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Check out the 10 Best CBD Bath Bombs!

Check out the 10 Best CBD Bath Bombs!


A First-Time User's Guide to CBD Bath Bombs and Their Benefits

The phytocannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) has been making news! You’ve seen CBD products that surged in popularity, offering a range of potential benefits for wellness and relaxation. Examples include Joy Organics extensive list of products including relaxing tinctures and gummies. 

Among these innovative products are CBD infused bath bombs, which combine the soothing effects of a bath with the potential therapeutic properties of cannabidiol. Whether you're new to CBD or a seasoned enthusiast, CBD bath bombs and their benefits could be ideal additions to your self-care routine.

CBD Bath Bombs Won’t Get You High

CBD is a compound derived from the hemp plant. Unlike its cousin THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD doesn’t produce psychoactive effects, meaning it won't make you feel "high." Rather, CBD is known for several potential therapeutic properties. Examples include promoting relaxation, stress support, and promoting a sense of overall comfort. However, be mindful that some bath bomb makers may infuse their products with a full spectrum tincture that includes CBD and THC instead. In the same way that you would check ingredient labels for harmful chemicals, read the ingredient labels of the CBD bombs you're interested in before purchasing.

Hemp bath bombs containing CBD oil let you incorporate this compound flawlessly into your wellness routine. These particular bath bombs often blend CBD extract or hemp seed oil, olive oil, baking soda, essential oils like soothing lavender oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and other natural ingredients into their bath bombs. When added to a warm bath, these CBD bath bombs dissolve, releasing their aromatic scents and dispersing that CBD oil throughout the water. As you relax in your CBD-infused bath, your skin absorbs the CBD, allowing it to interact with your body's endocannabinoid system.

Major Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs

CBD Bath Bombs Promote Relaxation and Provide Stress Support.

You’ll find that soaking in a warm bath helps ease tension and calms the mind. You already know that. Adding a CBD bath bomb to the mix has the potential to promote these effects. As a result, it promotes feelings of tranquility and overall well-being.

CBD Bath Bombs Provide Support for Sore Muscles and Joints.

CBD is known for its potentially anti-inflammatory properties. Not surprisingly, it can also support discomfort in your muscles and joints. By soaking in a CBD-infused bath after a game of tennis, you may experience localized support for your pain as the CBD interacts with receptors in the skin and underlying tissues. And, because some of the best bath bombs also contain Epsom salt, you get a powerful one-two punch for the muscle relaxation you are looking for.

CBD Bath Bombs Promote Therapeutic Effects of Other Ingredients.

Manufacturers add essential oils like lavender oil, chamomile, and eucalyptus to CBD bath bombs. They add a relaxing scent to melt away everyday stress and the promote the health benefits you already appreciate about these oils. Also, they complement the effects of CBD, supporting a more profound relaxation and enhancing the overall bathing experience.

It's important to note that while many people find CBD bath bombs to be beneficial for their wellness routine, individual experiences may vary. CBD affects each person differently, and how you respond to these CBD products can be different from your friends. If you're new to CBD bath bombs, it's always a good idea to talk to your doctor before adding it to your routine.

Pros and Cons of the 10 Best CBD Bath Bombs That Made Our List

So, which are the best bath bombs that caught our eye and made us swoon? What did we love about these products that we absolutely had to share with you? Which drawbacks did we notice that might make certain users think twice before using a product we might recommend? And, what are the pros that elevate one product over others that might be similar, but not close enough?

BeYOUtiful Bath Bombs & More

CBD Vanilla Chai Mini Bath Bombs by BeYOUtiful Bath Bombs & More

Pros: Vanilla Chai is a smell and flavor that has delighted the senses for centuries. And, with a price range of around $20 for 4 mini bombs, what’s not to love? Besides the fizz-causing sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, ingredients include sunflower seed oil, Epsom salt, and essential oils.

Cons: Mini bath bombs have less CBD than their full-sized cousins. In this case, it’s about 62.5mg per bath bomb. That's still a good serving size though, which might not make it a good product for the first-time user who would like to try a minimal amount.

Why We Love It: These mini bath bombs are excellent for traveling and relaxing, promoting restful sleep when away from home.

Check out BeYOUtiful Bath Bombs

CBD Happy Bath Bomb by BigHeartLabs

Pros: Choose from 50mg or 100mg of CBD per bath bomb. Controlling the amount is a huge plus for first-time users. Ingredients include kaolin clay and grapeseed oil.

Cons: The emphasis is on light moisturizing. You may need to follow it up with a moisturizing cream after stepping out of the bath, which adds a little time to your routine.

Why We Love It: At a price range from $9.99 to $13.99, this is an excellent entry-level CBD bath bomb. Many first-time users start out with a 50mg CBD bath bomb, but there are also CBD products available that let you go lower if you want.

Check out the CBD bath bombs by Big Heart Labs


CBD Black Amethyst Bath Bomb 30mg by Farm to Pharm

Pros: What makes this bath bomb stand out is its heady combination of scents. They include Italian bergamot, jasmine, and vetiver. Yum!

Cons: The visuals can be intimidating. Some say that the bath bombs look like round coal. Of course, that’s before you smell them!

Why We Love It: Each CBD bath bomb contains 30mg of CBD at a cost of around $18. It’s an excellent choice for the aficionado who has decided on a lower amount in their CBD bath bomb.

Check out Farm to Pharm's CBD bath bombs


fizzCBD Bath Bomb by Hippies at Home

Pros: The emphasis here is on all-natural ingredients. That’s what you want to use during your relaxing bath time. 

Cons: The manufacturer doesn’t list the CBD content. It’s not a big deal, but we like to know what amount we’re working with. 

Why We Love It: At only around $10, you get a combination of essential oils, French lavender, and vitamin E oil. These natural properties mixed with warm water will turn your bath time into spa time. Besides that, the CBD bath bombs look pretty!

Check out Hippies at Home CBD Bath Bombs

California Bath Dreaming

"BATH" Premium Bath Bomb for relaxation stress and calm with CBD option or without by California Bath Dreaming

Pros: The ingredients are amazing! As the bomb fizzes away, you catch smells of melon, apple, jasmine, pineapple, and coconut for that authentic beach experience. 

Cons: For about $20, you get a 100mg CBD bath bomb, which is ideally suited for serious relaxation of mind and body. But even this amount might not make the product ideal for the first-time user who is dipping the big toe into the CBD bath bomb experience.

Why We Love It: You can pick the product with or without CBD, which is great when you have kids who want to relax like you, but aren’t old enough yet to use CBD. They’ll get all the scents and skin treatments just like you.

Check out California Bath Dreaming Bath Bombs

Vlasic Labs

CBD Relief Bath Bomb by Vlasic Labs

Pros: The active ingredients are sandalwood, CBD, and vanilla. There are no fancy chemicals. Also, sandalwood is an excellent skin toner that minimizes the appearance of fine wrinkles.

Cons: What makes it ideal is also a drawback; 200mg of CBD is not for everyone. First-time CBD bath bomb users definitely want to wait with using this one.

Why We Love It: This is the bath bomb for the seasoned CBD aficionado. With 200mg of CBD for about $20, it is an excellent option. We haven’t found a higher CBD content yet.

Check out Vlasic Labs CBD Bath Bombs

High Desert Pure

Full Spectrum Sunshine Citrus Bath Bomb by High Desert Pure

Pros: This bath bomb takes relaxation to the next level with a one to one CBD/THC blend. Add the citrus scents of tangerines, and you’re going to feel like at a spa.

Cons: If you’re not ready to invite THC to the party, this product is not for you. The full-spectrum experience consists of 150mg.

Why We Love It: The manufacturer succeeded in having cannabinoid oils not float on top of the water, but mingle with it. At the same time, kaolin clay offers gentle exfoliation without staining the tub. Besides that, we like that THC contributes to the relaxation.

Check Out High Desert Pure CBD Bath Bombs


Blood Orange Scent CBD Bath Bomb by beeZbee 

Pros: It’s all about choice. Pick a standard 100mg CBD experience for around $15 or select 200mg per CBD bath bomb for $20.

Cons: This bath bomb contains coarse sea salt, which isn’t necessarily a good option for folks with highly sensitive skin.

Why We Love It: The blood orange scent is just the beginning. Besides kaolin clay and almond oil, you experience CBD from hemp oil and as an isolate. And, for the skincare insider, the presence of almond oil is a huge plus. This product is a must-have for anyone with stretch marks, scars, or other skin imperfections. 

Check out BeeZBee CBD Bath Bombs

Discover Relief

Strawberries and Cream CBD Bath Bombs by Discover Relief 

Pros: These adorable mini CBD bath bombs come in two or five-packs with the low, low amount of 5mg CBD. They contain vanilla essential oil and jojoba oil. And yes, that faint scent is witch hazel!

Cons: The CBD only comes from isolate, which is its crystalline form, but not from hemp oil.

Why We Love It: For the newbie who has been forever afraid of trying anything with CBD, the 5mg mini CBD bath bombs at around $20 are the ideal introduction to the product. Get started here, and when you feel comfortable, also check out some of the other CBD bath bombs.

Check out Discover Relief CBD Bath Bombs

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Bath Bombs 6-pack Customizable by Carolina Cannabis Creations

Pros: A bath bomb six-pack you can customize? Yes, please! Because of the customization option, this product is fantastic to have a bomb for each mood. Besides that, it's excellent for curating a gift for someone else.

Cons: The price point of around $55 might be off-putting to some buyers.

Why We Love It: Each bath bomb contains 100 mg of CBD isolate. From there, you put together your set. Options include rose, lemon, soothing lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus. It’s fair to say that these CBD bath bombs allow for targeted aromatherapy, which heightens the relaxing value of the CBD bath bombs. 

Check Out Carolina Cannabis Creations CBD Bath Bombs

Check Out Our Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Bath Bombs!

CBD bath bombs are an exciting addition to your bath time routine. But if you need help with how to use them, worry not! Here's a simple guide to get you started. By the way, much of this information also pertains to non-CBD bath bombs.

How do I use a bath bomb?

Unwrap your bath bomb—it's like unwrapping a little gift for your bath. Once it's free from its packaging, simply drop it gently into your tub. As soon as it touches the water, you'll notice something magical happening—fizzing! This fizzy sensation is thanks to the special ingredients inside the bath bomb. While the bath bomb dissolves, you might be tempted to wait, but there's no need! Get into the tub right away and let the delightful scents surround you as you soak.

What exactly are CBD bath bombs?

These products are single-use balls filled with all sorts of goodies like CBD, fragrant extracts, and oils. The key ingredients are sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. Once they mix with the water, they create that fizzy effect. As soon as the fizzing starts, the bath bomb begins to dissolve, releasing its relaxing payload. While some contain cleaning ingredients, CBD bath bombs usually will not do double duty as soap.

How does my skin react to these bubbly wonders?

As the bath bomb dissolves, it releases citric acid that targets dead skin cells for removal. Plus, the oils in bath bombs have moisturizing effects, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. And, since you usually spend more time in the bath than the shower, the softening ingredients have a longer time to work their magic. If you are still worried, stay away from bath bomb products that have added colors and opt for a fragrance-free bath bomb.

How long should my bath bomb bath last?

Aim for around 15 to 20 minutes of relaxation in the tub. This gives the ingredients enough time to work their magic. Not only does it help you unwind after a long day, but it's also good for your muscles. Besides, 20 minutes in a warm CBD bath is an excellent time to support muscle soreness and tension. Can you stay in the tub longer? Sure! But the water is going to get cold.

How should I pick bath bomb ingredients?

When it comes to choosing ingredients, think about what helps you relax. You may prefer a calming lavender scent or something zesty like citrus in your bath bombs. This is your time to pamper yourself, so make it your own! Because CBD has been paired with so many different scents and ingredients, it's easy to experiment. Expert users like to keep several different types of bath bombs on hand to pick the right one for the occasion. Investing in a variety pack of bath bombs is another great choice.

Are bath bombs safe?

Generally, these products are safe. But if you have sensitive skin or specific skin conditions, it's best to avoid even the best CBD bath bombs. If you experience any redness or irritation, stop using the bath bomb immediately and consult your doctor if it persists.

Should I shower after using a bath bomb?

Shower only if you've been soaking in lots of glitter, oil, or dye. Simply drain the tub and rinse off in the shower to remove oils or glitters from your skin. Remember, bath bombs are for moisturizing, not cleaning. For this listing of CBD bath bombs, we have stayed away from glitter, but you might run across a product you love that does contain it.

Which ingredients should I look for when I have really dry skin?

Interestingly, bath bomb makers rely on some of the same oils and butters that you would use when selecting a lotion. Examples include cocoa butter, shea butter, and almond oil. If you currently have a lotion that you adore, consider selecting a bath bomb that contains the same active ingredient. Conversely, if you are somewhat disenchanted with your lotion, go ahead and try out a bath bomb that has a different skin softening and moisturizing agent. You might just discover something that will work better for you!

Are bath bombs safe to have around children?

As you would do with shampoo and soap, keep your bath bombs out of the reach of children. Think carefully before buying a product that is shaped like a cookie or made to look like a duck. Kids love these novelty shapes and may try to take a bite. Because CBD is an ingredient in the bath bombs you are considering, it makes sense to treat these like you would any CBD-infused products like gummies or tinctures.

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