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Top 13 Places to Buy CBD Oil in Dallas

Dallas is a city that is always growing and changing. People in this Texas city are always looking ways to improve their life and their health. Are you a Texas resident looking to buy CBD oil in Dallas? Joy Organics has just the solution for you.

If you’re looking to buy CBD oil in Dallas but aren’t sure just what it is, or if it’s really something that you need, read on!

What is CBD?

CBD oil (cannabidiol) is one of the most popular supplements that has been shown to support the body’s natural homeostasis. It is one of the many chemicals known as cannabinoids which are found in the cannabis plant.

Most people associate cannabis with THC, which produces the plant’s intoxicating side effects, but CBD itself is not psychoactive. Fortunately, scientists have been able to separate THC from CBD, which is why it is possible to enjoy the massive benefits of cannabidiol without having to deal with the side effects of THC – especially when it comes from the hemp plant rather than the marijuana plant, like it does at Joy Organics. CBD is extracted from the plant and then combined with a carrier oil such as coconut or hemp seed.

How CBD Works

If you’re looking to buy CBD oil in Dallas, you’re probably curious about how it impacts the body. It’s a complicated process, but one that can provide innumerable benefits when taken regularly.

The immune system contains CB2 receptors which impact regulatory functions in the body. By influencing these CB2 receptors, cannabidiol interacts with the body to maintain a healthy mood, support joint and muscle function, and more. This is the reason CBD oil is so effective as an everyday supplement.

The Benefits of Buying Joy Organics CBD Oil in Dallas, TX

Broad Spectrum CBD

As mentioned, one of the main concerns that people have with CBD oil is whether or not it will contain THC. Products from Joy Organics have been created with a patent-pending chromatography process, which means that they are 0.0% THC (according to third party lab tests) and will not cause any psychoactive effects.

If you want to check out our lab tests so that you can verify this information, we can help! We proudly post the lab results of each individual batch of Joy Organics CBD on our website. This means you can be absolutely sure that what’s listed on the bottle is what you’re getting when you purchase Joy Organics CBD Oil in Dallas.


There is no better way to determine the value of a product than by looking into how much the seller expresses their confidence in it. Joy Organics believes in our CBD so much that we are ready to give you a 30-day money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied. We stand behind our products completely.

Increased absorption rate

The technique we use to manufacture of Joy Organics CBD is so effective that you will have to take at least two times the amount of a competitor’s product to achieve the same results. You can use smaller amounts of our products without losing effectiveness.

Local and natural origins

When looking for a natural wellness product, you want to make sure that it is sourced from a local and certified business. All of the products in our range are grown locally, and we pride ourselves on our rigorous farming and production standards, unlike our competitors who source their product from unverified international sources.


Joy Organics’ CBD contains a broad spectrum of cannabinoids in our phytocannabinoid-rich hemp product. When you purchase our product, you get to enjoy the benefit of cannabinoids and terpenes working together. This, coupled with our stringent manufacturing standards and commitment to quality, is why we are proud to call our products premium grade.

The Benefits You Get from CBD Oil

If you are a first-time buyer, we want to educate you on what CBD can do. Natural hemp CBD can help with the following:

Of course, the best way to reap these benefits is to purchase a genuine product from Joy Organics. Check out our online shop and browse all the products that we offer. If you have questions, you can chat with us on our website. We deliver products countrywide and we offer a 30-day money back guarantee for all our customers. Order today and start your journey to complete wellness.

CBD Products from Joy Organics

Here are some of the different types of CBD products available through Joy Organics.

We also offer pet friendly CBD products for your four-legged friends to benefit positively from CBD. This includes organic CBD pet tinctures and treats for dogs.

Where Can I Find Joy Organics CBD Oil in Dallas?

We’ve recently partnered with Sprouts Farmers Market nationwide! Find a range of our products at the locations below:

Sprouts Farmers Market
11722 Marsh Ln
(214) 350-0574

Sprouts Farmers Market
1800 N Henderson Ave
(214) 826-2937

Sprouts Farmers Market
7110 Skillman St
(469) 210-8166

Sprouts Farmers Market (Denton)
4930 Teasley Ln
(940) 999-2263

Sprouts Farmers Market (Frisco)
5190 Preston Rd
(925) 307-1178

Sprouts Farmers Market (Frisco)
2500 Eldorado Pkwy
(469) 731-7261

Sprouts Farmers Market (McKinney)
9241 Virginia Pkwy
(469) 481-5000

Sprouts Farmers Market (Murphy)
207 E Farm to Market Rd 544
(925) 307-1190

Sprouts Farmers Market (Plano)
4100 Legacy Dr
(925) 307-1197

Sprouts Farmers Market (Richardson)
1343 W Campbell Rd
(925) 307-1199

Sprouts Farmers Market (Rowlett)
3001 Lakeview Pkwy
(972) 265-0386

Sprouts Farmers Market (Southlake)
220 Randol Mill Ave
(682) 223-5805

Blue Rooster Organics (Denison)
727 W. Chestnut St.

Other CBD stores that sell Joy Organics products can be found here.


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