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Top 2 Places to Buy CBD Oil in Portland

CBD Oil in Portland, OR

Buy CBD Oil in PortlandWe love our Portland customers! While we don’t have a storefront in this Oregon city yet, we do have fast and free shipping on all of our products. This means you can get any of our Joy Organics products delivered to your door, even when we don’t have a location in your town. Simply visit our online shop, place your order, and have your CBD delivered right to you without ever having to leave your couch – the perfect way to buy CBD oil in Portland. We’d love if you tried our products, so get 15% off your first order with coupon code PORTLAND15.

Here at Joy Organics, we not only believe in making it simple for customers to get the CBD products they need, but we also believe in making sure our customers are getting the best CBD products as well. Take a moment to learn more about CBD and what makes Joy Organics different so you can determine what type of CBD product will fit your needs.

What Is CBD?

Before you buy any CBD product, it is important to understand what CBD really is. As you may already know, CBD is becoming one of the most talked-about alternative health solutions available today. People are using CBD products to sleep better, help maintain a calm and relaxed mood, even recover from a workout.

So, what exactly is CBD?

CBD is one of more than 113 different cannabinoids that can be found in hemp plants. The CBD is extracted just like other powerful plant extracts and formulated into softgels, salves, oils, dog treats, and many other products. A broad spectrum CBD product will contain the other cannabinoids, and each cannabinoid has different properties and additional health benefits.

Whenever you buy a product made with CBD, remember this compound can come from either marijuana or hemp plants. Both marijuana and hemp plants are in the cannabis family — however, when you shop for CBD for health purposes, you may be better off buying a product made with hemp.

Hemp plants naturally have lower THC levels in them. THC is the compound that will make you feel “high” or intoxicated. So, when you use CBD extracted from hemp plants, you don’t have to worry about any mind-altering side effects.

These are the types of products you will find here at Joy Organics — high-quality hemp-based CBD. No matter which one of our products you purchase, you can take comfort in the fact that we lab test all of our products to ensure they contain no detectable levels of THC.

The Joy Organics Difference

While there are many types of CBD products and manufacturers, not all of them create CBD products that are the same quality.

This is why it is important to be cautious when purchasing any item made with CBD. You should only trust companies that are open and transparent with consumers.

At Joy Organics, we believe in transparency and are always happy to tell our customers exactly what is in our premium-grade CBD. This is also why you will never find harsh chemicals, toxins or pesticides in Joy Organics products.

Plus, all of our products come with a complete money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

Need more convincing? Here’s a little more about the Joy Organics difference and what makes us one of the leading CBD manufacturers on the market today.

  1. Joy Organics Products Are Hemp Only — When you buy a Joy Organics product, you are buying CBD that is only from hemp and not marijuana. The small amounts of THC in hemp won’t cause psychoactive effects, but we remove even these small amounts to provide extra security. This is to help give you peace of mind, especially for those with certain jobs or who provide CBD products to their pets or children.
  2. Joy Organics Products Are Lab Tested — We pride ourselves on our high-quality CBD oils, salves and softgels. This is why our CBD is made without pesticides, metals, or harsh chemicals. At Joy Organics, you can rest assured that all of our products are lab tested to ensure they are of the highest quality. Whether you buy your products from Joy Organics or any other manufacturer, you should always look for items that have been lab tested.
  3. Joy Organics Products Have Outstanding Absorption Rates — One of the many qualities that separates Joy Organics products from other manufacturers on the market is our absorption rates. Joy Organics uses the most advanced nanotechnology to ensure industry-leading bioavailability and absorption rates. Our softgels absorb two times as fast as standard softgel products, meaning you would need to take twice as many of our competitors’ products to get the same results as ours.
  4. Joy Organics is Completely Transparent About Our Products — When you buy a CBD product from Joy Organics, we feel you should always know what is in any item you use. Joy believes in being completely transparent because we know not all CBD products are created equally and that you should only be using safe, natural, products.

Some of our CBD products include:

We also offer animal friendly products for your furry little friends to enjoy like CBD pet treats and tinctures.

Where Can You Purchase CBD Products in Portland

Since we don’t have a storefront where you can buy CBD oil in Portland, we proudly offer fast and free shipping to all of our customers — not only in Portland but across the country. If you are set on buying your products locally in Portland, then you have a couple of stores to consider. Just make sure you are buying from an established company that has a strong following of dedicated customers and one that makes CBD from naturally-grown hemp plants.

  1. CBD Hemp Store
    Address: 1523 SE Morrison St, Portland, OR 97214
    Phone: (503) 206-4060
  2. Home Grown Apothecary
    Address: 1937 Northeast Pacific St, Portland, OR 97232
    Phone: (503) 232-1716

But if you are searching for Joy Organics CBD near me – don’t worry! We provide complimentary shipping directly to you at your Portland home. If you have any questions, reach out to us first through our online contact form.

Other CBD stores that sell Joy Organics products can be found here.


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