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What is CBD Shampoo?

What is CBD Shampoo?


Adding plant botanicals to shampoo is nothing new, and one of the most effective additions to this shower-time staple is hemp extract. CBD oil is rich in amino acids that can serve as a building block for strong hair follicles, and the cannabinoids in CBD oil are a perfect way to enjoy a sense of calm in the shower while scrubbing away the stress of your day. What is CBD shampoo exactly? We’ll discuss the benefits of this wellness-promoting product, some of the best CBD shampoo brands, and how to make your own CBD shampoo at home!

How Is CBD Shampoo Made?

CBD shampoo is relatively easy to make, and it’s one the fastest-growing sectors in the CBD movement. All manufacturers have to do is add broad spectrum hemp extract or CBD isolate to their shampoo formula. 

There are a few challenges that manufacturers face when making the perfect CBD shampoo. One specific consideration is that hemp extract is an oil. Manufacturers must add this oil to many water-based ingredients. Like polar bears on a beach, these two don’t mix. 

These difficulties increase when you add in other hair care staples, such as argan oil or extra virgin olive oil. If not properly handled, the oil would sit on top of the formula and pour right out onto your head, followed by a deluge of water-based ingredients! Many manufacturers will use emulsifying agents as thickeners to avoid this problem. 

Some emulsifying agents are synthetically made, while others are made from potential allergens, such as gluten. Be sure to do your research on these ingredients before making a CBD shampoo purchase.

How Does CBD Shampoo Work?

The endocannabinoid system has many receptors under the skin. Our skin acts as a barrier between our vital organs and the outside world, so it must rely on external communicators in order to know what potential threats are on the horizon. It accomplishes this task through cannabinoid receptors

As we scrub our heads with CBD shampoo, we are giving the cannabinoid receptors along our scalp direct access to CBD. When the cannabinoids permeate the skin through our pores, it comes into contact with the cannabinoid receptors. This interaction, combined with the nutrients in the shampoo formula, can allow for a hydrating, soothing, and hair-strengthening shower session.

Benefits of CBD Shampoo 

Adding CBD shampoo to your beauty routine can support a healthy lifestyle in many ways—and keep your hair looking good, too! Here’s how:

Locks In Moisture 

CBD shampoo isn’t just beneficial because of its interaction with cannabinoid receptors. It also helps lock in moisture due to its abundance of amino acids. The amino acids act as a barrier that holds in water between the scalp and follicle so that this precious moisturizer doesn’t dissipate into the sun or lights above. 

Support Follicle Strength 

The fatty acids found in CBD oil may help with the production of protein, including collagen. Collagen is a popular health and beauty product because it helps rejuvenate skin cells and support their vitality. The action of lathering up with CBD shampoo helps promote blood circulation to the scalp. These oxygenated blood cells can help provide the energy necessary to promote hair growth.

Maintain Hair Color

One of the amino acids found in CBD oil is tyrosine. This compound is essential for hair pigmentation. Therefore, using CBD shampoo could help maintain your natural color!

Best CBD Shampoos 

CBD shampoos are growing in popularity, with new brands seeming to emerge every day. Here are some of our favorites and a few brands to keep an eye out for:

Before you purchase CBD shampoo, get familiar with the ingredients in the products. You want to make sure they use as many natural and organic practices as possible. 

Also, make sure there’s really CBD in the shampoo! Some brands will tout “hemp shampoo” that contains no CBD oil at all. While hemp seed oil is great for hair, it doesn’t offer the same benefits as CBD oil!

DIY CBD Shampoo Recipes 

Making your own CBD shampoo is cost-effective, sustainable and fun! All of these recipes follow the same guidelines but feature different Joy Organics CBD Tinctures and essential oils. Broad spectrum hemp extract blends wonderfully with the essential oils used in the recipes. Essential oils are composed of potent compounds known as terpenes that help boost the overall CBD experience. This symbiotic relationship is known as the entourage effect

The directions are simple. Combine CBD and essential oils with thicker carrier oils. These oils absorb the nutrients, naturally preserving their potency until we’re ready to scrub. Then, mix these ingredients together with castile soap. This natural cleaner gives the shampoo its familiar texture. Just add all of the ingredients into an amber bottle and shake until well-integrated! Mix and match to find what works best for you.

CBD Flake-Control Shampoo


CBD Shampoo That Shines 


  • 1/4 cup castile soap 
  • 1/8 cup sweet almond oil 
  • 1/8 cup coconut oil 
  • 5 drops Joy Organics Summer Lemmon CBD Tincture
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil
  • 5 drops ylang ylang essential oil
  • 5 drops clary sage essential oil
  • 1 tsp apple cider vinegar

CBD Shampoo For Stronger Hair


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