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Wholesale THCV Gummies: How the Cannabinoid Known as "Diet Weed" Can Grow Your Business

The CBD industry is projected to generate $15 billion in sales by 2024. That is a 226% increase from 2020's valuation of $4.6 billion! With rising awareness of CBD's benefits, millions seek unique CBD products to add to their daily routine. 

Financial analysts are also predicting a surge in demand for products featuring the newly-popularized tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). Purchasing THCV gummies at wholesale prices is an excellent way to maximize your profits while diversifying your inventory. 

Joy Organics' THCV Gummies are a delicious way for your followers, customers, or clients to support their mind and bodies daily These vegan passion fruit gummies are infused with 10mg of THCV and support energy and focus, and have become increasingly popular among the intermittent fasting community. Feel good about helping your audience maintain a healthy lifestyle with high-quality THCV gummies.  

Why Purchase Wholesale THCV Gummies?

Increasing research suggests that minor cannabinoids—such as CBC, CBN, among more than 100 others—offer specific benefits to the body. Cannabis experts believe these cannabinoids could be used in formulas to enhance intended benefits. This evolution of CBD products will allow consumers to personalize their wellness routine further. 

A 2020 analysis of consumer behaviors found that about 80% of consumers want personalized experiences. That's why financial analysts project the minor cannabinoid market will generate up to $26.2 billion by 2028. 

Minor cannabinoid CBD products have been available by select retailers over the last couple of years. Currently, THCV products are the most popular minor cannabinoid products. As of 2020, THCV commanded 24% of revenue shares in this niche market. 

Get in on the foundation of a burgeoning subsector in a flourishing CBD industry by ordering Joy Organics' THCV Gummies wholesale. 

A 2020 consumer survey found that CBD gummies piqued most interest for edibles in potential customers and second for overall products, just behind lotions and balms.

During that same market year, CBD gummies generated $1.6 billion in sales. The expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2021-2028 is projected to be 30.7%! This analysis only reinforces that THCV gummies are going to be a high-demand product. Ordering Joy Organics' THCV Gummies wholesale right now will put your business ahead of the curve and poised to ride the wave of the THCV boom!

Why Choose Joy Organics for THCV Wholesale Gummies?

Offering such a unique product to your audience will make you an authority on THCV gummies. Selling inferior THCV gummies can be damaging to your reputation. It is essential that you research any potential THCV wholesale partner thoroughly. Choose a reputable THCV gummies retailer, like Joy Organics.

High-Quality Hemp

Hemp products are only as good as the hemp sourced to create them. Joy Organics uses USDA-certified organic hemp in all of our formulas. Our proprietary strains are cultivated in nutrient-rich soil that allows us to breed CBD and THCV-rich hemp.

We cure, mill, and extract our hemp in adherence to the strict standards presented by the USDA. Our THCV-rich hemp extract is processed via CO2 extraction. This solvent-free method ensures the most potent extract possible for the most effective THCV gummies on the market!

Third-Party Lab Tested

Only partner with a THCV wholesaler if they employ third-party lab testing. CBD products aren't yet forced to follow the same regulation protocols as other mass-produced consumer items. Many CBD brands will take advantage of these legal loopholes to make false claims on their labels.  

Third-party lab testing ensures that CBD companies remain transparent. Verify the lab reports of any product you intend on selling. Make sure the product is free of pollutants, heavy metals, microbial, and other byproducts that could cause health risks or degrade the product's effects. Lastly, double-check there is actually THCV in the formula!

You don't have to worry about these concerns when you partner with Joy Organics. We rigorously test every batch that we formulate. Each batch is presented with a Certificate of Analysis that is verified by a third-party laboratory. 

We are avid believers in transparency. All of our lab reports are easily accessible on any product page. You and your customers can also verify the lab reports at any time by scanning the QR code on our THCV gummies’ packaging.

Supportive Partnership 

Buying THCV gummies wholesale from Joy Organics allows you an exclusive discount on a unique product offering in an ever-growing industry. It allows you the opportunity to create a solid foothold in a burgeoning THCV market—not only by becoming an authority on the subject but by offering a high-quality product. 

These aren't the only benefits of partnering with Joy Organics. We have a vested interest in your success. It is important to us that customers like your products because it allows us to grow, too. Through beneficial partnerships via our wholesale program, we've been afforded the opportunity to expand our line to carry unique products, like THCV gummies.

To ensure your success, we've created over 75 educational videos. These resources cover topics unique to cannabis business owners, including merchant processing, marketing, starting a business, and more.

Our customer service team is available seven days per week. We are more than happy to discuss our products, wholesale opportunities, CBD knowledge, or anything else that comes to mind! 

Affordable to Join

Starting a business requires a lot of investment upfront. These costs can be challenging for business owners. We know this from first-hand experience. 

It took us years of investing in industry-standard extraction tools, forging relationships with organic farmers, and navigating the unconquered land of CBD marketing to get where we are. Our THCV wholesale programs are our opportunity to pay it forward. 

With CBD sales looking to hit $15 billion, there is plenty of money to go around. Other companies don't need to invest in expensive equipment to offer high-quality THCV gummies to their followers. We've already done the legwork for you and are happy to share. 

Joining a THCV wholesale program is a low-risk way to cash in on an increasingly popular market. Partnering with a reputable THCV gummy distributor like Joy Organics only supports the success of your investment.

Making an investment in wholesale products could be costly. It is our passion to help ease some of this burden on fellow business owners. That's why we offer the most competitive wholesale prices.

A Joy Organics wholesale order requires only $250 worth of inventory. Also, there are no limits on SKUs in an order. You can mix and match your THCV gummies with CBD softgels, tinctures, energy drinks, and more! 

Low SKU and minimum orders are extremely beneficial for small businesses. It allows you to make more dynamic business decisions about your catalog. You can experiment with rotating catalogs, seasonal offerings, creating monthly subscription boxes, and more!

Partner with Joy Organics for THCV Gummies Wholesale

Selling CBD and THCV products is a low-risk way to supplement your income, grow your current business, or even make a career change. Just make sure you are selling the right products for your audience.

For many business owners, creating a viable catalog could require a lot of trial and error. Make an educated decision about your product offerings with THCV gummies.

Hemp extracts enriched with minor cannabinoids are poised to explode on the wellness scene. Interest in gummies has increased immensely over the last couple of years, with experiments projecting over 30% growth. Merging these two burgeoning offerings can set your business on a prosperous path.

It is crucial for your success to provide your followers with only the highest-quality THCV gummies. There isn't a lot of competition out there. That gives you a head start to make a name for yourself in the THCV community. However, it also means more eyes on you.

Enter this next chapter in your career with confidence. Partner with Joy Organics for wholesale THCV gummies. These vegan gummies are made with natural ingredients you can feel good selling to your followers. 

With 10mg of THCV in each gummy, your followers will have a consistent experience every time. In turn, you will have a consistent customer. Plus, the mouth-watering passion fruit flavor will have them coming back for more anyway!


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