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Top 5 Cannabis Seeds & Banks for 2024

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds & Banks for 2024


Looking for the leading sources for cannabis seeds? Our straightforward guide ranks the top 5 weed seed banks by their standout features like seed quality, customer service, and shopping experience, without overloading you with jargon or sales tactics. You can expect clear insights to help you decide where to fulfill your growing ambitions in 2024.

Snapshot of Seed Superiority

Here’s a quick snapshot of our top picks:

  • Best Overall: I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

  • Best Variety: Seed Supreme

Seed Supreme - The Variety Virtuoso

SeedSupreme Logo

Price: Varies based on strain and seed count


  • Offers a vast array of high THC strains

  • Provides feminized seed variety packs

  • Regular promotions and free seeds with every purchase

  • Free shipping on orders over $90


  • None found

Rating: Overall: 5/5 Variety: 5/5 Quality: 5/5 Value: 5/5

Living up to its name as the ‘Variety Virtuoso’, Seed Supreme impresses every grower. With an impressive collection of high THC strains, some surpassing the 30% mark, this seed bank is a haven for those seeking intense effects. Their weed seed variety packs, particularly the feminized ones, are a great choice for growers, offering strains that harmonize based on qualities like being sativa or indica dominant, while promising large yields.

Apart from their vast selection, Seed Supreme also offers great value for money. Their promotions, such as half-price deals on seeds and complimentary seeds with every purchase, make them a favorite among growers. Capping off their offerings, they provide free shipping on orders over $90, which shows their dedication to outstanding service and value.

Check Out Seed Supreme

ILGM - The Novice's Nirvana

marijuana seeds by ILGM

Price: Varies based on strain and seed count


  • Comprehensive beginner’s grow guide and 6-step germination guide

  • Grow Support Forum for beginner growers

  • ‘Buy 10, get 10 free’ offer on White Widow autoflowers and Autoflower Mixpack

  • Free shipping within the US and a germination guarantee


  • Higher price points compared to other online seed banks

Rating: Overall: 4.5/5 Beginner-Friendliness: 5/5 Quality: 4.5/5 Value: 4/5

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) proves to be a godsend for novice growers venturing into cannabis cultivation. With their comprehensive beginner’s grow guide and 6-step germination guide, stepping into the world of cannabis cultivation becomes less daunting and more exciting. Their Grow Support Forum proves to be a valuable resource, fostering a supportive community where beginners can learn and grow.

Not only does ILGM provide valuable resources for beginners, but they also offer great deals like their ‘Buy 10, get 10 free’ offer on White Widow autoflowers and their Autoflower Mixpack. Plus, they provide free shipping within the US and a germination guarantee, making the growing journey a little less risky for new growers. However, it’s worth mentioning that their prices are a bit higher compared to other seed banks, but considering the value they provide, it’s a worthy investment.

Check out ILGM

Homegrown Cannabis Co - The Connoisseur's Collection

Homegrown Cannabis Co.: The joy of growing. | Leafly

Price: Varies based on strain and seed count


  • Carefully curated mix packs of high-quality strains

  • Diverse strains suitable for various growing environments

  • Strains offer a range of effects and therapeutic properties


  • None found

Rating: Overall: 5/5 Variety: 5/5 Quality: 5/5 Value: 4.5/5

Homegrown Cannabis Co stands as the go-to seed bank for cannabis connoisseurs in search of potent and diverse marijuana seeds, including Quebec cannabis seeds, premium cannabis seeds, autoflowering cannabis seeds, and feminized cannabis seeds, as well as feminized weed seeds and weed seeds. They offer carefully curated mix packs of high-quality strains, such as the High THC Mix Pack containing 5 Alive feminized, Hellfire OG feminized, and Northern Lights #10 feminized, among others. These packs are designed for ease of cultivation, suitable for different growing environments including both soil and hydroponics.

In addition to providing high-quality seeds, Homegrown Cannabis Co also offers strains that deliver a range of effects, from euphoric creativity to physical relaxation. Their seeds also boast therapeutic properties that can address stress, depression, and other health issues. With their exceptional collection of seeds, Homegrown Cannabis Co has certainly earned its place in the heart of every cannabis connoisseur.

Check Out Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Blimburn Seeds - The Genetic Goldmine

Price: Varies based on strain and seed count


  • Over 900 unique strains, including high-THC and exclusive cultivars

  • High-quality genetics with high germination rates

  • Transparent review process that rewards customers for sharing their growing experiences


  • None mentioned

Rating: Overall: 5/5 Genetic Quality: 5/5 Variety: 5/5 Value: 4.5/5

When it comes to premium genetics, Blimburn Seeds outshines many other seed banks. With over 900 unique strains, including high-THC and exclusive cultivars like Girl Scout Cookies and Bruce Banner, they offer a distinct range of autoflowering, feminized, and hybrid options. Their seeds are valued for their purity and high germination rates, assuring customers of their investment into top-notch genetics.

One of the things that sets Blimburn Seeds apart is their transparent review process. They encourage customers to share their experiences and reward them with Blimcoins for their feedback. This not only fosters a sense of community among growers but also helps Blimburn Seeds maintain their high standards.

Blimburn Seeds and Crop King Seeds both deserve a check-out for those in pursuit of a genetic goldmine.

Check Out Blimburn Seeds

Seedsman - The Global Giant


Price: Varies based on strain and seed count


  • Extensive catalog of over 4,400 cannabis strains from renowned breeders

  • Wide selection of auto-flowering, regular, feminized, and various other types of cannabis seeds

  • Seed Finder tool to assist customers in identifying suitable strains


  • None mentioned

Rating: Overall: 5/5 Variety: 5/5 Quality: 4.5/5 Value: 4.5/5

Seedsman emerges as a global giant in the seed bank industry, thanks to its sheer volume and variety. Offering over 4,400 cannabis strains from renowned breeders, Seedsman caters to growers of all tastes and experience levels. Their massive selection includes:

  • Auto-flowering seeds

  • Regular seeds

  • Feminized seeds

  • Various other types of cannabis seeds, including Cup winners.

Navigating such a vast selection can be daunting, but Seedsman has got you covered with their Seed Finder tool. This tool matches individual preferences and growing conditions, making it easier for customers to find the perfect strain. With their extensive catalog and user-friendly tools, Seedsman is a solid choice for any grower looking to expand their cannabis cultivation horizons.

Check Out Seedsman

Cultivating Your Choice

Choosing the right seed bank isn’t just about the number of strains or the price tag. It’s about finding a seed bank that aligns with your unique needs and preferences. Factors to consider include:

  • Brand reputation

  • Customer reviews

  • Germination rate guarantee

  • Strain selection

  • Promotions and discounts

  • Prices

  • Shipping

  • Return policies

All of these factors play a crucial role in your decision.

The type of strain you choose also matters. The THC content of a strain indicates its psychoactive potency, while CBD and other cannabinoids contribute to the wellness effects of the plant. Indica strains are known for their sedative effects and can aid in pain and sleep support, while Sativa strains are associated with energy, creativity, and a more cerebral experience.

Whether you plan to cultivate indoors or outdoors also makes a difference in your choice of seeds, including male and female seeds. Indoor strains often yield higher returns or stronger effects due to controlled conditions. Meanwhile, outdoor strains must be suitable for the growing season and climate of your location.

In the end, selecting a seed bank that caters to your environmental conditions and cultivation skills with a diverse strain variety is of paramount importance.

Legal Landscape and Shipping Savvy

While the cultivation and purchase of cannabis seeds are permitted in some states, federal law prohibits marijuana products, creating a potential risk of confiscation and legal complications. Crossing state lines or international borders with cannabis seeds are considered illegal under federal law, leading to possible criminal charges regardless of state legality.

To mitigate these risks, seed banks employ discreet shipping practices such as:

  • generic packaging

  • removing seeds from original packaging

  • offering additional stealth options to safeguard deliveries from detection and protect customer privacy

For safe and private acquisition of cannabis seeds, it’s vital to choose a reputable and reliable seed bank offering shipping services, including stealth and guaranteed delivery options from various cannabis seed banks online.

This is not legal advice, and understanding the legal landscape of your location and the shipping practices of the seed bank is a prerequisite before making a purchase. Do your own research regarding legality in your home area. This will help you navigate the potential risks and ensure a positive and worry-free shopping experience.

Payment and Privacy Protocols

Payment and privacy are two critical factors to consider when purchasing cannabis seeds. Seed banks offer a variety of payment methods, including:

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • Zelle

  • Venmo

  • PayPal

  • ACH

  • Pay by Mail

  • Cryptocurrencies

These options accommodate customer preferences and ensure secure transactions. Some seed banks like ILGM even accept cash payments.

While PayPal provides discreet transactions for buyers, seed companies must navigate its policies carefully as their accounts can be flagged for cannabis seed sales. High commission rates and restrictions on controlled substances prompt some seed banks to avoid using PayPal, despite its financial information safety gatekeeping role during transactions.

It’s vital to select a payment method that suits your comfort level and privacy requirements. Whether you prefer traditional methods like cash or digital options like cryptocurrencies, make sure to choose a seed bank that offers secure transactions and protects your financial information.


In conclusion, choosing the right weed seed bank is a crucial step towards a successful cannabis cultivation journey. From Seed Supreme’s impressive variety to Blimburn Seeds’ premium genetics, each seed bank has something unique to offer. Whether you’re a novice grower seeking comprehensive support or a connoisseur in search of potent and diverse strains, there’s a seed bank out there that’s perfect for you. Remember to consider factors like brand reputation, strain selection, and pricing, and always ensure you’re aware of the legal landscape and shipping practices before making a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best place to get weed seeds?

Check out online seed banks for a wide selection of weed seeds in 2024. Happy planting!

Does the US have seed banks?

Yes, the US has seed banks, including the National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation in Fort Collins, run by the USDA Agricultural Research Service. You can even take a virtual tour of their facilities!

What is the most expensive weed seeds?

The most expensive weed seeds include Cannabis Caviar, which sells for around $1400 per ounce. Other pricey strains include Loud Dream, Isla OG Canned Cannabis, Oracle, and White Fire OG.

What are some factors to consider when choosing a seed bank?

When choosing a seed bank, it's important to consider factors like brand reputation, customer reviews, strain selection, and return policies. These will help you make an informed decision about which seed bank to go with.

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