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Stephanie Robbins

Stephanie Robbins

Do you like helping people?

If you do, Joy wants to partner with you.

Our life-enhancing products can help you profit from improving other’s health and quality of life. How? Join our affiliate team and we’ll show you.

An affiliate is a person or a company who makes money promoting our products. It’s a partnership that benefits everyone involved.

Why partner with Joy? Think of the potential.

  • Our ultra-premium, full-spectrum Cannabinoid products offer benefits that haven’t been brought to the market for over 50 years
  • Almost anyone, regardless of age, can feel a difference from our products. In some situations they’ll feel the effects in less than five minutes!
  • CBD products represent one of thefastest growing segments in the health and nutrition industry. New records are being set every month.
  • Did you know that many pet owners will spend money on their pets that they wouldn’t spend on themselves? There are 78 million dogs and 85.8 million cats in the US. That’s a lot of potential.
  • Think about how many people can find relief through our products:
    • have troublesleeping
    • 25 million Americansexperience daily pain
    • 40 million Americanssuffer from anxiety
  • We know where to look to find people who can benefit from our products, and we’ll teach you how to reach them.

It’s clear that there’s plenty of potential in connecting people with the CBD products they need. But why partner with Joy specifically?

  • Free – The partnership is completely free. You’ll pay nothing to become an affiliate.
  • Large Commission – Joy provides the highest payout in the industry: 25%. This means you’ll earn a 25% commission on every product purchased by the people you refer to Joy Organics.
  • 60 Day Cookies – Our cookies last for 60 days. This means if someone you refer visits our website their computer receives a tracking cookie. If they purchase anything from the Joy Organics website in the next 60 days, you will earn 25% commission.
  • Retargeting – Have you ever seen ads for a specific product after viewing that product on a website? This is called retargeting. Afterpeople visit, we’ll purchaseadvertising on the websites they visit. If they click on an ad and make a purchase, you will be paid a 25% commission.
  • Conversion Optimization – We have experts on our staff who specialize in improving the conversion rates of customers who visit Every day we split test our web pages and ads to find out which lead to the highest conversion rates. Our goal is to have the highest percentage of the people you send to buy our products.
  • Monthly Pay – We pay out our commissions every month, provided it is over $100. If your commissions are less than $100, we will hold themuntil the next pay cycle, or until they reach our $100 threshold.
  • Track Your Sales – We give all of our affiliatesaccess to our third-party tracking software through Share-a-Sale. This allows you to track your sales and view your commissions at any time.
  • Free Money-Making Guide – We will give you ourguide to marketing our products and driving traffic to your personal web page. Use it to find the strategiesyou like best. (Coming Soon)
  • Easy to Start – All it takes is 10 minutes to start earning commissions!

Sound good? We think so too. Email our Affiliate Team at to get answers to any questions you may have. And if you’re ready to get started, we will show you how easy it is to get started.

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