Why You Should Partner With Joy Organics for Wholesale CBD Pet Products

Joy Organics CBD pet tincture and dog chews

From supporting healthy skin to increasing a sense of calm, CBD can bring pets many benefits and continues to gain popularity within the pet wellness space. Caring pet owners everywhere are upgrading their feline and canine companions’ daily routines with CBD pet products!

Just like humans, your pets have cannabinoid receptors all over their bodies. These receptors are located in skin and joints and even your pets’ digestive tracts.

With more pet owners focusing on their pets’ health, now is the perfect time to join forces with a CBD wholesale program. If you are looking to expand into offering CBD products to your clientele, look no further than Joy Organics. Our CBD Dog Treats and Organic CBD Oil Pet Tincture offer your customers the same wellness benefits for their pets!

Why Buy CBD Pet Products Wholesale?

If you are looking to support clients who have their pets’ welfare in mind, consider partnering with a CBD wholesale program curating high-quality CBD products just for pets. Your furry friends deserve the absolute best, which is why we craft our CBD oil pet products with the same premium-grade ingredients used in our products designed for humans.

Joy Organics premium CBD dog chews

The CBD pet market is one of the fastest-growing CBD sectors. Pet owners spent $223 billion on pet care in 2019 and, with the CBD pet market expected to be worth $125 million by 2022, the opportunities will only continue to expand!

Your customers will love the balanced wellness benefits that our CBD pet products offer their pets. By buying Joy Organics CBD pet products wholesale and selling them to your customers, you will be supporting a health-oriented customer base that cares about the health of their pets.

Just like humans, pets will enjoy the balancing benefits of CBD oil—including mood support; muscle, skin, and joint maintenance; and balance and coordination support.

Joy Organics offers wholesale partners credibility and superior products. When you team with us, you’ll enter into the pet health and wellness market with a reputable partner, which is difficult to come by in the CBD oil space.

Top-Selling CBD Pet Products

Our Premium CBD Dog Chews are great for supporting your pup’s well-being and relaxation. We understand how tricky dietary needs can be with pets, which is why we formulated our CBD chews with a water-soluble hemp extract in powder format for easier digestion. This also speeds up the body’s ability to metabolize the positive benefits of the CBD for faster results.

Help your customers support their pet’s quality of life with Joy Organics’ Organic CBD Oil Pet Tincture (it’s USDA certified organic!). With only two ingredients, this tincture brings your pets the same high-quality CBD that is in Joy Organics’ human CBD tincture. You can add the tincture to your furry friend’s mouth directly or their food for easier consumption. You’ll find 450mg of broad spectrum CBD in each bottle.

You can learn more about how your clientele can incorporate CBD products into pet routines here. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend 1-5mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of a pet’s body weight.

We ensure the highest quality of all of our products through third-party lab testing for purity and contaminants. You can verify that your CBD pet products are free of pollutants and are 0.0% THC by reading our corresponding lab reports.

Premium Ingredients That Improve the Quality of Your Pet’s Life

Joy Organics premium CBD pet tincture

Your clientele cares about their pets’ health, so you want to make sure that the products you sell only use the highest quality of ingredients. Joy Organics uses premium ingredients in our pet products; we want our pets to experience the same quality as our human customers! Our pet products are formulated to support pet wellness with the most natural ingredients possible.

  • Liver Powder

Liver acts as a superfood for dogs. We added liver into our CBD Dog Treats as it is high in iron, supporting your dog’s endurance.

  • Natural Bacon Flavor

Not only do our CBD Dog Treats support your dog’s wellness, but they taste delicious (or so our furry friends seem to think)! Your pooch will be sure to look forward to a bacon-flavored treat!

  • Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Extract Powder

The 0.0% THC hemp extract powder used in our dog treats contains all the benefits of CBD while naturally increasing bioavailability, helping your furry friend quickly absorb CBD and start feeling the benefits faster than with other CBD products.

  • Flaxseed Oil

We added in flaxseed oil to our CBD Pet Chews to help with digestion. With omega-6 fatty acids, flaxseed helps support your pet’s skin health. Omega-3 fatty acids support internal balance.

  • Organic Olive Oil

We include organic olive oil in our Organic CBD Oil Pet Tincture to support your pet’s joints and give it a pleasant earthy flavor.

Why Partner With Joy Organics’ CBD Pet Products Wholesale Program?

More and more pet owners are choosing to incorporate CBD into their pet’s wellness routine. We are proud of the fact that our CBD pet products are the same premium quality as what we offer humans.

Selling a high-quality product is essential for any successful business. However, the inventory is only as good as the service behind it.

A recent customer service survey found that 54% of shoppers have a higher expectation of customer service than they did a year ago. These numbers are expected to increase as we pivot further toward contactless shopping.

When you partner with a wholesale distributor, their customer service is reflected through yours. Delays and inferior shipping methods can cause a bad experience for your customers. If your consumers are presented with poor customer service, then they are less likely to frequent your brand.

chocolate lab and Joy Organics premium pet products

You will have none of these worries when you partner with Joy Organics. The Joy Organics customer service team is available seven days a week. Our team is extensively trained in CBD and business. They can answer any questions about orders or new products.

When you begin working with us, we immediately set you up with an account specialist, who will work with you throughout our partnership. We want to ensure your success—your success is ours, too!

We know how exciting (and overwhelming) it can be to start a new business or introduce a new product into your line. That’s why we have 75 educational videos to help get you started!

Becoming a wholesale partner is easy and affordable. We have low minimum orders of $250. You can also mix and match products to meet the requirements so you can experiment with different items and rotate your stock to meet your clientele’s unique needs.

Get in on the growing CBD industry and the fastest-growing CBD market—pet products. Chat with an account specialist about buying wholesale Joy Organics CBD Dog Chews or Joy Organics CBD Oil Tinctures for Pets today!

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