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Support your pet’s quality of life with our premium broad spectrum CBD pet products.

Review for CBD Pet Tincture

Purchased 1 bottle end of December when noticed my 12 year old Pomeranian not wanting to get out of the crate and sleeping a lot. My son recommended we do research and came across this site and ordered. As soon as received, put a few drops in a treat and she ate it, again later that night. Next day again; she is playful and gets around much betterRead more about review stating MY POM LOVES IT

I just ordered bottle #2. Since she is a 10 pound Pomeranian, one bottle has lasted a long time. Thank you.

Review for Tincture for Pets

My 2 dogs get so excited when you let them in the car to go somewhere. The minute we take off they start to yelp and bark at everything that goes by. One of them has a really high pitched screeching yelp. I made a call to Joy Organics before I placed my order and it was suggested that I should rub a few drops of the pet CBD oil on their gums, thatRead more about review stating THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!

 it works faster that way. Well, my husband and I were amazed. It seemed to work immediately. They were both calm with no yelping or barking. To us it’s a miracle!

Review for CBD Dog Treats

I usually can’t get my dog Denver to eat anything like this. It’s almost as if he knows when something is good for him. I have to “trick” him. I put this down and he ate it right up. The next day I thought maybe he would spit it out BUT he yummed it up again. We have a WINNER..

Review for CBD Dog Treats

I personally use Joy Organics CBD. I was curious about their CBD products for dogs. My dog is very sensitive to loud sounds, especially thunderstorms. We live in Puerto Rico and summer thunderstorms are common. During the summer, we can have thunder on a daily basis. Last night we had an especially bad one. I gave her two chews, recommended from her body weight. Within 30 minutes I noticed that her mood was starting to change. She continually barks during the entire storm. Last night she only barked for a few seconds during the loudest thunder. This storm was awful, it lasted for over 2 hours. It was amazing. Thank You, Joy Organics!

Review for CBD Dog Treats
It helps keeps my dogs

It helps keeps my dogs calm during thunder storms, and other loud noises.

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Pet Product Information

Pet treats and products containing CBD oil have become a booming business. As with the CBD industry as a whole, demand is growing as more consumers hear about the benefits of using CBD. With millions of pet owners across the United States, the demand for pet CBD goods is also rising. Pets can benefit from CBD just as humans can, and more pet owners are looking for CBD products for their furry friends.

Joy Organics creates veterinarian-formulated, premium grade pet products. We use broad spectrum, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract and do rigorous testing to ensure that all our products meet our high standards. We carry a natural CBD tincture as well as CBD treats for dogs.



CBD Pet Product FAQs

Referral FAQs

What are Joy Organics Premium CBD Oil Pet Products?

Joy Organics Premium CBD Oil Pet Products include:

  • CBD Dog Treats
  • CBD Oil Tincture For Pets
Dog Chews are beef-flavored for a taste dogs love; they are easy to digest and are specially formulated with a water-soluble hemp powder for increased absorption. 0.0% THC CBD Oil Tinctures For Pets is an all-natural CBD tincture made with your furry friends in mind.

What are the recommended uses for Joy Organics Premium CBD Oil Pet Products?

Our Premium CBD Oil Pet Products are designed specifically to support the wellbeing of our feline and canine companions. They’re recommended for supporting your pet’s quality of life and giving them access to the same benefits you’d attain from taking CBD yourself.

How do I administer Joy Organics Premium CBD Oil Pet Products?

Both of our pet products are designed for oral consumption. Formulated with a beef flavor dogs love, our CBD Dog Treats can be given to your pets just like a regular treat. CBD Pet Tincture can be put directly in your pet’s mouth or mixed in with their favorite food.

How much of Joy Organics Premium CBD Oil Pet Products should I give my pet?

The amount of Joy Organics Premium CBD Oil Pet Products you give your pet depends on your pet’s size. While specific guidelines have not been established, it’s typically recommended to give pets 1-5mg CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight.

How much do Joy Organics Premium CBD Oil Pet Products cost?

  • CBD Dog Treats / 60mg jar of 30 treats ($34.95)
  • CBD Pet Tincture / 1oz 225mg bottle ($29.95) or 1oz 450mg bottle ($53.95)
  • How should I use Joy Organics Premium CBD Oil Pet Products?

    Joy Organics Pet CBD Pet Products should be given to pets orally when needed. Treats can be given like a regular treat, while tinctures can be placed directly in your pet’s mouth or added to their food.

    How do Joy Organics Premium CBD Oil Pet Products work?

    Joy Organics Premium CBD Oil Pet Products work in harmony with your pet’s endocannabinoid system to provide all the same benefits they do for you. Our Pet Chews and Pet Tinctures can be used to increase overall balance and homeostasis, support joint health and offer an increased sense of calm.


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