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Our hearts go out to those impacted by Covid-19, physically, mentally, and financially. Due to the growing local needs caused by this pandemic, we’ve decided to shift our Joy in Action focus to our community in northern Colorado. As layoffs continue and schools remain closed, we’ve seen many brave individuals step up to care for the most vulnerable.

​Coronavirus Relief Plan

​Giving Back

A portion of all Joy Organics sales will go toward empowering those most affected in our home state for the month of April and possibly beyond. We’re eager to partner with a number of compassionate organizations.

This month will be a little different. Rather than us choosing one or two nonprofits, we’d like to hear about what you’re doing. If you or someone you know is in Colorado and making a difference during this crisis, we invite you to apply for a Joy in Action grant.

Just fill out the form below, select the grant amount you’re applying for, and we’ll reach out to you shortly. 

Grant Application

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