Wholesale CBD Softgels

There is a wealth of CBD products available for consumers, but few are as easily used as softgels. In servings of 10 or 25 milligrams, our CBD softgels are designed for easy absorption and made with top-quality ingredients. We carry two other special formulations of softgels as well, one containing melatonin and the other containing curcumin. Each targets common issues that people across the U.S., including Joy herself, experience.

CBD is known to have many beneficial effects for consumers of all ages and is often used as a support for general wellness. While many CBD products are easy to use, our softgels are unmatched due to their easy absorption and quick bioresponse. They have a nanoemulsion-based delivery system, which means the active ingredients are up to 40x smaller than in our competitors’ capsule products. Smaller, water-soluble particles are more easily absorbed by the body, so there’s more CBD available after digestion for your body to put to good use.

Our Wholesale CBD Oil Products Program helps your business grow with the booming CBD industry. We’ll work with you to get our products into your retail or independent business quickly and with a minimum of hassle. Why is Joy Organics the best choice for a wholesale partnership?

World-Class Service

We’re looking for more than just a business transaction. We’re looking to build relationships with other businesses interested in the retail benefits of CBD products. With that mentality, we offer service that is designed to help you get the most from Joy Organics.

We offer 50% off of the retail price for our premium products — including our CBD softgels. There’s no minimum number of units you need to meet, just our $250 low order requirement. Ordering online is easy and we offer same-day free shipping by USPS, so you’ll have Joy Organics arriving on your doorstep before you know it.

Top Quality Ingredients

Our claim of best-in-class CBD products is more than just a marketing ploy. We oversee all aspects of our production process and regularly test our products through a third-party lab for quality. All our hemp is grown under strict standards in the USA. We use premium grade ingredients and our manufacturing process conforms to FDA guidelines.

To ensure a reliable and predictable bioresponse every time our CBD products are used, we source all our hemp from the same strain. The extraction process occurs the same way each time in the same facility. Those similarities give consumers a product they can count on.

The Bottom Line

A product made with top-quality ingredients that creates a consistent, predictable bioresponse is hard to find. The CBD industry has few regulations that monitor the quality of products sold to consumers. With Joy Organics, we’ve done the work to ensure our brand is top-notch. You can see those results for yourself with every batch of wholesale product you purchase.

We’re happy to provide lab results showing the premier quality of our CBD, and every wholesale order includes brochures to reassure your customers of the same thing. Apply with Joy Organics to be a Wholesale Partner and begin selling CBD products you can trust.

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