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How to Market Your CBD Products Locally

How to Market Your CBD Products Locally



Market your CBD products locally: There are many ways to market your CBD products offline and promoting your brand in the real world is probably a lot easier than trying to do it all online.

Todd Smith, the chief partnership officer of Joy Organics, can see what’s taking place in the market — who’s succeeding, who’s not doing as well, who has the highest reorder rate and who’s not reordering more Joy Organics CBD products. One of the things that is obvious to him and the Joy Organics sales team is that the people who are moving the most CBD products are those who take the opportunity to move them through the retail chain.

market your CBD products locallyWhether that’s through brick-and-mortar stores, chiropractors, doctors’ offices, spas, gyms or health clubs, Joy Organics’ partners are getting very creative about how to market CBD. One thing that all the successful CBD sellers have in common is that these places of business can communicate and educate consumers about the benefits of CBD.

On the flip side, the people who are trying to sell CBD online are not having as much success because when you launch a new website, Google doesn’t view that website with any credibility. Since Google has built its success by providing its customers with the best search results, it’s practically impossible to get ranked high enough with a new online CBD business to get noticed.

So, for all the new people who are starting a CBD business and think they’re going to build a website and make money strictly through that website, the fact is that it just won’t happen right away.

We want to share some creative ideas that can help you launch your CBD business outside of building and marketing a website.

Smith recommends his book, Little Things Matter (, for when you’re faced with a challenge and you need to be creative. What you ideally want to do is take some time to make a list of all of your options. Therefore, Joy Organics’ challenge to you today is to sit down with your partner, your friends and people who have knowledge of CBD and set a goal to write out 50 different ways that you can market your CBD business.

Right now, the whole market is wide open; there is no segment of the market that is saturated. In fact, we think that the most competitive segment of the CBD market is located online because it is so easy to start an online business.

So, for the people who are out marketing their products offline, the market is wide open — there is no area that we are seeing too much resistance or saturation of any kind.

notebook of ideas for local marketingRemember, you can be great at anything, but you can’t be great at everything. Your goal in making this list is not to look for 50 different ways that you can sell your CBD products; your goal in making this list is to think of every different option that you can possibly think of as it relates to how you can market your CBD products. And then you can go back and narrow that down to maybe your top three or four ideas, the ones that attract you the most.

For a lot of people, we recommend they look at their strengths and see where they have influence. As an example, one of Joy Organics’ private label partners is selling a ton of product through pharmacies, but he’s a person who has influence in the pharmacy world. Another partner is selling a lot through pet stores, but again this person has influence in the pet world.

Look at where you have influence and where you may have unique gifts/skills that give you an advantage of marketing your CBD products over others.

Here are 10 more ideas that we hope will stimulate your thinking and maybe help you come up with some new, creative ways to market CBD that you didn’t think of before:

Tips on How to Market Your CBD Business Locally Offline

  1. Create and distribute the basics, such as business cards, brochures (if you’re a Joy Organics’ private label partner, then customizable brochures are available to you) and maybe some different kind of flyers that you can use to give to people.
  2. Ask for referrals from your friends and family. Outside of distributing business cards and flyers, the easiest way for anybody new in the CBD business to start selling CBD products is to recommend them to their friends, family, acquaintances, the people they’re connected with and the people they’re close to.
  3. Host educational sessions or workshops. Hosting small, in-home educational CBD sessions is a great way to gain people’s trust and loyalty. For example, it’s very simple to post an event on your Facebook page and have people RSVP and then do a little educational session.
  4. Another option is to promote your business through social media to your local contacts. Just remember that if you’re local and you’re looking to market your business locally, then you’ll want to try to separate your contacts out to the ones that are closest to you.
  5. Host or create networking events. Just looking at all of the creative ways that you can expand your circle of influence is good for any entrepreneur who’s in business. So much of the business that comes to us is from contacts, referrals and the people whom we have met and built relationships with. So, it’s a good idea to attend networking events and find the people you believe could benefit from CBD. Hosting a networking event is a great way to get your CBD products out there as well. You could run classified ads in your local paper, even offering 1-on-1 consulting sessions through it. You could host educational events to retirement centers or places where people may have an interest in going to learn more about CBD.
  6. Sell CBD alongside other products you currently offer. A lot of people may not have merchant processing for their CBD business but could have merchant processing for their jewelry business, artwork or their homemade honey business. Including CBD in your product mix is a great way to add additional products to what you’re currently selling.
  7. Sell CBD at farmers markets or similar local events. Another popular way to sell CBD products amongst our partners is going to farmers markets, tradeshows, festivals, health fairs or even doing little pop-up markets. Look in your local community and see who may be having these types of events where you can just go and set up a table to sell your products.
  8. Open a kiosk at your local mall. There is no doubt in our minds that one of the best ways to sell CBD that has the lowest risk, lowest cost and the highest return are through kiosks in malls. Joy Organics has a partner who lives in a small town in Minnesota and pays $300-400 a month for her kiosk that is making up to $1,000 a day. What’s nice is that she is a single employee with low overhead, low risk and high return.
  9. Open a retail store. Retail stores are great; we love our Joy Organics store! They require a little bit more risk and a little bit more capital but can be very profitable.
  10. Find other stores or resellers to buy and sell your products. Look at taking your brand of CBD products and going into the marketplace and finding people to resell them. Go into local spas, call local doctors’ offices, chiropractors, massage therapists, different pharmacies or pet stores. Build your business by simply offering a line of your products at wholesale to people who would be willing to resell them.

If you don’t have a merchant account, that could be a big advantage to these retailers because they don’t have to worry about customers going online and buying directly from you. Now you can build a beautiful website, get it aging with Google and wait until a time when you want to offer merchant processing; but in the meantime you can start to offer your products to retailers in your area at wholesale and begin to build a community of people who are selling your products at their stores within your local vicinity.

Extra Tip: Host webinars online and invite people to try or buy your CBDAt the end of the webinar, invite people to try your CBD and/or come visit you in person.

CBD products should be marketed locallyAlways keep in mind that one of the best things you can do with any type of business you run is to make sure you provide a high level of service to customers. Always follow up with them and make sure they’re experiencing the benefits that they desire. If they’re not, don’t hesitate to offer to give them their money back.

A customer who bought a product from Joy Organics wanted to return it and we immediately responded to them and offered to give them their money back. But then two days later the customer told us, “I just left you a 5-star review because that energy drink sample that you threw in the shipment? I just took it because I wanted something to drink, but wow, I loved it. It felt great and now I’m going to be placing an order for the energy drink.”

When you take care of your customers, the word spreads. It’s just the way you build a business if you want to be successful in the long run.

Hopefully some of these ideas get your mind going about what you can do to market your CBD products locally, but again, make a list of 50 different ways you can promote it. When you start to struggle with ideas, that may be when you come up with the best ideas, some that no one else has ever thought of before. Then you’ll have an advantage over your other CBD competitors.

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