBD lube enter bloodstream?

No, CBD lube delivers cannabinoids directly to receptors in the skin without entering the bloodstream, so it won't produce a high.

What are the benefits of using CBD lubes?

Using CBD lubes can enhance sexual experiences by increasing arousal, providing long-lasting effects, and offering versatility in use. Users have reported enhanced sexual pleasure and decreased discomfort during intercourse. Give it a try and see if it works for you!

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