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The end of 2018 saw the federal government legalize the cultivation of hemp across the nation. This monumental decision has opened the door for CBD products to take over the health and wellness market. One of the lesser known methods of CBD consumption is actually one of the most effective.

At 98% to 99% CBD levels, CBD crystals are going to skyrocket in popularity alongside an industry that New Frontier Data projects will hit $22 billion by 2022. That’s why you need to partner with a reputable source of high-quality CBD products.

What Is a CBD Crystal?

The word crystal may invoke images of healing for some. This mindset shouldn’t falter when discussing CBD crystals. CBD crystals go through a unique extraction process that ensures that the product is pure CBD. When extracting hemp oil, tiny hairs on the leaves and stems secrete an oil rich in cannabinoids.

Once captured, the extract is heated and cooled repeatedly. Each time, more phytochemicals and plant matter are removed from the final product. Finally, the primarily CBD solution is placed in a solvent. Together, they are stored in a cool, dark area. Any remaining contaminants are then vacuum pumped out of the solution. In its wake are potent CBD crystals.

How to Use CBD Crystals

CBD crystals are an extremely high serving of CBD. With such potency, they are odorless and flavorless. Therefore, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD without any harsh aftertaste. These supplements dissolve easily into cooking oils and butter. All you need to do is heat your fats on low heat. Sprinkle in the CBD crystals and allow them to dissolve. Now, your baking agent is fortified with high-quality CBD!

Another means to consume CBD crystals is through a dab or vape pen. Using a dabber, place the crystal onto a heating coil. Power up the coil and close the atomizer. Attach a mouthpiece to the mechanism and you can vape pure cannabinoids.

Lastly, CBD crystals are an ideal cosmetic ingredient. Cannabinoids are all-natural and can affect the cannabinoid receptors right under your epidermis. You can add CBD crystals to thicker massage oils such as organic avocado oil or coconut oil.

Selling CBD Crystals Wholesale

Hemp is still very new territory in the United States. The majority of CBD products aren’t well regulated. As CBD products become commonplace, you don’t want your name already associated with inferior products. That’s why you should partner with a company that has been using the best business practices long before the world’s eyes were watching.

All products should be tested for purity by labs and results should be displayed on the company’s website. The specialists at these labs check the validity of a company’s lab reports and ensure that what they’re saying about their products is the truth.

Joy Organics doesn’t currently carry CBD crystals, but we do have a variety of other products you may be interested in buying wholesale. If you’d like to learn more, visit our page here or email wholesale@joyorganics.com.

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