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White Label CBD Specifications

This document is for those clients who wish to design their own labels.  If you are having Joy Organics design your labels, this sheet does not apply to you.

In setting up Joy Organics, there were hundreds of things we had to do. If we were to make a list of the top 10 things that were most challenging, designing our labels was #1. We ended up hiring a world-class label designer to complete the project.

We don’t charge more for designing your labels and we don’t give discounts if you provide your own, so unless you have a strong reason for designing your own, we would encourage you to have our team design your labels.

Label Design Instructions

  1. Here are the exact label sizes to give to your designer:
    • Tinctures:  1.75″ x 4″
    • Soft Gels:  2″ x 5″
    • 1oz Salve Jars: 5.06″ x .825″
    • 2oz Salve Jars: 6.25″ x .875″
    • Dog Treats: Ask us for exact size
  1.  The following information is required on all labels:
    • Recommended Use, Supplement Facts and Ingredients
      • Tinctures
      • Softgels
      • Salves
      • Dog Treats
      • Pet Tincture
    • Disclaimer
    • Warning
  1.  If you are supplying us with the label artwork we will be using to print your labels, please provide it in an .AI file format.

If you have a question, we would be very happy to answer it for you.  Just email as at

Disclaimer: As you would expect, we cannot accept responsibility for customer supplied labels or artwork. Our review process is for legal purposes only. Of course, if we notice something that we feel you should be aware of, we will tell you. We want you to be happy with your final product and we will do everything we can to help you achieve that goal.

Private Label CBD Products


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