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How to Get Wholesale CBD Creams

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People like to look and feel good. That’s why the domestic beauty and personal care market generates over $89 billion annually. Forty percent of these cosmetic sales are generated from the skincare industry. Skincare sales are expected to continue rising over the next few years, alongside the burgeoning CBD industry. 

Financial experts believe CBD sales will topple $1.8 billion by 2022. There will inevitably be an overlap between loyal skincare customers and those interested in trying CBD products. You can help pique their interests by offering a product that supports a healthy lifestyle while helping them maintaining a natural glow. Partner with Joy Organics and purchase CBD creams wholesale for your business. 

How Wholesale CBD Cream Helps Your Business

woman doing yoga with CBD cream

Getting wholesale CBD products ensures that you have adequate inventory to meet your customers’ unique needs. There is a rising demand for natural skincare products such as Joy Organics’ CBD Cream. 

Skincare is essential all year long. The skin is more prone to burning in the summer. It will need a hydrating cream that soothes the discomfort. 

Cold winters keep us indoors, where heaters can dry out the skin. Your customers will love the nourishing and replenishing year-round support provided by CBD skincare. 

Premium CBD Creams Wholesale

Word of mouth is essential for the growth of any business. If you sell inferior products, that stigma will stick with your brand. 

You will be left with inventory that doesn’t sell and hurt your chances of future sales from past customers or their inner circle. That’s why you should partner with a CBD supplier with a history of repeat clients, like Joy Organics. 

Joy Organics CBD Creams are made with natural ingredients that offer unique benefits. Each CBD topical is formulated to support radiant skin, healthy joints, and an active lifestyle. 

Joy Organics CBD Cream

Joy Organics CBD Cream is a spa day packed into a one-ounce bottle. This moisturizing formula is enriched with healthy fats from organic extra virgin olive oil and safflower oleosomes. These botanicals help lock in hydration while supporting healthy skin cells. 

This bottle contains 250mg of broad spectrum hemp extract. Phytocannabinoids in this formula penetrate the skin barrier, interacting with the endocannabinoid system below the surface. Joy Organics CBD Cream helps calm the skin after a long day in the sun or support muscles following a strenuous workout. 

Our proprietary formula also contains other botanicals and nutrients that aid in skin maintenance. It contains organic aloe vera leaf juice that helps cool down the skin. 

Plus, this natural formula is fortified with organic sea salt that provides a slight exfoliation. Your customers will love how just a dab of this premium CBD cream can rejuvenate their natural glow. 

Joy Organics CBD Sports Cream

Post-workout recovery can be uncomfortable, even for the most elite athletes. Intense workouts cause a build-up in lactic acids. 

These cause muscle soreness and joint stiffness. Joy Organics CBD Sports Cream helps soothe irritated muscles and joints at the location of soreness. 

This silky-smooth cream rubs seamlessly into joints and muscles. That way, your customers can offer targeted support to their bodies. 

Plus, this pump container allows your customer to customize their wellness regimen. They can easily regulate their CBD use with each application to help find the serving that best meets their unique needs. 

Why Choose Joy Organics’ Wholesale CBD Creams?

Choosing the right CBD distributor is almost as crucial as the products you select. Your customers can love the products all they want. It’s pointless if they aren’t receiving their shipments on time! 

You must find a partner who has a high-quality product and unparalleled customer support. These qualities will reflect on your business. 

To create a loyal fan base, model yourself after a brand that already has one. Partner with a reputable wholesale CBD cream distributor, like Joy Organics. 

Complete Transparency

Customers have a right to know what’s in the products they’re using. Business owners have a responsibility to know what’s in the products they’re selling. Joy Organics seamlessly bridges the gaps for both parties!

All of Joy Organics’ products undergo an in-depth testing process. We ensure that no contaminants dilute the potency or quality of the CBD oil. A third-party laboratory then verifies these reports. 

You and your customers can access these reports anytime. A QR code on all Joy Organics packages correlates to that particular product’s lab report. 

0.0% THC

bulk Joy Organics premium CBD cream

Joy Organics CBD Creams are crafted with broad spectrum hemp extract. This formula contains a variety of minor phytocannabinoids and terpenes that boost the overall effects of CBD. 

During the distillation process, we isolate all THC particles. THC is the psychoactive compound in marijuana. Once isolated, we remove this phytocannabinoid to make a 0.0% THC hemp extract.

All of your customers will still experience the benefits of the entourage effect without absorbing any THC. THC and other phytocannabinoid contents are outlined in the lab reports. 

Natural Ingredients

Many cosmetic items are formulated with fillers and fragrances. These can cause problems for people with sensitive skin. Ultimately, they would defeat the purpose of using CBD oil. 

That’s why Joy Organics only uses natural ingredients. Every ingredient in our cruelty-free formulas has a purpose. Our formulas are fortified with botanicals, vitamins, and minerals that nourish and hydrate your customers’ skin!

$250 Minimum Orders

woman putting CBD cream on leg

Starting or expanding a business requires a lot of investment upfront. Joy Organics helps ease some of those burdens by offering low minimum orders of just $250. 

A low minimum order allows you to experiment with your business model. You can see which products are really moving the needle before investing in an even larger shipment. 

We also don’t have a minimum order on SKUs. You can use both varieties of Joy Organics’ CBD Creams or any other Joy Organics premium CBD product to complete your order. 

Free Shipping and Affordable Expedited Options

All Joy Organics products come with free shipping options. However, we can also fulfill expedited orders at your request. 

Our customer service team is here every day to take your calls. We can work with you to figure out a method to ensure a safe, quick, and affordable delivery.

Get started with your first Joy Organics wholesale CBD order today!


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