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Wholesale CBD Concentrate

When it comes to wellness, some people need stronger supplements than others. Rather than taking multiple small doses, it’s more advantageous for them to ingest a higher concentration. The same rings true for CBD. Are you considering introducing CBD products to your business? If not, then you should.

With CBD products now legal for purchase across the country, financial analysts predict cannabis industry sales will soar as high as $22 billion by 2022. When you decide to get in on the action, your business is going to want some highly concentrated CBD products on-hand, especially for clients who need a little extra care. That is why your business should have CBD concentrates in its inventory. With up to 60% off retail price and low minimum orders, you should consider partnering with Joy Organics for your wholesale CBD concentrates.

What are CBD Concentrates?

CBD concentrates are highly potent forms of the therapeutic cannabinoid that are mainly formulated into two types of CBD products:

  • CBD Isolate (Powder Form of 99% CBD)
  • CBD Dab Oil (Waxy Form CBD Concentrate)

While the final products look completely different, all forms of concentrates go through the same initial process. Joy Organics partners with local hemp farmers in Colorado in choosing the highest-quality organically grown hemp. The CBD-rich plant is extracted with supercritical carbon dioxide.

As a result, cannabinoids are released into a controlled environment and separated from the gas. Through various means of heating and cooling, the CBD is inevitably isolated from the rest of the phytochemicals in the plant. The phytocannabinoids are then pressurized into different concentrate varieties and can be used for a multitude of purposes.

How to Use CBD Concentrates

Since CBD isolates are in a powder form, you can use this concentrate in various everyday tasks. Sprinkle some in your brownie recipe. Blend CBD isolates into your workout smoothie. Mix some concentrate with organic argan oil for an antioxidant-rich massage oil. With CBD concentrates, the possibilities are endless.

To use CBD Dab Oil, you are going to need two additional instruments:

  • Dabber (Tong-Like Instrument)
  • Dab Pen (Vape Pen Made for Dabs) or Oil Rig

The Dab Pen has a heating coil. When activated, the coils cause the dab to combust. Take the dabber and place the dab on the coil. Close the atomizer, attach the mouthpiece, and inhale pure CBD bliss.

For an oil rig, the dab goes onto an additional mechanism known as a nail. The nail needs to be heated. Once hot, use a dabber to place the dab onto the nail. When the dab combusts, inhale all the benefits of CBD through the mouthpiece.

Selling CBD Concentrate Wholesale

CBD concentrates are what makes CBD such a unique form of therapy. As the mainstream population grows more aware of the benefits of CBD, interests in these niche products will continue to rise. Be ahead of the demand by partnering with the Joy Organics.

At Joy Organics, we’re empathetic to the uncertainty surrounding the CBD industry. We’ve been working at easing those fears through education.

By partnering with us, you get up to 60% off of retail price on organically grown CBD products. Every batch we formulate is tested in-house and double-checked by a third party for purity. In addition, we offer our clients low minimum orders. You need to find what works best for your business and client base, not sit on inventory and hope for the best.

If you’d like to learn more about Joy Organics’ wholesale CBD oil program, visit our page.

You can also email for more information.

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