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Why Education Is Important in the CBD Movement

Why Education Is Important in the CBD Movement


Demand for a product skyrockets as soon as the mainstream media draws attention to it. For example, just a few years ago, almost nobody had even heard of CBD. Today, you can't walk by a convenience store without signs in the window touting CBD gummies for sale!

Before you purchase some gas station CBD, it's important for you to understand the who, what, when, where, why and how of CBD. Time for a little CBD education!

CBD products have become socially acceptable quite quickly. While this is wonderful news for CBD companies, it also complicates the industry and increases the chances of you falling prey to fake or low-quality CBD products. Unlike falling prey to a peddler in the city, the ramifications of buying this sort of knockoff far exceed those of a “Bolex” watch. That is why education is essential in the CBD movement. 

Not All CBD Products Are From the Same Source

physician for CBD education

Before making any changes to your wellness routine, it is always best to consult with your physician. Go into the appointment educated so you understand how CBD products may support your system. Once you have a strong understanding of the endocannabinoid system and the potential benefits of hemp extract, you can then begin to comprehend the difference in products. At Joy Organics, our goal is to educate our customers about what exactly they are putting into their bodies.

First, we'll start with the source of CBD oils. In states with medical cannabis programs, some CBD oil may be extracted from marijuana. This is because some patients want a higher concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in their CBD oil. THC is just one of over 100 known cannabinoids found in cannabis and it's also the compound that is responsible for the euphoric effect experienced by marijuana users.

The most common source for CBD oil is hemp. Hemp naturally has a low quantity of THC — for it to be classified as hemp in the United States, the plant must have a THC concentration of 0.3% or less. This low concentration of THC makes premium grade CBD oil a more family-friendly option. Beware, however, that just because the CBD oil is derived from hemp doesn't mean it's of superior quality.

Differences in CBD Products

When you first start researching CBD products, you might be overwhelmed by the number of options. Joy was also confused when she first wanted to try CBD. Since the CBD industry has exploded the waters have only become murkier, making it even harder for consumers to find high quality CBD products. 

The biggest lesson Joy learned was to relax and go into the process educated. Unfortunately, however, even with all the education in the world still didn't prepare her for a hard truth she learned firsthand, though. That's why it's her mission now to provide CBD products you can trust.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract vs. CBD Isolate

education about cbd isolate

Seeing the words “CBD isolate” on your CBD product might make you feel like you hit the jackpot at the CBD casino. After all, if you hear the words “CBD” on the news so much, why would you want anything other than just CBD? That's where a little extra education comes in handy. While CBD isolate may support a healthy lifestyle for some people, the potential benefits may not be fully realized.

Like THC in marijuana, CBD is another one of the many phytocannabinoids that is known to be contained in cannabis. These cannabinoids have a symbiotic relationship with one another known as the entourage effect.

Oils that are labelled as “full spectrum” or “broad spectrum” use a host of the natural compounds in hemp, including additional cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. These combinations of natural compounds bring you more benefits than simply CBD alone.

Check How the CBD is Extracted

In addition to knowing the benefits of a full or broad spectrum hemp extract, you should also become familiar with how a company extracts their oil.

For instance, some essential oil and edible oil companies use chemical solvents such as hexane. This compound speeds up the extraction process and, in some cases, produces a higher yield of oil. However, it also introduces a foreign chemical into the process.

Some chemical solvents may have reactions with the compounds in the hemp extract. While it may or may not diminish the potential benefits, it does impede upon nature's intended support.

To avoid this unnecessary diversion from nature, opt for companies like Joy Organics that use pressurized carbon dioxide to extract the oils. This process is natural, sustainable and maintains the integrity of the compounds.

Are There Any Additives?

additives free

Once the phytocannabinoids are separated from the physical matter, the resulting oil is encapsulated, mixed into cosmetics, added to tinctures or incorporated into other products. Just like you have to be wary of chemical solvents, you should also be wary of the additives mixing with your cannabinoids.

  • At Joy Organics, we use all-natural ingredients to bring flavor to our CBD tinctures. We carry four delicious flavors: (i) Tranquil Mint, (ii) Lemon, (iii) Orange, and (iv) Natural. 

Each flavor is created using organic essential oils. That means the formula is full of terpenes that complement the entourage effect.

Tinctures typically have a carrier oil that the cannabinoids are mixed with. We use organic medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil or extra-virgin olive oil, unlike many other companies who often use harsh ingredients like ethanol that can cause a burning sensation in the mouth.

Third-Party Testing on CBD Products

Since the CBD industry isn't well regulated yet, it is important that you do your own policing. Luckily, many reputable companies are transparent about their products. We find this the most crucial requirement when vetting CBD companies.

To ensure complete transparency, every batch of product we produce is tested by an ISO-certified third-party lab. These labs test for contaminants like pesticides and heavy metals, and they also check potency levels. If a product doesn't pass a test, we don't release it. We also publish all test results on our website for you to review!

Where Joy Organics Stands Out

Joy Organics family

We wouldn't sell anything we wouldn't give to our family. Our mission of providing high-quality CBD products begins at the source.

We make sure our hemp is grown free from pesticides and in nutrient-rich U.S. soil. When extracting the CBD, CO2 extraction ensures a clean, efficient process.

We use proprietary nanoemulsion technology in the creation of our softgels. This innovative  method allows us to create particles as small as 25 nanometers. Compared to other CBD companies that range around 100 to 1,000 nanometers, our softgel particles are some of the smallest in the game.

Speaking of oil, we all know it doesn't mix with water. That's why it's so hard for our body to absorb the nutrients in CBD oil. To combat this issue, we create water-soluble hemp powder to add to our Dog Treats and Energy Drink. That way you (or your pet) can get your serving of CBD in a number of ways without compromising the quality.

Lastly, we want to circle back to our mantra of not giving you anything that we wouldn't give our family. This is the cornerstone of our belief system and why we offer products that are 0.0% THC. With that being said, we still maintain the integrity of many of the other beneficial compounds in the hemp plant.

Get Educated and Get Well

You only have one body, so treat it well. If you need help supporting a healthy lifestyle, premium grade hemp extract may be your answer. Before you go out and purchase every CBD product you see, make sure you look into the company first. If you can't find lab results or information on their process, move on. There are plenty of other companies out there who are eager, excited and proud to share that kind of information with you!

Thanks for reading! To show how much we appreciate you, we’re going to give you 16% off your next order. Just use code READER16 at checkout!

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