Winners Announced!


Winners Announced!

WNYB Winners

Some Amazing Excerpts

 Thank you all for sharing your incredible stories with us. We are so moved by your vulnerability and willingness to share what matters most to you. 


Who needs my best? Nate and Lupulin, my best friends and the loves of my life. Nate is my teammate, my husband, and my partner in all things. Lupulin (a.k.a. Loop) is my fiercely independent, two-year rescue dog. The three of us depend on each other and lean on each other. We are the only three Maychecos in the whole, wide world. Nate and Loop need my best, and I do my best to show up authentically and thoughtfully every day. And, when I am not at my best these guys provide support, reassurance, and snuggles. I am sure 2020 will be full of new adventures and unexpected calamities, but together the Maychecos can get through anything. Usually with a lot of laughing.

T Madle.

My Aunt Pat needs my best. She's always been like a mother to me my whole life and now she needs me more than ever. She's blind in one eye and partially-blind in the other. She has had financial hardship and needs all of the love and support she can get. Joy Organics has transformed my life and is helping me to live my best so that I can take care of my aunt.


I am writing this on behalf of my mom. She is a beautiful, kind hearted, woman of wisdom. She has helped (along with my dad) literally hundreds & hundreds of families over the course of the last 40 years to become free to be who they were created to be. She has also suffered immensely for 30 years with great pain. And now, she is home bound & suffering even more. But when someone comes calling, they would say, ‘she’s having a great day!’ Why would they say that? Because she still loves people well & brings them hope & joy for their lives even in the midst of her own suffering. She still has assignments to help people truly find true life & joy. I watch & I learn & I pray. Her family, friends & every person she comes in contact with needs her best self because she has something for them that will forever change them for the better:)


My husband Bob, daughter Heather and son Jake need me! I have had severe anxiety and sleep deprivation due to my 24 year old sons rare, extremely painful desmoid fibromatosis tumor. He is in constant pain since 2015. We found a Dr in Ohio (a 5 hour drive from us in Michigan) that would remove the tumor and his humerus bone and scapula that it is wrapped around like tentacles. It has been intruding into the bone for almost 4 years. I love cbd oil but due to the cost of my sons meds it is not in the budget for me. I recently got a part time job at the middle school in food service to help with the bills. This would be the most amazing gift and an answer to our prayers.


I am entering to try and win for my sister-in-law, Wendy. She suffers from a terrible disease called muscle dystonia. She has pain med pumps implanted and still lives in pain and with a constant migraine. I want her to be able to be her best for herself. Even if only sometimes. She is the nicest person you'd ever meet, would do anything for anybody. Hopefully, entering this contest is me being my best to help her be hers. Thank you for considering her.


My husband and daughters need me at my best. My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2018 and he needs me to be his rock and his cheerleader and to take over managing day to day needs of our teenage girls so that he can focus on fighting this thing


I am entering this for my mother because she would never put her self out there for help. She has been sober for 2 years from drugs and alcohol. Before becoming sober she had many car accidents that were fatal to her body. I turned her on to Joy Organics because of the stories I saw online and from experiencing CBD oil change my own life. I honestly just want to say thank you for your amazing products and your awesome customer service, we will continue to be Joy customers ! Long live the store in Austin, TX!!


My students need my best. I have a rare disease (Dercum’s Disease) and severe chronic fatigue syndrome, getting out of bed each day I should a battle, but I lose my job as a teacher, and I would rather do that job while horrible sick each day, fighting for my life, then staying at home and wasting away. 


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