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How to Choose the Right CBD Salve Manufacturer

Joy Organics CBD Salve Stick applied by woman

The skincare industry is one of the most financially stable markets, with United States revenues exceeding $17 billion annually. Over half of people use skincare products daily, with many remaining loyal to products they trust. A surefire way to nurture repeat customers is to offer high-quality products that consistently provide an exceptional user experience. You can earn that devotion and create a lifetime customer by partnering with a reputable CBD salve manufacturer. 

Why You Need a CBD Salve Manufacturer

woman meditating by jar of CBD Salve

The demand for skincare products continues to rise every year. By offering premium cosmetic items to your customers, you are tapping into a very healthy industry. However, you also have the opportunity to reach even more people by cross-marketing to the burgeoning CBD market. 

CBD oil has steadily risen in popularity among people looking for higher-quality wellness products. Financial experts predict that CBD sales will generate $1.8 billion in domestic revenue by 2022. 

This increase in demand for wellness products coincides with the 23% of skincare shoppers who only purchase organic skincare products. Market to this shift in customer preferences by offering premium CBD salves from Joy Organics

Premium CBD Salve Manufacturer 

Joy Organics is a premium broad spectrum CBD oil brand. By partnering with Joy Organics, your business will have exclusive access to our line of premium CBD products, including our ultra-hydrating CBD salves. 

Organic CBD Salve

Organic skincare products already have a very passionate consumer base. The demand for these products will grow as we continue to evolve into a more health-conscious society. Be the first to offer premium organic CBD skincare products with Joy Organics’ Organic CBD Salve.

We are one of the few brands to sell products with broad spectrum hemp extract that is certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture. This 0.0% THC formula is unique to the CBD market.

Most organic CBD products are formulated with full spectrum hemp extract. That means the salve will contain 0.3% THC or less. Your business will stand out against competitors in what will become an increasingly competitive market. 

This 100% organic formula is enriched with natural ingredients that nourish, protect, and rejuvenate the skin. Your customers will love the velvety texture of organic MCT oil as it hydrates the skin. Then, organic beeswax creates a natural moisture-lock barrier that will keep your clients’ skin glowing! 

Lastly, our USDA-certified organic broad spectrum hemp extract and a proprietary blend of essential oils work together to promote balance throughout the skin barrier while supporting healthy joints and muscles. 

CBD Salve Stick

Your customers can take their CBD skincare regimen on the go thanks to Joy Organics’ CBD Salve Stick. This formula is tailored to provide targeted skin support whenever your followers desire. 

Our proprietary formula combines broad spectrum hemp extract with a blend of skin-nourishing botanicals. Your customers will love applying this silky-smooth salve that contains organic jojoba seed oil, organic hemp seed oil, organic shea butter, and organic sunflower oil to help rejuvenate their skin cells. 

This premium CBD Salve Stick contains organic beeswax that helps retain moisture at the skin’s surface. Meanwhile, organic rosemary essential oil promotes blood circulation that will keep the skin looking radiant. Your followers will never leave the house without this travel-sized CBD skincare companion. 

Why Should Joy Organics Be Your CBD Salve Manufacturer?

Your store is only as successful as the products in its inventory. Selling inferior products will create distrust among clients. Poor firsthand experiences and negative word of mouth can be disastrous for a company’s longevity. Set your business up for success by partnering with a trusted CBD salve manufacturer, like Joy Organics. 

Tested for Purity

We pride ourselves on selling only the highest-quality CBD products on the market. Our team rigorously tests our products every step of the way. Every Joy Organics product comes with a Certificate of Quality Assurance. 

A third-party laboratory verifies our test results independently. They provide us with a lab report denoting phytocannabinoid content and purity. 

You or your customers can read the lab reports for any Joy Organics products anywhere. Simply scan the QR code on the CBD Salve package to verify its purity. 

Unmatched Customer Service 

Businesses rely on their distributors to provide a steady stream of inventory. When your supplier has poor customer service or low inventory levels, it can negatively impact your bottom line. 

open Joy Organics CBD Salve Stick

Joy Organics is dedicated to your success, and we promise to provide the highest-quality CBD salves, along with unparalleled customer service. Our customer service team is available seven days per week to update orders, answer questions, or consult your growing CBD business. 

Additionally, there are no minimum SKU requirements to place bulk orders. You can mix and match any Joy Organics products to meet our low $250 minimum for delivery.

Also, every Joy Organics purchase automatically qualifies for free shipping. However, we are more than happy to work with you to expedite any time-sensitive shipment!

Unique Business Opportunities 

Choosing Joy Organics as your CBD salve manufacturer is a genuine partnership. Our team is passionate about the benefits of CBD and the quality of our products. We will do everything in our power to set your business up for success. 

CBD Skincare

Joy Organics offers your business opportunities, such as the Joy Organics Fulfillment Program. This program allows you to maintain a large inventory without having to secure a warehouse to store your products. Instead, you can rent space in our temperature-controlled warehouse. 

We use highly encrypted software known as ShipStation to fulfill your orders. This secure program lets us know when a sale is made through your store. Our customer service team will hand-pack your orders to ensure the correct item is being shipped and arrives in perfect condition.

The Joy Organics Fulfillment Program also tracks and auto-refills your inventory. Your customers will never experience a lapse in service because we will always keep a close eye on your overstock!

Choose Joy Organics to Be Your CBD Salve Manufacturer Today!

Take advantage of a thriving skincare industry while getting in on the ground floor of a burgeoning CBD market. Bridge the gaps between these two demographics by partnering with a reputable CBD salve manufacturer. Choose a brand with a proven track record of loyal customers. Partner with Joy Organics today!