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CBD Energy Drinks for Wholesale

Why You Should Partner With Joy Organics for Wholesale CBD Energy Drinks

wholesale Joy Organics premium CBD energy drink

From adults who are zombies until their first cup of coffee to teenagers pulling all-nighters with an energy drink, many people need their daily pick-me-up. That’s why the United States coffee market is valued at $80 billion while energy drinks average an impressive $3.4 billion in sales annually. You can now tap into both of these thriving markets and carve out a unique niche for your brand by buying CBD energy drinks wholesale and selling them to your customers.

CBD sales are projected to hit $1.8 billion by 2022. These numbers are rapidly approaching the sales of the energy drink market. However, the market for CBD energy drinks isn’t overly saturated. By selling premium products like Joy Organics’ CBD Energy Drink Mix, you can create a solid foothold in this growing sector.

Why Buy CBD Energy Drinks Wholesale?

Approximately 80% of adults drink at least one caffeinated beverage per day. The most common of these beverages is coffee.

mixing Joy Organics CBD energy drink

One cup of coffee contains about 80mg of caffeine. Peak effects last only a couple of hours, so many people will turn to a second or third cup. As the effects wear off, there is residual caffeine left in the system. That’s why many coffee drinkers might experience irritability or jitters during a “comedown.”

CBD energy drinks offer a jitter-free alternative. CBD is commonly used to support a balanced mood, which means CBD brings calm alongside your boost of energy.

Joy Organics’ CBD Energy Drink Mix is a delicious berry-flavored powder that contains 12.5mg of broad spectrum CBD and 75mg of caffeine. Drinking one packet mixed with water will provide your customers with as much energy as a cup of coffee…without the negative aftereffects!

Top-Selling CBD Energy Drinks

Coffee isn’t the only drink that offers a pick-me-up. Other caffeinated drinks that are popular include energy drinks and sodas.

Young adults tend to prefer these drinks. One study found that 92% of college students consumed caffeine over a year.

Results found that they drank these beverages in order to:

  • Feel awake (79%)
  • Enjoy the taste (68%)
  • Be social (39%)
  • Improve concentration (31%)
  • Increase physical energy (27%)
  • Improve mood (18%)
  • Alleviate stress (9%)

Joy Organics’ CBD Energy Drink Mix can help with most of these. In addition to 75mg of caffeine, this natural beverage is fortified with vitamins and minerals that support focus, physical endurance, and memory.

This energy drink mix contains 0.0% THC. Verify the THC content on the lab reports for your orders at any time on our lab results page.

While 0.0% THC, Joy Organics’ CBD Energy Drink Mix includes other non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids. Together, they promote the entourage effect. The entourage effect maximizes the effectiveness of CBD without causing a high.

Additionally, these energy drinks are excellent for marketing to fitness fanatics. CBD supports an athlete’s mental state as well as post-workout recovery. That’s why top athletes like Gina Mazany and Derrick Morgan use CBD as part of their training.

Natural Ingredients That Provide Energy and Support Focus

Most energy drinks and sodas are laden with artificial ingredients and sugars, not to mention all the cream and sugar we add to our coffees and lattes. These additives can cause several unwanted side effects, including weight gain!

wholesale CBD energy drink

Joy Organics’ CBD Energy Drink Mix comes in a mouth-watering Happy Berry flavor that will please anyone. Its guilt-free sweetness is derived from stevia and natural flavors while its bright pink color comes from red beetroot powder.

This proprietary blend of broad spectrum hemp extract, vitamins, minerals, and botanicals is optimized for promoting focus and supporting wellness. It contains energizing herbs, such as ginseng root powder and maca root powder.

These natural ingredients allow for sustained energy without the jitters!

Why Partner With Joy Organics’ Wholesale CBD Energy Drink Mix Program?

Selling CBD energy drink mixes is a unique opportunity to generate sales from three distinct markets. While these fields are competitive, you will be offering a product that is unique in each niche.

First impressions are lasting ones. If you are going to become one of the forerunners in this field, you must have a high-quality product. That’s why you should partner with Joy Organics.

Joy Organics operates with full transparency. Every batch we create is tested for purity and tested again by a third-party lab. You can verify the CBD content of any energy drink mix easily by finding its corresponding lab report.

Partnering with Joy Organics allows you to enter this growing market with little investment upfront. All of our wholesale CBD products orders have a low minimum of $250. Plus, they come with free shipping.

However, we know how orders can come out of nowhere! We offer expedited shipping options and our team is here seven days per week to assist you.

Teaming with Joy Organics is a true partnership. We are dedicated to your success because it is a reflection of our own. As soon as you join our wholesale program, we will partner you with an account specialist. They are willing to help you every step of the way as you start your CBD business.

Carve out a spot for your brand in this fast-growing sector of the CBD industry. Market to three distinct customer bases by offering a premium alternative to caffeinated drinks. Set up an appointment with an account specialist in Joy Organics’ Wholesale Program to start selling high-quality CBD energy drinks today!