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The Ultimate CBD Gum Guide

The Ultimate CBD Gum Guide

CBD gum is one of the most efficient (and tasty) ways of adding hemp products to your wellness routine. Chewing CBD gum increases the absorption rate of cannabinoids. This boosted bioavailability is thanks to continuous absorption that comes with popping a fresh piece of gum. Your mouth is porous, so chomping away on some hemp-power chicle can give you a fast-acting and sustained effect. Here’s everything you need to know about CBD gum.

Benefits of CBD Gum  

CBD chewing gum allows you to merge two beneficial habits: CBD products and chewing gum. Melding these two items together shockingly enhances the benefits of each. 

What Does CBD Gum Do?

Like many other CBD candies, gum infused with hemp extract is yet another culinary take on CBD. However, instead of swallowing the CBD and absorbing it through your digestive tract, cannabinoids enter your system via your porous mouth. 

In turn, you experience the same effect you normally do from CBD:

  • Relaxed thoughts
  • Sleep support
  • Energy 

So, “what does CBD gum do?” It provides you with a serving of CBD that promotes balance in many aspects of overall wellness. 

However, CBD chewing gum has unique benefits that make it different from other popular products, like a CBD oil tincture. Here are the unique benefits of CBD gum.  

Better Flavor 

While we love the all-natural Orange Bliss flavor of our CBD oil tinctures, they still have a viscous complexity. Seeing as CBD tinctures are our most popular items, many people don’t mind the smooth texture of an oil-based product. 

However, everyone has unique palates. Different strokes for different folks! These people might prefer CBD chewing gum. 

The oily consistency is emulsified into the gum. Each bite breaks up the CBD particles, integrating them with your saliva, so you’re less likely to experience the thick texture of CBD oil. 

The best CBD gum is made with all-natural and organic flavors. When they start piling on the artificial sweeteners and preservatives, it will hurt the overall potency of your CBD oil. 

Plus, these additives might be a recipe for cavities. At that point, the benefits of CBD gum wouldn’t be worth the consequences. 

Improves In-Flight Experience

Experts say that chewing gum on an airplane increases saliva production. In turn, we swallow more. This reaction can help stop your ears from popping during a flight. 

On-flight chewing of CBD gum Canada to Africa and back again doesn’t just keep your ears sane…it also might calm anxious thoughts.

We live in an uncertain world. There’s a lot to be nervous about when it comes to traveling. The calming, rhythmic effects of chewing gum can offer further support to your worried mind with a CBD infusion.

Cannabinoids in CBD gum interact with cannabinoid receptors that are triggering your fears during turbulence. 

Enhances Focus 

One of the best benefits of CBD gum is that it increases your focus. Many people chew gum to work out nervous jitters before a presentation or performance. Just survey any baseball dugout and see the number of athletes using gum to get in the zone. 

Also, chewing CBD gum helps support your joints so that you can remain focused on the task at hand. That’s why many pro athletes, including Rob Gronkowski and Lolo Jones, use CBD in their training. 

Freshens Breath 

Many of us chew gum to mask the smell of those onions we had for lunch. However, there might be other reasons for bad breath. That’s where CBD might assist you.

CBD helps promote homeostasis in the system. When things are out of whack, your cannabinoid receptors let us know by facilitating a chain of events that causes unfavorable symptoms. 

Seeing as many of us find bad breath unfavorable, CBD may support your gum in helping that problem.

Supports a Healthy Lifestyle 

Many people in recovery turn to healthier habits to fight off cravings, occupy their subconscious, or give them something else to fixate on. Chewing gum checks off all these boxes.

When you chew gum, you get into a rhythmic pace. That’s why many people, from athletes to recovering addicts, find chewing gum so soothing. This repetitive action might help shut off some of that white noise in the back of their mind that might cause a relapse.

Serving of CBD Gum

CBD gum servings vary from brand to brand. The average serving of CBD found in most of the top CBD gum brands is 10mg. 

CBD serving per piece in the best CBD gum brands include:

It can be tricky choosing the right CBD gum stength. For instance, when you grab a gummy from a package of CBD Gummies, you know that one piece is 10mg. So, you can expect to absorb about that much.  

That’s where CBD gum gets challenging. Typically, people have a gummy in the morning and go about their day. We don’t have the same disconnect with gum.

Gum is always handy to pull out of your pocket or purse when you’re nervous or settling your stomach post-meal. Your regular gum habit might cause you to ingest too much CBD. So, you might need to offset some of your CBD gum consumption with regular gum.

Optimal CBD gum servings are unique per person. If you’re just beginning to experiment with CBD, start with a lower strength gum, or half a 10mg piece. Slowly integrate more pieces into your routine until you reach your desired effect. 

Bioavailability of CBD Chewing Gum

Whenever you see 10mg of CBD on a label, it doesn’t mean you’re getting the full 10mg. You would have to intravenously introduce that CBD to your bloodstream to be that bioavailable

Those who prefer a CBD edible or softgel must absorb the CBD through their digestive tract. That means the cannabinoids must survive stomach acids, the digestion process in the intestines, and be pumped back out into the bloodstream.

Products like CBD tinctures and chewing gum bypass all of these vital functions. Our mouth is porous, so a significant portion of your CBD gets absorbed upon contact.

The bioavailability of CBD gum vs. CBD tincture is pretty equal. Other factors such as activation time and absorption rate differ, which we’ll get to in a bit. 

Activation Time 

On top of bioavailability, absorption rate, and strength, CBD gum also has improved activation time. 

Since your absorption rate increases, your activation time does as well. Products taken orally, such as CBD tinctures and CBD chewing gum, hit your system quicker

You might feel the hemp extract affect you within 15 minutes. Depending on your size, serving size, and tolerance to CBD, it might take as long as an hour. 

Comparatively, hemp chewing gum would still have a faster activation time than the average CBD edible; however, the activation time might not be as speedy as a CBD tincture.

CBD Gum vs. CBD Tincture

A CBD gum and tincture may offer the same bioavailability; however, their activation time will differ. In this case, CBD tinctures are slightly superior. 

When you use a CBD tincture, the cannabinoids absorb in one shot. Your mouth is porous, so cannabinoids enter through your cheeks, under your tongue, and through the esophagus. Almost immediately, the clock to activation time begins. 

Each time you chew the CBD gum, the gum breaks down further and releases more CBD oil.Therefore, you absorb CBD over a short period of time.

Activation time will also depend on how fast you chew, how long you chew the gum, and the serving of CBD. 

Also, chewing gum produces a lot of saliva. As we discussed earlier, saliva makes you swallow. So, you will digest some cannabinoids. 

If the cannabinoids are absorbed through the digestive tract, it opens the door for sustained relief. So, while the activation time of CBD gum is slower than CBD tinctures, there is an opportunity for lingering effects. 

Does CBD Gum Work? 

CBD gum is like no other CBD edible. It has enhanced bioavailability. Due to bypassing the digestive system, cannabinoids in CBD gum have a higher bioavailability rate. Plus, they have instant access to the bloodstream, which expedites the activation time.

CBD chewing gum is an excellent way to get your daily CBD serving. Its fast-acting absorption rate is also ideal for unexpected moments where you require extra support. The versatility of CBD gum makes it the perfect addition to anyone’s wellness routine. 

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