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Food Bank of the Rockies: Feeding Hope to Those Who Need It Most

Food Bank of the Rockies: Feeding Hope to Those Who Need It Most


Founder of Joy Organics Joy Smith has always had a passion for empowering others. In 2020, we launched Joy in Action, a partnership initiative with nonprofits in our hometown and around the world. 

Each month, Joy and her team choose a different nonprofit or topic of concern to which a portion of Joy Organics revenue is donated. This means that every product you purchase will positively impact another person’s life. 

One of these nonprofits is in our own backyard—we are proud to support Food Bank of the Rockies, which helps more than half a million people each year make sure they get enough to eat. 

Food Bank of the Rockies: Fighting Hunger and Feeding Hope

Going without food isn’t something many people give much thought. For the millions of people who experience food scarcity each day, however, being hungry can consume one’s thoughts. 

In 2019, almost 14 million households in the U.S. suffered from food insecurity. This equates to some 35 million Americans who either didn’t have enough to eat or didn’t know where their next meal would come from. 

By June 2020, this number had almost doubled. By some estimates, food scarcity has tripled in households with children. 

Food Scarcity and COVID-19

With soaring unemployment rates that have reached a record high and an economy seemingly slow to recover since the shutdowns resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, food scarcity has become more common than you might imagine. 

Food Bank of the Rockies is doing everything they can to help. 

Since mid-March 2020, Food Bank of the Rockies has distributed more food than ever after witnessing “an entirely new level of food insecurity” in the communities they serve. 

More than 30% of the people they’re now serving have never needed food assistance in the past. The families that were already susceptible to food scarcity are now at even higher risk. 

How Food Bank of the Rockies Is Supporting Individuals Impacted by COVID-19

Food Bank of the Rockies is committed to remaining open and nourishing the communities they serve throughout the pandemic and beyond. 

Since mid-March, they have distributed an average of nine million pounds of food per month to families throughout Colorado and Wyoming. This is enough food to serve roughly 250,000 people a day. 

Since the pandemic has begun, Food Bank of the Rockies has done everything they can to safely navigate the constantly changing circumstances of this global crisis. In order to safely serve food to as many people in need as possible, Food Bank of the Rockies has implemented the following pandemic efforts:

  • A temporary change in distribution system that allows them to safely deliver larger amounts of food to more people. 
  • A 40% increase in food distribution by integrating new food supplies and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars each month on purchased food. 
  • Social distancing measures such as drive-through food pantries allowing clients to stay in their cars. 
  • Food delivery to hundreds of low-income older adults who can no longer go out safely because of the pandemic. 
  • Mobile pantries hosted Monday-Saturday throughout Colorado and Wyoming. 

Emergency partnerships have also been created to meet the needs of more people facing food insecurity. With many schools, businesses, and resources closed, Food Bank of the Rockies has expanded existing partnerships and created new ones with various organizations to promptly meet the needs of those who don’t get enough to eat. 

Take children who rely on school lunches as their main meal each day, for example. According to No Kid Hungry, a national campaign dedicated to solving hunger and poverty in the U.S and globally, more than 11 million children live in food-insecure households. There are over 22 million children who rely on free or reduced school lunches. With increased school closures, many children are missing out on their primary source of food. 

Food Bank of the Rockies is making efforts to ensure these children are getting enough food to eat. More than 14,000 children no longer receiving school meals are receiving grocery boxes for their families, meals at childcare centers for essential workers, or grab-and-go meals throughout Colorado and Wyoming. 

Impacting Others’ Lives by Ending Food Scarcity

We couldn’t be more proud to support a nonprofit whose mission is to ensure that the nutritional needs of individuals suffering from food scarcity are met. 

Together we can make a difference. 

If you’re interested in joining us in our efforts, Food Bank of the Rockies has an increased need for the support of others during these unprecedented times. 

Donating a financial contribution is the most efficient way to help their mission to feed as many people as possible throughout the duration of the pandemic and beyond. They’ve doubled the amount of food they’re distributing and have increased their operating costs by more than one million dollars each month. Through the contribution of funds, they are thoughtfully able to provide what’s needed in the communities they serve and ensure that anyone facing hunger during these difficult times meets their nutritional needs. 

Volunteer opportunities are also available. Food Bank of the Rockies has an immediate and ongoing need for volunteers so they can continue providing food to those who need it most. Increased safety measures are being observed, with volunteer shifts limited to less than 50 people per shift, split into small, socially distanced work teams throughout their warehouse. 

Colorado residents will find Food Bank of the Rockies locations in Denver and Palisade. Residents of Wyoming will find Food Bank of the Rockies near Casper. If interested in volunteering, please click here for more information.  

Having enough food to eat is a basic human need. No one should have to face food scarcity, but it’s an unfortunate reality for millions of people nationwide and something that has only gotten worse since the advent of COVID-19. Food Bank of the Rockies is intent on changing this by spreading hope and happiness through giving back to their community.  

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