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Like many countries, CBD has just recently started to grow in popularity in Australia. It might be a little difficult for consumers to find high-quality CBD in Australia right now, which is why it’s a critical time to join a CBD wholesale program.

Why Use CBD Products?

CBD is a versatile support for so many of life’s everyday struggles. From support for post-workout recovery to helping to maintain healthy skin, CBD can be used by just about anyone for a variety of reasons.

With the Americas and Europe lifting their long-term bans on cannabis, Australia is warming up to the plant. That’s because most CBD comes from hemp. Hemp doesn’t contain enough of the psychoactive element of cannabis, THC — you can use CBD products without feeling high.

Therefore, it’s important to partner with a CBD wholesale company that has full transparency with its products and lets you see lab tests that verify the products’ ingredients.

Different Types of CBD Products

The benefits of CBD are what caught the globe’s imagination initially. It’s the ever-growing line of CBD products that keeps consumers coming back for more. The cannabis industry as a whole is expected to become a $57 billion global industry by 2027, and a large chunk of that will be CBD. 

This is much in thanks to popular CBD products such as:

  • CBD Tinctures.
  • CBD Vape Pens.
  • CBD Salves/Lotions.
  • CBD Pet Treats.
  • CBD Isolate.
  • CBD Flowers.
  • CBD Crystals.

While you may feel like a kid in a candy store, we can’t stress the importance of scouting the brand you align with. For one, you don’t want to break any Australian CBD laws. Secondly, you want to make sure the products are reputable. These are your clients’ health and your brand’s name at risk. Do your due diligence and make sure the CBD products are up to a standard you feel comfortable with.

How to Get Wholesale CBD Oil in Australia

If you are going to sell CBD products to your clients, it’s wise to partner with a wholesale distributor. That way you can purchase a variety of CBD products at a discounted price.

When you are selling CBD products in a continent with strict CBD laws, it’s best to partner with a company that understands these limitations. At Joy Organics, we provide lab-tested, 0.0% THC CBD products through our wholesale program. With the best ingredients and customer care to match, we hope you’ll consider partnering with us. Learn more about our wholesale program or contact us with any questions!


Joy Organics

Want to be the first to know when we start serving in Australia?

Enter your email below & we'll notify you the moment we open in your market!

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