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In 2020, Joy Organics is partnering with nonprofits in our hometown and around the globe. We’re giving a percentage of sales each month to key nonprofits that support human dignity through their programs by empowering and educating people. This year, we’re giving back.


Giving Back



February’s focus is a cause close to the heart of Joy Organics founder and CEO Joy Smith. In late 2017, Joy visited Uganda and witnessed the need in the South Sudanese refugee camps for the first time.

With few periods of peace since 1955, South Sudanese have been deeply affected by three civil wars, including a civil war that’s ongoing today. Though 98% of the population voted for the creation of the Republic of South Sudan in 2011, the country is still rife with political violence. Today, the UN estimates that 2.5 million people are displaced from South Sudan with most of them migrating — often at risk of great harm to themselves and their children — north to Sudan and south to Uganda. They leave their jobs, their homes and their family members behind in hopes of being safe and getting an education.


​Greater Hope

​The Greater Hope Project is our focus for Joy Day 2020, when we offer customers a massive discount to drive sales, helping fund hundreds of thousands of school lunches. The Greater Hope Project is also our Joy in Action partner for the month of February.

Hope Primary School was founded by adult victims of the South Sudanese crisis who saw a need for children in the camps of Northern Uganda to experience some normalcy and predictability. Many students are separated from their parents, and most don’t know where their parents are. Pupils receive supplies, professional trauma counseling and meals at Hope Primary School.

Last year on Joy Day, we provided 200,000 school lunches for students at Hope Primary School in Rhino Refugee Camp. This year our goal is 500,000 school lunches. This is a critical initiative because many students rely on school as their only source of nutrition. 

Not only will we be aiming to fully fund Hope Primary’s meal program, we’ll also be donating to various school growth initiatives and scholarship opportunities for Hope graduates. If you’re interested in donating directly to this incredible organization, visit greaterhopeproject.org.

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