CBD is now legal across the United States. That means the nation is going to catch on to the many benefits of CBD. What they’ll be pleased to find out is that this budding industry has already started an evolution. The world of CBD is currently stocked with an array of hemp-based products. Like a kid in a candy store, newbies to the CBD industry are going to be intrigued by the many options out there. One of the rising stars in the hemp market they need to know about is CBD wax.

As the name suggests, CBD wax has a waxy texture. It’s used in many ways like a vape pen. However, it is a much more potent dose of CBD. With its growing popularity and increased cannabinoid count, CBD wax might be beneficial for your business. If so, it could be in your best interest to join a CBD wax wholesale program.

How is CBD Wax Made?

Pressurized carbon dioxide is thrust upon organic hemp. Supercritical carbon dioxide forces the trichomes on the hemp plant to burst open. During this process, CBD wax producers can alter the pressure to fit the needs of their product line. Specialists can formulate an array of CBD products with their own unique appearance, potency level and flavor profile.

As pressure is exerted onto the hemp plant, cannabinoids escape the plant and bind to carbon particles in the contained atmosphere. Eventually, the carbon dioxide is separated and recycled for future use. Meanwhile, the phytochemicals are transferred to be made into wax.

Using CBD Wax

The phenomenon of smoking wax is known as “dabbing.” It works in many ways like a vape pen. However, it requires a different setup. Therefore, a typical concentrate vape pen might not be sufficient.

Using a utensil known as a dabber, pick up the wax and place it onto a heating coil attached to a dab pen. From there, close the atomizer and puff on the attached mouthpiece like it is a vape pen for concentrates.

Why Use CBD Wax

Underneath your tongue are a bunch of tiny vessels known as capillaries. As cannabinoids pool beneath the tongue from dabbing, that thin layer of skin underneath soaks up the CBD. This gives you an instantaneous reaction.

Due to the way it’s extracted, CBD wax is more potent than most other CBD products. This may go a long way in providing relief for more extreme cases. Additionally, such potency might save clients money.

Speaking of saving clients money, a great way to do the same for your business is to partner with CBD companies. Joining a wholesale program will give you hefty discounts on bulk orders of high-quality CBD products. As the CBD industry looks to reach $22 billion by 2022, you can get ahead of the curve by joining now. In carrying tomorrow’s hot items like CBD wax today, you will be ahead of the trend and ready for the increase in demand. Joy Organics does not currently carry CBD wax for wholesale, but there are a few other reputable companies out there that do. If you have any questions about our wholesale program or products, feel free to email us at wholesale@joyorganics.com.

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