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What Are CBD Pellets?

What Are CBD Pellets?


We love animals like we love our blood relatives. When an animal joins the household or workplace, it becomes a part of the family and team. While providing optimal care to cats and dogs is almost a given amongst human beings, more people are looking for alternative ways to support the wellness of their horses as well. That’s why CBD pellets have grown in popularity by leaps and bounds in the hemp industry.

So what are CBD pellets? They are a great way of introducing hemp extract into your horse’s routine. By combining broad-spectrum hemp oil with your horse’s feed, you are giving them a serving of phytocannabinoids in a non-invasive way. Horses already look forward to pellets. With CBD, they’ll look forward to feeding time even more!

Horses require higher servings of CBD pellets than a dog would of CBD dog treats. That’s why it may be more advantageous for your family, ranch or business to invest in bulk CBD pellets.

What Are CBD Pellets?

Horses like to run and rely heavily on fully functioning lungs. As horses run around in fields, their hooves have a tendency to kick up a lot of dust. The dust disperses into the air and settles down on the hay that horses consume. Unfortunately, when a horse consumes dusty hay, it opens the door for respiratory issues.

To combat this issue, farmers, owners and trainers started milling up hay, corn and wheat to make pellets. Since the pellets are manufactured into bite-sized pieces, humans can keep the feed indoors and the horses don’t have to consume dusty hay. Plus, pellets are far easier to store!

CBD pellets are regular horse feed grains infused with hemp extract. By adding phytocannabinoids into the feed, the horses will digest the hemp extract along with the other solid particles inside of the pellet.

Why Use These Type of Pellets for Horses?

CBD pellets for horses

Sometimes horses can use a little extra support in maintaining optimal health. The reasons that a horse may benefit from CBD pellets is a little different than the reasons why humans are becoming so enamored with hemp-based products.

For one, horses have a unique community dynamic that may cause a wide range of emotional responses. Some horses get really attached to their crew. This bond is known as being herd-bound. Leaving their quarters can bring waves of sadness that may cause the horse to act erratically or low.

Due to their active nature and fragile hooves, horses may be more prone to injury than we are. Therefore, many horses find themselves in “stall-rest.” Not only are horses uncomfortable from their hooves, but the stallion left behind in the stall may feel a bit left out too.

Some horse owners have found that CBD pellets assist horses in living a quality life. Like humans and dogs, horses have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). Terpenes and cannabinoids within CBD pellets interact with the ECS in a way that may support a healthy system for a horse.

Are There Any Risks for These Types of Pellets for Horses?

While we have many of the same organs as horses, how we process chemical compounds differs. Have you ever taken a horse tranquilizer? We rest our case!

CBD hemp pellets

If you would like to use CBD pellets for your business or pet, please speak to your vet or farrier first. Like humans should include their doctors on dietary and lifestyle changes, those who care for your horse should receive the same consideration.

As research on hemp and horses is still in the beginning phases, it’s better to be safe than sorry. To avoid adverse reactions, Joy Organics products are 0.0% THC. We test each product to ensure there are no traces of this psychoactive compound in the formula. However, not all companies will operate with such transparency.

Since CBD products aren’t well regulated, it’s crucial that you partner with a company you can trust. Here’s how you can tell which company is the right one for your CBD pellet needs.

How to Get CBD Pellets You Can Trust

In a poorly regulated world, consumers need to be the regulator. They need to vet the brands they are considering a partnership with and make their decisions only after being fully educated. The best way to achieve this is to poke around on the company’s website. While you’re there, look at their process and see if they post their lab results.

Better yet, we can save you the burden and tell you a bit about our process and why the Joy Organics Bulk Program may be the answer to your horse’s needs. At Joy Organics, our CBD pellet formula includes many of the phytocannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant. These compounds work together to produce even better effects than they would alone, a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. You can expect a high-quality product free of pesticides and containing 0.0% THC.

What makes us stand out isn’t just a quality product — we also operate with full transparency. Whether you’re a veterinarian whose name is on the line or a dedicated pet owner, you have a right to know what a horse in your care consumes. That’s why we test every formula that leaves the warehouse.

Partner With Joy Organics for CBD Pellets

At Joy Organics, we lead the market in quality, transparency and customer service, so throw your Kentucky Derby hat in the ring with us. Partner with Joy Organics for bulk CBD pellets.

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