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How Wholesale CBG Products Can Grow Your Business

Entering into a CBD wholesale partnership is a low-risk way to diversify your inventory and amplify your revenue streams. The growing demand for cannabis products is seeing enthusiastic customers actively seeking innovative CBD products featuring minor cannabinoids. This rising interest has experts projecting a $26.2 billion minor cannabinoid global market by 2028. Cement a concrete foothold for your business in this burgeoning market by becoming an authority in CBG oil. 

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a unique cannabinoid that's increasingly piquing the interest of cannabis users. This minor cannabinoid has been shown to boost our bodies' anandamide, a lipid dubbed "the bliss molecule." 

Get ahead of the minor cannabinoid boom by partnering with a reputable CBG oil distributor, like Joy Organics. 

Why Purchase CBG Wholesale?

With the global eCommerce market projected to generate $7.4 trillion by 2025, everybody has plenty of opportunities to profit. However, there is also the risk of entering an oversaturated market. Offering a niche product associated with a flourishing $15 billion CBD industry can help your business stand out from competitors. 

CBG oil is an excellent addition to your followers' wellness routines. It is a CB1 receptor agonist, which prompts the body to produce anandamide—which in turn can affect our mood, appetite, and overall comfort.

Additionally, CBG binds to CB2 receptors located in the immune and digestive systems. These interactions amplify the benefits of other phytocannabinoids. This beneficial reaction is known as the entourage effect. 

Premium products such as broad spectrum and full spectrum hemp extracts enhance the overall user experience through the entourage effect.

Purchasing our CBG + CBD oil tincture wholesale will benefit both you and your customers. Your followers will enjoy the high-quality ingredients and consistent experience your business provides, and you will enjoy the simplicity wholesale opportunities offer! 

Joy Organics CBG + CBD Oil Tinctures contain 450mg of each cannabinoid and are a unique product that will undoubtedly incite curiosity and, ultimately, deliver an enjoyable experience to your customers. A premium product that lives up to the hype builds brand trust and fosters repeat customers. Providing a niche product in a burgeoning market will help your business gain traction and become an authority in CBG for years to come.   

Now is a great time to make your brand synonymous with CBG oil. This market is going to be slightly less competitive than other minor cannabinoids. 

The precursor to CBG is cannabigerolic acid (CBGa). CBGa is known as the "grandmother of all cannabinoids." CBGa is the precursor to most cannabinoids, including THC and CBD.

This distinctive trait means that CBG is more abundant in younger cannabis plants. Mature cannabis plants have low levels of CBG because many cannabis extract manufacturers require CBD or THC for their formulas. 

That makes CBG oil a more rare and also in-demand product. It provides your business the unique opportunity to become an established presence in the CBG industry. Here’s why a reliable CBG distributor can help your business thrive!

Why Choose Joy Organics for CBG Wholesale Distributors?

The CBG oil market is already profiting but has yet to meet its full potential. That makes the current environment a relatively clean foundation on which to build your brand's reputation. With fewer competitors, more eyes will be on you. Lead the CBG oil industry with confidence by offering premier cannabis products. Team with Joy Organics for your CBG wholesale partnership. 

Proprietary CBG-Rich Hemp Strains

CBG oil is derived from hemp. The oil and its benefits are dependent on the quality of the hemp from which it is sourced. 

As members of the U.S. Hemp Roundtable, Joy Organics is committed to excellence. Joy Organics only uses hemp that's been cultivated in nutrient-rich USDA-certified organic soil in the United States.

We love the personalization that minor cannabinoids can offer our daily routines. That's why we work closely with cultivators to grow proprietary strains.

As we've mentioned, CBG is abundant in young plants. Naturally, these plants will yield fewer CBD or THC cannabinoids. Therefore, manufacturers may market their product as CBG oil when, in reality, it's quite low in CBG content. 

Organic farmers have bred CBG-rich hemp strains. We use these with other CBD-rich strains to complete our full spectrum hemp extract. 

Third-Party Lab Testing

Transparency is essential for creating a reputable business. Word of mouth travels fast, especially in such a niche market as CBG oil. 

In the CBD oil industry's infancy, approximately 26% of CBD labels had false claims about CBD content. While CBD continues to become better regulated, it still has some strides to be made. CBG has an even larger learning curve. 

Be ahead of this curve by being a transparent brand. Only partner with companies that perform third-party lab tests. These should be the standard for all wellness products. Third-party lab reports ensure that there are no contaminants in the final batch that can alter its potency or potentially harm a customers’ health. 

Joy Organics puts all of its products under strict testing protocols to ensure cannabinoid accuracy. A third-party laboratory verifies our reports and provides us with a Certificate of Quality Assurance. 

You and your customers can easily verify CBG content in our CBG + CBD tincture. The Lab Results are easily accessible near the "Add to Cart" button used to place your CBG oil wholesale order. 

These reports are also available on product packaging. Just scan the QR reader on the label to pull up the lab results on any smart device. 

Low-Risk Entry into Growing Business

Starting or growing your business requires investment. Unfortunately, the costs seem to add up quickly. As a family-owned business, we get it. 

That's why we make partnering with Joy Organics for CBG oil wholesale so affordable. We try to offset the burden of upstart costs by allowing for low minimum orders of just $250. 

Variety is essential for attracting customers and then gauging their interests. However, purchasing large quantities of the same product can be the entire inventory budget for some brands. We help you make more dynamic business decisions by not restricting SKU quantities. 

There are no SKU limitations! Mix and match your CBG wholesale order with other unique minor cannabinoid products, including our CBD Softgels with Melatonin + CBN.

Lastly, Joy Organics offers free USPS shipping on all orders. If you need an expedited order, our team is happy to work with you to make this happen, and will only require you to cover the shipping costs!

Professional Development Support

Starting a business comes with a lot of questions. We learned a lot during our growth as a CBD business, and we want to pass our knowledge on. It's our pleasure to share that information with you.

By partnering with Joy Organics, you receive exclusive access to over 75 educational videos that range from general business support to niche topics, like getting a CBD POS system. 

Our team is available seven days per week. You can call or email us any time with any question, big or small. When your business succeeds, we all do. So, we will do everything in our power to support your brand's prosperity! 

Partner with Joy Organics for CBG Oil Wholesale

CBD oil has become a proven entity in the global economy. Its staying power has promoted an evolution in hemp products that creates more opportunities for entrepreneurs. 

People want new, high-quality products that allow for tailored experiences. Become the forerunner in CBG oil authority. Offer premium CBG + CBD tinctures by becoming a Joy Organics wholesale partner.

Teaming up with Joy Organics is a low-risk opportunity to grow your brand. You can create a stronghold for your business in the minor cannabinoid industry, grow your following, and earn revenue. 

This partnership also allows you to explore new initiatives with your followers. With low minimum orders and no SKU requirements, you can make dynamic decisions about your products. Tailor your product offerings to meet holiday email campaigns, accentuate your pop-up shop, or change up the window dressing in your physical storefront.

CBG oil is a versatile and fun way to improve brand awareness, customer loyalty, and sales. With this market in its beginning stages, right now is the prime time to get involved with CBG oil, as long as you're partnering with the right brand.

Protect your reputation by providing your customers with products you feel comfortable putting your name on. Team with Joy Organics for your CBG wholesale needs!


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