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In 2020, Joy Organics is partnering with nonprofits in our hometown and around the globe. We’re giving a percentage of sales each month to key nonprofits that support human dignity through their programs by empowering and educating their clients. 

OUR November & December FOCUS

Barefoot College

Earlier this year, right before the United States was hit with COVID-19, Joy Organics co-founder Joy Smith and Director of Communications Hannah Smith visited Zanzibar, Tanzania to see the work of a special nonprofit firsthand. Barefoot College is an organization founded to transform communities by empowering illiterate and semi-literate women over the age of 35 to become solar engineers. Through Barefoot College's training programs, they have helped bring light to over 1,000,000 people worldwide. 

We are honored to partner with Barefoot College for the months of November and December in their mission to provide sustainable energy, transformative education, and women empowerment across the globe.

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