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12 Ways to Conquer Everyday Stress

12 Ways to Conquer Everyday Stress


Nagging bosses, yelling children and never-ending laundry. Do all of these scenarios make you tense up? There are so many everyday things that cause us stress. Sometimes it’s good stress, like that butterfly feeling right before you knock a presentation out of the park. At other times, that stress can be toxic, filling your every morning with paralyzing dread that causes you to be late for work. In some instances, stress can push you outside of your comfort zone and cause you to excel at the task at hand. On the flip side, stress can be debilitating and impede your quality of life. Life needs balance, and stress levels are no different. Here are 12 ways to conquer everyday stress.

1. Practice Deep-Breathing Techniques

practice deep-breathing

Try to imagine how you look when you’re stressed. Are your eyebrows furrowed inward? Maybe your fists and teeth are battling to see which can clench harder? With stress comes tension. We tend to carry that tension just about everywhere.

When you’re tense, your insides tense up too. Think of when you’re shivering cold. Harsh winter air can ache in your bones! Now, imagine you’re quivering from anger. Same concepts apply.

The key to breaking through that tension lies within your breath. When you’re tensed up, your lungs aren’t working at full capacity. Therefore, you’re not taking in as much oxygen as possible, which causes your system stress.

Breathing is a trigger for your mind to relax. Next time you feel overwhelmed with stress, count your breaths. Counting your breath will help you accomplish two goals: One, it will take your mind off the situations that are stressing you out. Second, it will help keep your mind from wandering away from how boring, awkward or difficult deep breaths can actually be.

With each inhales and exhales, try to make the ins and outs longer. The long-term goal is to breathe deeply into your diaphragm and exhale until there’s nothing left. Eventually, you will feel so empty breathing out that your inhale will become automatic. This deep breathing can do wonders for improving your mental state.

2. Exercise the Stress Away

deep-breathing techniques

Another way to conquer everyday stress once you have the breath down, you’ll be a natural as you segue into yoga. Yoga is the practice of marrying the mind and body, using breath as the bridge. Uniting breath and movement is an excellent way to get your daily exercise.

You don’t need to be a human pretzel to burn off stress; any form of exercise will do. Exercise releases endorphins — these feel-good transmitters that help bring balance to our system.

3. Aromatherapy for the Soul

What is your favorite smell? Whether it’s grandma’s cooking, fresh-cut grass or your high school sweetheart’s cologne, keep that scent in mind. Now, close your eyes and take a whiff. We’ll be here when you open back up.

Eyes open? What are your lips doing? If you’re smiling, that’s because scents have a profound impact on memory. The brain is equipped with the olfactory bulb, which has receptors that get stimulated by smells.

This sends pulses to the central nervous system. As a result, the thalamus in the brain becomes active, creating an emotional reaction. This cause-and-effect process is why many practice aromatherapy for stress.

There are a number of essential oils that you might find appealing, including:

  • Lavender
  • Bergamot
  • Rosehip
  • Lemon
  • Ylang-ylang
  • Lemongrass
  • Sandalwood
  • Roman chamomile

When purchasing essential oils, it’s a lot like vetting CBD products. This sector is not well regulated, so you want to make sure you are choosing an essential oil company that uses organic sources.

4. Get a Massage or Reiki

Sometimes you need someone to pound the stress out of you. Massage therapy is an ideal way to work out those kinks that result from bottling up tension.

If a massage is too intense for you to help conquer everyday stress, try Reiki healing. This is a centuries-old Japanese practice where a practitioner uses life force energy to promote healing within. It involves a very light touch and no known health and safety risk. While there is no record of Reiki working outside of a placebo, millions have noticed benefits. In fact, over 60 hospitals now offer Reiki due to growing demand from patients.

5. Take a Nap!

take a nap

When you are stressed, your body produces a hormone known as cortisol. If you are always under pressure, then that cortisol is as free-flowing as Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day.

Cortisol leaves little room for other hormones. A hormonal imbalance will do nothing but cause more stress on the body, enabling the production of more cortisol.

If the body is producing too much cortisol, there might be a shortage of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin helps to regulate sleep patterns. We need sleep because when we’re snoozing, we’re not stressing. That means cortisol isn’t being secreted and other hormones like serotonin, dopamine, testosterone and estrogen can also be produced.

Now, going to sleep while you’re stressed may be difficult, especially with a lack of melatonin in the system. That’s why some people find support with CBD Softgels with Melatonin.

6. Go For a Walk in Nature

walk in nature

Most people work in an office from nine to five, only to sit in a car in traffic afterward and come home to housework and bills. Essentially you go from one building that causes stress to another. Break up the monotony by going outside instead.

The sun is the number one source of the essential mineral Vitamin D. As most of us spend our time indoors, 50% of people have a Vitamin D deficiency. They’re missing out on a critical nutrient that plays a significant role in several essential biological functions.

Think about your happiest times in life. Was it binge-watching Netflix shows on a couch or giving a presentation in an office? No. You probably had a beach day with your friends, a cookout with the family or were winning the soccer game as a kid. Leave the stress indoors and go outside to find your zen.

7. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Living for the weekend and working just for a paycheck does nothing but pile on stress to our lives. Sometimes you need to do things without any incentive other than doing some good. Relieve stress by volunteering.

You don’t necessarily need to volunteer at an animal shelter, but it’s an excellent form of therapy for somebody with chronic stress.

With animals, there’s no real verbal communication. You are helping a defenseless creature that relies on you for comfort and survival. They show their appreciation with licks, kisses, and cuddles. Volunteering at an animal shelter is an ideal way to check out from the stresses that other humans cause you and to do something selfless at the same time.

8. Keep a Gratitude Journal

writing in gratitude journal

It’s really difficult to stay negative when you’re acting positive. One of the best ways to stay positive is by keeping a gratitude journal.

A gratitude journal is an opportunity to start your day off right. Simply keep a journal by your bedside and, before you get out of bed in the morning, think to yourself, “what am I grateful for?” It doesn’t need to be a book — you can write a quick line or two.

To fight stress, think outside of the box in terms of gratefulness. Sure, you’re grateful for your family. What about the next day? Are you thankful for your dog, a new opportunity at work or the fact that it’s raining and your garden needs it? The challenge is to learn to be grateful for the little things. In the end, you’ll find you won’t stress about the big ones as much anymore.

9. Talk to a Therapist

A stressful life isn’t a quality life. If you’re struggling with stress, don’t bottle it up. Talk to someone. There may be deeper issues that you need to address. Perhaps there’s a technique for coping you haven’t thought about, or maybe there’s a situation you’re in that’s toxic and you need an unbiased person to let you know. Whatever the case may be, talking can help.

What’s great about going to a therapist is they offer an unbiased perspective. Even your spouse may take your concerns to heart. Worrying about their feelings just piles extra stress onto your plate! That’s why it’s imperative that, if you’re battling stress on a regular basis, you go to a trained professional to work through these issues.

10. Cut Out Stressors

Think about what is causing you stress and evaluate how long you felt that way. If it seems like a never-ending cycle, it might just be. If some part of your life is weighing you down and not adding value, it may be time to cut it out!

Do you have a cynical friend always dragging you down? Is your apartment just too expensive with not enough to offer? Has that glass ceiling at work given you one too many bumps on the noggin? These are all scenarios that may require a change.

Don’t act hastily and make sure you think through the situation. If it’s a matter of moving out or looking for a new job, write these goals down. Work toward them. The idea is to identify what is holding you back and take steps to free yourself from it.

11. Find a Hobby

We work so hard that often we forget to have fun. You aren’t a robot — you have interests, desires and needs. It’s your duty to find those moments of bliss. That’s what life is all about.

If you’re all work and no play, it’s no wonder you’re stressed. Carve out time to find something that brings you pleasure. If you don’t have a hobby, actively go out and find one.

Sign up for a wine-and-paint night. Try your hand at a continuing education course at the local college. Go to an open mic and do standup comedy. Stress has a harder time creeping into an active and engaged brain!

12. Use Broad or Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Need to support a balanced mindset? Try Joy Organics’ hemp extract to support a relaxed mood. Whatever your preferences are, we have an option that’s perfect for you.

Since you don’t want to add more stress to your life, we’ve made it easy to choose our CBD products. Every premium product is created using strict guidelines and every batch of product is tested by a third-party lab for potency and purity.

Conquer Everyday Stress: Connect With Joy Organics

Like anything in life, not all of our tips are ideal for each individual. However, if you find yourself frequently on edge and want to make a change to conquer everyday stress, this isn’t a bad place to start. We wish you luck on crafting yourself calmer days and living your best life. And, if you have any questions, please reach out to us.

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