There is a new face taking over the health and wellness market. That face comes from an unlikely source — CBD. CBD is a versatile therapeutical compound that interacts with receptors throughout our body. Due to this unique connection, CBD is effective in everything from pain management to stress relief to vegan cosmetic needs. With CBD crystalline, merging all of these niches has never been easier. As CBD sales are projected to reach $22 billion by 2022, you should consider joining a CBD crystalline wholesale program.

What is CBD Crystalline?

CBD crystalline is the purest form of CBD on the market. This is achieved through a highly-sophisticated extraction system. First, organic hemp plants are introduced to pressurized carbon dioxide. This interaction causes the trichomes on the plant to burst open. Exposed terpenes bind to half-liquefied gas molecules. Slowly, the temperature in the extraction chamber rises, liquifying the carbon dioxide enough to separate the phytochemicals from the hemp plant.

Next, more plant material such as chlorophyll and wax needs to be removed. Once the fats are stripped, all that’s left are the 100 plus phytocannabinoids unique to hemp along with other beneficial compounds like terpenes. Through various means of heating and cooling, CBD is extracted from other organic minerals. In its wake lies a waxy substance.

After the waxy substance dries, this CBD is ground into fine sugar-like crystals. This is CBD crystalline, and it’s changing the health and wellness industry.

How to Use CBD Crystalline

Due it’s sugar-like texture, CBD crystalline can be used for making CBD edibles. You can go as far as sprinkling some into baked goods or as simplistic as dumping a teaspoon into your smoothie.

The texture of CBD crystalline also makes it conducive for a beauty regimen. By mixing it in with a thicker carrier oil such as extra virgin olive oil or sweet almond oil, you can make a cannabinoid-rich light exfoliant. Seeing as we all have cannabinoid receptors under our layers of skin, this makes for an antioxidant-rich massage oil that will rejuvenate skin cells and cut down inflammatory responses.

Selling CBD Crystalline Wholesale

As more people become educated on the benefits of CBD, you’re going to want to introduce a variety of CBD products to your clientele. Newcomers to the world of CBD will appreciate the simplicity and versatility of CBD crystalline.

If you decide to carry CBD crystalline, opt to go with a company that distributes wholesale. That way, you can get a discount on your purchases. When you do choose a company to go with, make sure they use organic products. You don’t want to associate your name with subpar products in a market that’s going to get more competitive as 2022 looms closer.

Lastly, partner with a team that wants you to succeed. Little amenities like informative brochures and attractive display cases go a long way. Many clients are going to be curious about this hot new trend. Having literature that explains the science behind the craze will go a long way in creating a loyal customer base. Wholesale programs should be partnerships, not cold business transactions.

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