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A Low-Impact Workout to Kickstart Your Day

A Low-Impact Workout to Kickstart Your Day


Wake Up With a Low-Impact Workout

There is no rush in the world like the natural energy your body creates after a good workout. You don’t have to put your body through an immense strain to experience those feelings again, though. Show your body some love by kickstarting your day with a low-impact workout. Here is a phenomenal exercise routine that is easy on the joints but bound to get your heart pumping. Our workout plan involves some elements of yoga, strength training, and cardio. There is no timetable for how long this exercise takes, but slot in at least a half hour to forty-five minutes.

Before you begin, the important thing is to listen to your body. If you are feeling tired, stop. Once you get your sweat on, support your system’s recovery with CBD tinctures. Also, be sure to consult your physician before making any major changes to your diet and exercise routines. Now, let’s get physical!

Get Breathing

deep breathing

A lot of us feel so rushed in the morning that we just jump into our workouts. Doing this may seem like a time-saver, but you’re really setting yourself up for a less productive day. By not properly warming up, you increase the risk of tearing a ligament or pulling a muscle.

As we go through this workout, you’ll notice that we take moments to rest in between. This is a low-impact workout to energize you, not a boot camp meant to zap you dry. Spend the first ten minutes of your exercise checking in with yourself.

Start in a seated position, preferably on a mat. Take one big breath in through your mouth and exhale. Do this three times. Next, transition to breathing in through your nose before exhaling out your mouth. Do this three more times. For the next four breaths, inhale and exhale via your nostrils.

The majority of people don’t breathe through their nasal passage, but breathing through your mouth doesn’t allow your lungs to intake as much oxygen as they could. This holds us back from our full potential during a workout. Improper breathing technique adds unnecessary stress and tension to your body as well.

Once you have successfully completed the four nostril breaths, continue the process without counting. Don’t put yourself in a box. Try to deepen each breath, bringing the oxygen down into your diaphragm. When you’re ready, start breathing in and out through your nose quickly.

Pretend you’re a dog sniffing the air for bacon. You’ll feel silly at first but will notice right away that this is an intense internal workout. We’re just waking up those digestive organs and working on proper breathing techniques, no biggie!

Lay Down for Some Ab Work

lay down for some ab work

After you reach your in-out ceiling, laugh at yourself. You’ve made it! Now, sit with your feet out in front of you. Slowly and with control, lay down on your back. Try to imagine one vertebra after another is unfolding as it touches the ground.

Stretch your arms out to a T position with palms facing the floor. Bring your knees up so that your heels are in line with your bottom. Slowly lift your legs — it’ll be like you’re seated in a chair but laying down. Take a deep breath in through the nostrils. As you exhale through the nostrils, slowly drop your knees to the right. Inhale to the center and exhale, letting the knees fall to the left. Do this three times.

For the fourth time, add in your neck. When your legs go right, turn your head to look at your left hand. Try to sync up the movements with your breath as you swap positions. Do this until you reach the count of ten. After ten, hug your knees to your chest. Slowly bring your nose up to your knees for three breaths and release everything.

Bring your knees back up so that the heels are once again in line with the gluteus maximus. Place your hands on your thighs. Focus your eyes on the ceiling. Don’t look directly up, but slightly off into the distance, as if diagonally above your knees.

Keep focusing on that spot and slowly glide your hands up your thighs. This movement will force your upper half off the floor. Sit up for as long as you exhale. When you are ready to inhale, lower your torso and slide your hands back down your thighs.

When we envision crunches, we literally crunch our bodies. Instead of working out our abs, we strain our necks. Our method is low impact and offers more results for your abdominals.

Work the Upper Body

Turn from your back to belly. Place your hands on the mat, wrist under shoulders, and push up until you are on all fours. Once in this tabletop position, bring your knees together. Point your toes straight and slowly lower down for a push-up. Try to do three. After pushing up for the third time, bump your hips to the left, use your hands on the floor to push off and get to a standing position.

Grab a couple of five-pound dumbbells. Hold them by your side with the back of your hand facing forward. Inhale while slowly lifting so your arms are in line with your shoulders. Hold for three seconds and exhale, dropping with control. Do this five times. Now, do the same movement for five times but outward from your sides.

Lift up for a sixth time and keep your arms out in the T-shape. Slowly bring your arms in to touch fists in front of you. Hold the chest press for three seconds before slowly going back to the T position. Do this five times.

Get Your Cardio In


Now that we’ve woken up the digestive area, worked out the core and gotten some arm work in, it’s time for some cardio. We have slowly worked our way up to the most intense part of our low-impact workout. You’re in the home stretch!

Cardio is essential for heart health, which is the number one cause of death for humans. That’s why you should try to schedule in 15 minutes to a half hour of cardio a couple of times per week.

While many think of cardio and envision marathon runners being carted off the turf, getting your heart rate up doesn’t need to be so intense. You have plenty of options.

We highly recommend getting your heart rate up as fast as possible by using the elliptical. Unlike using a treadmill for cardio, the elliptical doesn’t cause you to crash down on your joints repeatedly. Instead, it’s a more fluid movement.

If you are home and don’t have an elliptical, you can still get your cardio on. Cue up a pilates or step video on YouTube. Maybe go for a brisk walk around the neighborhood. Just get up and moving!

Another option is to join a water aerobics class at the gym. In water, you weigh much less and you’ll feel less of an impact on your joints. Forewarning, water aerobics can be a bit sneaky. You won’t realize how much of a workout you really got until later!

How to Get an Extra Energy Boost Post Workout

After your cardio sesh, you’re going to want to lay down. Don’t do that. You are opening your body up to far more cramping and discomfort. Slowly walk around until your breath becomes regular. Once you’ve regained your breath, take a drink of water. Then return to your mat.

Lay down in what they call corpse pose in yoga. Spread your arms out by your sides and let your feet dangle whichever way is comfortable. Try your nostril breathing for at least ten breaths.

downward facing dog

Once you feel at ease, let’s put your body into a quick state of shock before sending you off on your merry way. Turn back to your belly and slowly get onto all fours. Carefully slide your feet back and get into a push-up position. Pop your bottom up in the air and hips back as you get into a downward-facing dog.

Downward-facing dog is an excellent way of moving around stagnant blood. You are changing the way the blood flows, which can be beneficial for supplying oxygenated blood to areas that may not always get fresh cells, like your head. Even after a few breaths, you will feel a nice burst of natural energy that will have you ready to conquer the day ahead,

Take it one step further by supporting your energy, muscles and focus with Joy Organics’ CBD Energy Drink. Just mix a packet of Happy Berry into a glass of water and you’ll be doing your happy dance in no time!

How to Support Recovery After a Low-Impact Workout

Even if it is low-impact, a workout is a workout. You are putting muscles under pressure they may not be accustomed to experiencing. As a result, you may feel some soreness after getting your sweat on.

Stretch out anything that hurts but don’t force your body into positions it doesn’t want to go into. Rather, ease into the stretch, letting your breath be the guide.

For example, if your quad is sore, lean up against a wall. Kick the achy quad back and grab your ankle with your hand. Slowly pull back until you feel a bit of resistance. Stop. Stay there and breathe. You will notice the tension gradually ease up.

If it feels good, pull back more. Once the pain returns, stop and play the same game. Continue this until it no longer feels good. Trust us; you’ll know the difference long before you do any damage. Your body has a fantastic way of communicating these needs to you!

Be sure to include a lot of foods with potassium such as bananas, spinach and yogurt into your post-workout routine. Potassium is an essential vitamin that is responsible for many functions pivotal to post-workout recovery, including muscle contraction. Up your nutrient intake with a post-workout shake or smoothie.

An excellent way to aid your body while it’s in recovery mode is to add CBD tinctures to your shakes. What’s so fun about using CBD tinctures for post-workout recovery is the same as what makes blending a smoothie so exciting. You can mix and match based on tastes.

For instance, an orange tincture would be delicious in a potassium-rich island smoothie complete with bananas, apricot, and coconut. Meanwhile, mint would compliment green shakes complete with spinach, beets, and avocado. However you get your post-workout recovery on, CBD is an easy way to support the system.

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