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How to Choose a CBD Gummy Manufacturer

Joy Organics Premium CBD Gummies Green Apple

CBD edibles are becoming some of the most popular items in the health and wellness market. In this growing sector, CBD gummies are a top-selling product. If you want to join an industry projected to generate $1.8 billion by 2022, consider selling CBD gummies. Partner with a reputable CBD gummy manufacturer by teaming up with Joy Organics.

Why Sell CBD Gummies?

Thanks to an increase in demand for cannabis products, edibles have become top sellers for many CBD companies. A global analysis of CBD gummy sales found that 36% of CBD users consume edibles.

When hemp products first began growing in popularity, confections like cookies and brownies were the most in-demand items. However, financial experts believe that gummies are perceived to be a healthier alternative to baked goods.

Joy Organics Premium CBD Gummies Strawberry Lemonade

By the end of 2018, gummies were on track to unseat these edibles as the most popular, already generating $998.2 million in global sales. Revenues are expected to increase by 31.9% over the next four years.

It’s easy to understand why people love gummies. For one, they’re a childhood fave. These gummies come with a nod of nostalgia infused with the added benefits of CBD.

Also, CBD gummies are easier for the average person to incorporate into their routine. Sales of gummy-based supplements have grown exponentially over the last few years. Many people prefer them to softgels because they’re easier to swallow.

Gummies are a more familiar way to add CBD into a wellness regimen than other methods. For instance, some people might feel uncomfortable using pills or don’t like the taste of tinctures. Gummies are a safe bet for any business looking to expand their CBD product inventory or venture into CBD sales for the first time.

Top-Selling CBD Gummies

All Joy Organics CBD Gummies are made with phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract. Both flavors contain 0.0% THC. THC content and purity are tested by third-party laboratories.

We operate with full transparency and manufacture gummies that we feel comfortable sharing with our friends and family. You can rest easy knowing your community and followers are receiving the same care as our loved ones.

Now, the most prominent decision to make is which flavor to buy—or should you get both?

Strawberry Lemonade

Joy Organics Strawberry Lemonade CBD Gummies are one of the most popular items in our catalog of premium hemp products. Each gummy provides a precise serving of 10mg of broad spectrum CBD oil.

These tangy-sweet edibles are made with a natural blend of flavors, including organic tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, and fruit and vegetable juices. These juices also give these USDA-certified organic gummies their pink color!

Green Apple

Nothing beats the refreshingly tart bite of a crisp apple—unless you infuse a little CBD into it.

Each of these juicy gummies is formulated with exactly 10mg of CBD oil.

Each bite of Joy Organics USDA-Certified Organic Green Apple CBD Gummies is bursting with flavor created by a unique combination of organic cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, and other natural flavors. Spirulina extract gives this gummy its green tint!

Why Choose Joy Organics to Be Your CBD Gummies Manufacturer?

Selling products such as CBD gummies is an excellent way to supplement your income or navigate a change of course in your career path. No matter which scenario resonates with you, it’s essential that you only sell high-quality products.

Selling inferior CBD items will hurt your brand’s reputation. Not to mention, it could put the health of your customers at risk. Here are some of the top reasons you should consider choosing Joy Organics to be your CBD gummy manufacturer.

USA-Grown Hemp

Every product in Joy Organics’ catalog is formulated using hemp that was grown on U.S. soil. Our hemp is grown under the strictest standards to keep contaminants like pesticides and heavy metals out of our CBD extract.

We also make it a priority to use simple, clean ingredients in our CBD gummies. Unlike other gummies that contain undesirable ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, Joy Organics CBD gummies are a treat you won’t feel guilty about.

Third-Party Lab Tested

CBD is still a growing industry. Therefore, it’s not as heavily regulated as other divisions of health and wellness. CBD manufacturers most police themselves.

At Joy Organics, we believe transparency is the best policy. All of our products undergo rigorous in-house tests. We print a Certificate of Analysis for every batch we produce. A third-party laboratory also tests our products.

You or your customers can verify the lab reports for any item.


Joy Organics Premium CBD Gummy Manufacturer

Many brands use gelatin to give their CBD gummies the familiar texture we associate with candy. Gelatin is derived from animal bone, which means many mass-produced gummy products are not vegan-friendly.

Both flavors of Joy Organics CBD Gummies use pectin instead of gelatin. These fruit-based fibers still give our gummies the gelatinous texture your customers know and love!

Free Shipping

Joy Organics offers free shipping on all of our products. There is no minimum order amount to qualify for this service. We just feel shipping should come with the purchase!

With that said, we also offer expedited shipping options. We understand that businesses are dynamic and orders might need to be filled faster. That’s why our team is here seven days per week to handle all of your business’s needs.

Dropshipping Opportunities

Many business owners want a steady stream of inventory but don’t have the storage space to shelve their overstock. We can take these logistics off your hands by renting some of our warehouse space to you.

The Joy Organics Fulfillment Program keeps track of your Joy Organics inventory in a designated area within our climate-controlled warehouse. Whenever you make a sale, our heavily encrypted software, ShipStation, will notify our team. Joy Organics customer service members hand-pack each item to ensure it arrives safely to its destination.

This program also auto-restocks your inventory when it’s running low. That way, you don’t have to worry about running out of your most popular items.

Your success is ours. Partner with a reputable brand with your best interest at heart—choose Joy Organics as your CBD gummy manufacturer.