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CBD Isolate for Wholesale

Like any product gaining mainstream traction, CBD products are coming out in droves under many names. Filtering through these uncharted waters can be daunting. CBD sales are expected to hit $22 billion by 2022. With hemp now legal throughout the United States, interests in the wide range of CBD products are going to peak. That’s why you need to know about CBD isolate and why you should consider entering a wholesale partnership with Joy Organics.

CBD isolate is as the name implies. It’s the purest form of CBD you can find, clocking in at around 99% pure cannabidiol. Any plant matter such as chlorophyll, waxes and oils have been removed. Hence, the whole isolation thing! This is what makes CBD isolate such a potent dose of cannabinoids.

How to Make CBD Isolate

CBD isolate starts with the same extraction process as CBD oil. Pressurized carbon dioxide is exerted upon hemp leaves. In a pressurized state, carbon dioxide is stored at subzero temperatures. By forcing this cold substance over the trichomes of hemp, cannabinoids slowly bind to carbon molecules in the contained atmosphere.

Over time, temperatures in the chamber are carefully raised. As the carbon dioxide reaches a liquid-like state, phytocannabinoids are separated from the gas. This CBD remains in a wax-like state.

The CBD wax is full spectrum, containing all of the phytochemicals from every part of the hemp plant. To create CBD isolate, you must put the resin through another complex purification process that includes:

  • Extracting with food-grade ethanol
  • Winterization to remove fats
  • Multiple sessions of rotary evaporation
  • Decarboxylate into a crystalline

From there, the crystalline is ground into a fine powder that is 99% pure CBD isolate and 100% pure therapeutic rewards.

How to Use CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is a potent punch of CBD that you can take by mouth. Thin blood vessels in this area quickly slurp up the cannabinoids and introduce them to your bloodstream.

Otherwise, CBD isolate can be used to create CBD cosmetic products. Mixing CBD isolate with a thicker carrier oil like organic grapeseed or jojoba oil can make for great massage lotions.

Selling Wholesale CBD Isolate

The biggest benefit of CBD isolate is that it’s strictly pure CBD. That means there is 0.0% THC present in this product. This guarantee makes CBD isolate a great introductory form of CBD for skeptics.

If you are going to introduce CBD isolate to your clients, make sure you partner with a company that cares. At Joy Organics, we source all of our CBD from hemp grown in the USA under strict standards.

Every batch that leaves our state-of-the-art facility goes through rigorous testing for purity. Each month, a third-party laboratory verifies the validity of our reports.

Lastly, we know the world of CBD is overwhelming for beginners. It will only prove more daunting as nuanced products like CBD isolate grow in popularity. That is why Joy Organics provides their customers with supplemental brochures and display cases. After all, education is the key to growing. So, let’s grow together!

If you’d like to learn more about Joy Organics’ Wholesale CBD Oil Program, visit our wholesale page.

You can also email wholesale@joyorganics.com for more information.

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