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How to Select High-Quality CBD Gummies

How to Select High-Quality CBD Gummies

How do you select high-quality CBD gummies? If you think that all CBD gummies are created the same and the price is the only thing that matters when looking for where to buy your CBD gummies…

You might be in for a surprise.

Tests have shown that some CBD products contain less CBD than what’s on the label. As the CBD hype is taking over, so are fake CBD products.

CBD gummies are gaining popularity quickly because they’re so convenient to use. Because they’re a relatively new product and they get produced and sold in the context of a loosely regulated CBD market, it’s vital that you understand what makes one brand of CBD gummies high quality and another brand one you should avoid.

Today we’ll explore how you can make sure that the CBD gummies you’re about to buy are of the best quality.

Let’s get started.

third-party lab reports

Check the Availability of Third-Party Lab Reports and Know How to Read Them

Just a few years ago, showing the results of third-party lab tests was a rare occurrence for CBD brands. Today, however, a CBD company needs to display these reports. Third-party reports will tell you:

  • The cannabinoid profile and cannabinoid content of the product (you especially want to see that the amount of CBD is the same as what’s being advertised)
  • That the CBD product is free of toxins and contaminants like heavy metals or pesticides

If a company does not conduct third-party testing, the safest choice would be to avoid that particular brand of CBD gummies. CBD sellers really have no excuse to not show third-party reports. If they don’t, be cautious.

A complete lab report should contain the following elements:

  • A potency test that shows cannabinoid and terpene contents
  • A pesticide test showing the product is free of pesticides
  • A heavy metal test showing the product is free of heavy metals
  • A microbial test showing the product is free of microbes

If you want even more transparency, some CBD gummy manufacturers take it further by providing lab reports on a batch-by-batch basis. This is the type of transparency you really want to see when you’re buying CBD gummies.

Verifying whether your CBD gummies contain the same amount of CBD as advertised and are clean of contaminants isn’t the only reason why you should read the lab-test reports.

Checking the cannabinoid profile is a great way to see if a CBD product is a full spectrum, broad spectrum or an isolate.

Why Does the Cannabinoid Profile Matter?

It’s thought that combining CBD with other naturally occurring compounds found in the hemp plant will enhance CBD’s beneficial effects. This is called the entourage effect.

CBD brands have caught up to this fact and many brands advertise all of their products as full spectrum, indicating that their products contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.

The reality is this:

Most of these so-called full spectrum products don’t contain as many cannabinoids and terpenes as advertised.

A true full spectrum CBD product contains a wide cannabinoid and terpene profile and contains significant concentrations of cannabinoids other than CBD and significant concentrations of terpenes.

By checking the lab reports, you can usually see whether the CBD product you’re about to buy contains high levels of many cannabinoids and terpenes. If it’s advertised as a full spectrum or broad spectrum product but doesn’t contain a wide spectrum of other beneficial compounds, you’ll know that the company isn’t being honest.

Check and Verify the Ingredients of Your CBD Gummies

CBD gummies

Checking the ingredients of any CBD product is important, but it’s especially important when looking for high-quality CBD gummies.

Here’s why:

CBD gummies usually contain more ingredients than any other CBD product. It’s very easy to stuff CBD gummies with all sorts of unhealthy ingredients that you really don’t want to ingest (think high-fructose corn syrup).

Ideally, you want the ingredients in your CBD gummies to be:

  • Clean
  • Vegan
  • Organic when possible

Cleanliness of Ingredients

The cleanliness of the ingredients of your CBD gummies should be shown with the third-party lab report. If the test results clearly show the CBD gummies are free of contaminants and toxins, you’re probably in good hands.

Are the Ingredients Vegan?

Whether the ingredients of your CBD gummies are vegan is easily verifiable by doing a quick check of every specific ingredient online. Generally, if a CBD brand advertises their CBD gummies as vegan, you can trust that. But in case you do want to verify, here’s an example on how to:

You see that your CBD gummies contain the ingredient gelatin. You go to Google and find out that gelatin is not vegan. Any pack of CBD gummies that contains gelatin therefore cannot be vegan.

Are Most of the Ingredients Organic?


When the ingredients of the CBD gummies you’re looking to buy are organic, the seller will have clearly stated that they are organic on the website or packaging. Some companies say their CBD products are 100% organic when they are not, however, so you can always ask for certification.

Check the Reputation of the CBD Brand

Unless a CBD brand is new, you should be able to find enough reviews about the CBD gummies that you’re considering buying.

There are two types of reviews you can read:

  • Reviews from CBD review websites like Herbonaut
  • Reviews from customers

In both cases, read about the writer’s experiences. Pay especially close attention to the following points in the reviews:

  • What effects they experienced after taking the CBD gummies
  • What reasons people give for using the CBD gummies
  • How the CBD gummies tasted
  • How their experience was in terms of logistical matters like shipping or honoring the refund policy

Reading some of these reviews will give you a clearer idea about the quality of the CBD gummies you’re considering buying.


select high-quality CBD gummies from Joy Organics

It may seem overwhelming when you’re trying to find a high-quality CBD product, but by following these simple steps you can ensure that you have a good experience.

  • Check and know how to read third-party lab reports
  • Audit the ingredients
  • Check and verify the reputation of the CBD brand you’re considering

You can get a clear idea of the quality of the CBD gummies you’re thinking about buying.

To recap, if you care about your body, it’s vital that buy CBD gummies that are/come with:

  • Third-party lab reports
  • Clean of toxins and contaminants
  • Organic ingredients
  • Preferably vegan
  • Preferably broad spectrum or full spectrum
  • Come from a reputable CBD brand

If you have any questions about our CBD gummies or how to find your perfect product, please reach out to our customer service team!

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