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Full Spectrum CBD Gummies with THC

Experience a booze-free buzz with Budder’s 10:1 CBD + THC gummies. Each vegan gummy combines 2.5mg of Delta-9 THC with 25mg of hemp-derived CBD for benefits you’ll feel in both your mind and body. All Budder products are hemp-derived and federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill
Full Spectrum Full Spectrum


Asked Questions

+ How much THC is in each serving of Budder’s gummies?

Each Full Spectrum Beach Chill gummy contains 2.5mg of Delta-9 THC and 25mg of hemp-derived CBD.

+ Will Budder’s products cause a high?

Yes, it is possible that Budder’s products will cause intoxication. Depending on the consumer’s tolerance, intoxicating effects can range from a mellow chill to a full-on buzz. These Beach Chill gummies are lower in THC than our Beach Buzz product (Delta 9 THC gummies), and are thus likely to cause lighter or milder intoxication. THC tolerance varies from person to person, and can be influenced by weight, age, genetics, underlying health issues, previous use of THC-infused products, and other factors.

We recommend starting low and going slow, working your way up to achieve the desired effect. If you have medical-related questions about the products, we recommend consulting with your doctor.

+ Are Budder’s products legal?

Because the amount of Delta-9 THC in our products is always less than 0.3% on a dry weight basis, and because our extract iis derived from hemp and not marijuana, they are federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. That said, state and local laws may vary.

+ Are these gummies marijuana edibles?

If you’re concerned about a marijuana-related drug test, we recommend you avoid these gummies. Though they are derived from hemp, they contain the same compound (Delta-9 THC) that causes marijuana’s high, which means they are likely to trigger a positive result.

+ What’s the difference between hemp gummies with THC and marijuana gummies?

Budder’s CBD + THC gummies are derived from a hemp plant, which is defined by the 2018 Farm Bill to be a cannabis plant with 0.3% or less Delta-9 THC on a dry weight basis. Marijuana gummies are derived from a cannabis plant that contains more than 0.3% THC.

+ WHow many gummies should I take?

Start with one gummy. If you’re not feeling the desired benefits with one, we recommend waiting at least two hours before taking an additional serving.

+ Where can I buy Budder’s CBD + THC gummies?

You can buy our Beach Chill gummies right here on our website.

+ How many gummies should I take?

The Delta 9 gummies should be taken only as directed on their product labels. Depending on your tolerance, one gummy will likely be enough to cause an intoxicating effect. We recommend waiting at least two hours to feel the full effects before taking an additional serving. THC tolerance and effects can vary from person to person.

+ Where can I buy Budder’s CBD + THC gummies?

You can buy them right here on the Joy Organics website.

+ What are the benefits of CBD + THC gummies?

Because our gummies not only contain CBD and THC, but also an array of other beneficial hemp-derived compounds, they offer greater benefits than any of those cannabinoids on their own. This means a greater sense of calm and balance throughout your mind and body.

+ Will this product cause me to fail a drug test?

Because the products contain THC in amounts that can cause an intoxicating effect, we do not recommend taking the products if you have an upcoming drug test or are concerned with random drug testing. The products may cause a positive test result if testing for THC.

+ More Questions?

Our CBD educators are standing by ready to help. Call or text (833) 569-7223 or email us at



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