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10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do From Home

10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do From Home


The internet is an amazing tool. Not only does it provide you with infinite knowledge at your fingertips, but the internet can now allow you to partake in adventures in your very own home. Whether you’re too anxious to see a therapist in person, can’t afford to visit a place on your bucket list or are practicing social distancing, there are plenty of things you can do from home remotely.

1. Mental Health Therapy

Social isolation can bring on feelings of loneliness. It’s especially a struggle because spring is here and you’re ready to kick the winter blues, yet you’re still stuck indoors. If you’d like to chat with someone about your feelings, there are plenty of virtual mental health companies, including TalkSpace and BetterHelp. For more specialized consults, such as for LGBTQIA folks, teens or couples, check out this resource from Verywell Mind.

2. Take In A Metropolitan Opera

Going to see and hear an opera is on many bucket lists, but tickets can be quite pricey. Luckily, you can still feel the emotions, take in the scenery and get immersed in the storylines through Met Opera live streams.

While you have The Met on your mind, be sure to check out The Met Museum. Take in their virtual 360° tour. You’ll be awestruck by the sights on your smart device. If you have a Google VR headset, you definitely won’t want to miss this.

3. Exercise Classes

Don’t let being homebound become an excuse for not taking exercise classes. There are plenty of opportunities online. For those who enjoy the feeling of being part of a class, you can become a member of services like Livestreaming Fitness.

do from home: yoga

If you’re willing to spend some money and are serious about your gym game, you can try interactive fitness with Mirror. There are plenty of YouTube videos that offer yoga, pilates and weightlifting classes that range from five minutes to an hour, all for free.

4. Happy Hour

Just because you’re socially distancing doesn’t mean you need to cut yourself off from the world. We need our loved ones at times like these. The app, House Party, makes it easy. Have everyone join the chat, make a CBD mocktail and relax.

5. Watch a Broadway Play

Relive the magic of classics like Cats or laugh along for the first time with Book of Mormon. All of your favorite Broadway hits are online, with the casts that started the buzz. All you have to do is check out BroadwayHD. It’s usually a subscription-based service, but during this pandemic, the service is free.

6. Listen To Radio Stations From Around The World

Tired of the same forty songs on your local radio stations? You might not be able to travel out of your neighborhood physically, but you can do so musically! Radio Garden has local stations from all over the world that aren’t under the iHeartRadio banner. Check out random channels or search for keywords to find stations in your preferred genre. For more international flavors, head over to Stream World Radio.

7. Ballet Classes

Do you or your child miss hitting the dance floor? Keep up with your practice or try it out for the first time with Veyette Virtual Ballet School. For an intro to virtual dancing, you might want to start out with DancePlug. They offer a variety of free barre classes.

8. Quarantine Chat

Need to vent about social distancing to people who aren’t your family and friends? Perhaps you’re feeling alone in isolation. Reach out to others in the same boat by downloading the DialUp app. This program will randomly put you in touch with others who are feeling lonely. Create connections with strangers and help each other get through this pandemic together.

9. Work

For some of us, work is our normalcy. Thankfully, many of us are finding innovative ways to get work done at home. Check in with co-workers on Slack. Hold a virtual meeting with them through Zoom. Share documents with Google Docs.

read a book

If working from home isn’t a possibility, think about ways to help your career. Read a book about a facet of your work-life that you’d like to improve. Start writing that book you’ve been putting off or draw out a business plan you’ve been kicking around in your head. Use this time wisely because there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

10. Get Into Nature

Nothing brightens a day more than cute animals and the beauty of Mother Nature. These days, you can take in all the natural wonders from the comfort of your very own home.

Watch live streams and pre-recorded footage from:

These activities are excellent ways to fight off the stir craziness of social isolation. They’re also perfect for future rainy days. Don’t forget to bookmark this page for future reference!

What are you doing to pass time during social isolation? Give us your ideas in the comments below!

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