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The Benefits of Water-Soluble CBD

The Benefits of Water-Soluble CBD


Not long ago the only way to take CBD was in a tincture. The CBD market itself was just beginning and a few companies dominated the market with a limited selection of CBD oil tinctures and drops. Since then, the CBD market has exploded.

Welcome to the modern world of CBD, where new products and methods of delivery are hitting the market on an almost daily basis. These days people are vaping CBD, eating CBD, and even mixing CBD into coffee drinks and cocktails. In fact, the CBD beverage market is becoming so popular that it’s estimated it will be worth $260 million in the U.S. by 2022.

Rapidly expanding interest in CBD beverages has led to increased interest in water-soluble CBD.

What exactly is water-soluble CBD, though?

And are there increased benefits to water-soluble CBD compared to regular CBD oil?

We know that there are a lot of different CBD terms out there, which can make it difficult to understand exactly what’s what when it comes to the beneficial cannabinoid. Here we’ll take a deeper look at what exactly water-soluble CBD is and the potential benefits it contains.

What is Water-Soluble CBD?

water-soluble CBDIt’s a well-known fact that oil and water don’t mix. Seeing that the adult human body is made up of 60% water, CBD oil has a bit of difficulty absorbing into the bloodstream. This is something that decreases the bioavailability of most CBD products that are available on the market.

What exactly is bioavailability? And what does it have to do with taking CBD oil?

Bioavailability is defined as “the proportion of a drug or other substance which enters the circulation when introduced to the body and so is able to have an active effect.”

What does this mean as far as CBD is concerned?

Seeing that the body is 60% water, when we take CBD oil not all of it makes it into the bloodstream. Whether taking a tincture, capsule, edible or drink, it’s important to understand that you’re not getting as much CBD as you might think.

For example, a 2012 study showed that the bioavailability of taking CBD orally was around 6%. On the other hand, the bioavailability of smoking CBD was found to be around 31%, which is why vaping CBD is considered one of the fastest and strongest delivery methods of CBD that exists.

The low bioavailability levels of oral administration are what led scientists in the industry to come up with a solution to increase how much CBD actually makes its way into the system.

Thus, the creation of water-soluble CBD — something that could just revolutionize the CBD market forever.

Note: Water-soluble CBD does not essentially dissolve in water. Instead, CBD molecules just become more “compatible” with water.

How is Water-Soluble CBD Produced?

Water-soluble CBD is produced through a method known as nanotechnology, a field of research and innovation concerned with “building things” on the scale of atoms and molecules. Nanotechnology uses sound waves to break up CBD clusters into micro-sized particles.

Joy Organics water-soluble CBD softgelsTo date, nanotechnology is the best way of creating water-soluble CBD. Using this technology, CBD is broken down into droplets that are usually 10-100 nanometers in size. 

Okay, but just how big (or small) is a nanometer? A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter. To put things into perspective, the diameter of the average human hair is 80,000 nanometers. A nanometer is so small, it’s almost incomprehensible.

Once it’s broken down into these microscopic particles, it becomes more compatible with water because it’s now at a size that allows for it to dissipate into the water molecules.

Seeing that some experts say water-soluble CBD will completely revolutionize the CBD market, it’s bound to come with a few benefits.

Let’s take a look at what they are.

The Benefits of Water Soluble CBD

  • It Offers Increased Bioavailability — By far, one of the biggest benefits of water-soluble CBD is that it offers increased bioavailability. The nanoemulsion process we use, for example, makes our water-soluble formulas more bioavailable than oil-based products. So, what exactly does this mean for you? That you can take less to achieve the same results. Less really is more. This is because more CBD is making its way into your system, which means less of the product is wasted, which can ultimately decrease the frequency that you purchase CBD.
  • It Works More Rapidly Than Other Forms of CBD — Because of the increased bioavailability of water-soluble CBD, it works more rapidly than other CBD products. But how exactly does this work? When taken orally, CBD oil must first pass through the digestive tract before making its way into the bloodstream. Known as the first pass effect, this dramatically decreases how much CBD you actually “get.” While this in itself is enough to slow down how quickly you feel the effects of non-water soluble CBD, because it doesn’t mix well with water it simply has a longer onset time.

What do the experts have to say about the benefits of water-soluble CBD?

For one, they believe it will make the CBD beverage industry boom.

In a recent interview with Cannabis Business Times, Ronan Levy, a chief strategy officer at one of the premier emerging biotech companies in the water-soluble CBD industry, spoke about how water-soluble cannabinoids could change the cannabis beverage market.

When asked about his overall outlook for the cannabis infused beverage market, Levy had the following to say:

Someone described it to me the other day, and I think it was appropriate. The guy I was speaking to was instrumental in developing gluten-free foods in Canada, and he said version one gluten-free foods, they were by and large, pretty bad. They didn’t taste good, they had terrible texture, but if you had Celiac’ s Disease, it gave you an option. But with time, technology, investment and more people flooding into the market of gluten-free foods, the quality of gluten-free foods has increased substantially and now the gluten-free breads are comparable with other breads.

The cannabis industry is the same way. There are drinks out there that people are consuming because they like the format, but they don’t taste very good, they have an unpredictable effect, and I think the first line of products coming out are probably going to be bad to OK. But with time, investment and technologies that address a lot of the fundamental issues around the existing technologies that make mediocre drinks, you’re going to see the quality of beverages improve.

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Water Soluble CBD

We believe there’s something to be said about embracing proprietary technologies that offer the highest-quality CBD oil available. Nanoemulsion is one such process that transforms your “standard” CBD oil into nano-sized emulsions that allow for the most bioavailable CBD you can find.

The high bioavailability of water-soluble CBD means you can use less product to achieve the same level of benefits of non-water soluble CBD.

Using less to achieve the same results? We’d like to think that’s a HUGE benefit.

Then there’s the fact that water-soluble CBD works more rapidly than most other methods. Quicker onset means quicker results.

While water-soluble CBD is something fairly new to the CBD market, it’s something that’s rapidly gaining increased attention.

Still have questions about the benefits of water soluble CBD? Please contact us any time. We’re always here to help.

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