Edibles. CBD tinctures. Vape pens. There are so many CBD products out there, it can be overwhelming for those new to this area in wellness. If only consuming CBD products were as easy as drinking water! Well, now it literally is. CBD water is a thing, and it’s actually a pretty neat idea.

Like a carafe of water infused with oranges waiting for you in a fancy hotel lobby, H20 can be infused with CBD too. Derived from water-soluble cannabinoids, CBD water has a high bioavailability rate. Those who formulate CBD water actually employ a process that we do here at Joy Organics as well. Let’s learn a bit more about CBD water to see if this is the right choice for your cannabis-related needs.

So…What Is CBD Water?

I know, you must be scratching your head. Why would someone buy CBD water when they can just put a drop of CBD oil into their tap water? That’s because it doesn’t work that way. You remember the old saying about these two? Oil and water don’t mix!

Instead, CBD water is often formulated through a CBD isolate. To create a CBD isolate, oils need to be extracted from the hemp plant. CBD water companies use pressurized carbon dioxide to create stress on the cannabis. As the hairs on the hemp plant break open, it releases therapeutic CBD oil.

When the CBD oil secretes into the cold atmosphere, it comes into contact with the pressurized carbon dioxide. This is much like why you can’t touch dry ice or stick your tongue to a frozen flag pole — instant contact with the sub frozen carbon dioxide immediately freezes up the CBD particles.

To capture the oil, the temperature in the environment is slowly raised. This causes the sub frozen carbon dioxide particles to slightly liquify. As the CBD particles are leaked into the liquid-yet-frozen CO2, the cannabinoids bind to the carbon. This image is important to remember when discussing how CBD water is made and the bioavailability of CBD water.

Eventually, the carbon is stripped from the cannabinoids. With over 60 phytocannabinoids, CBD is isolated from the rest. This creates CBD isolate. CBD isolate is used to create CBD water.

How Is CBD Water Made?

CBD water is made using a technology that we actually implement here at Joy Organics. The beads of CBD that are infused with CBD water are nano-sized. CBD particles in some CBD waters are as little as 1 millionth of their normal size!

When you drop CBD isolate particles as tiny as that into the water, envision what happens. Anything with density will plop down into the water and then start to float back up. However, these particles are so small, they get tangled up in between carbon particles. Sound familiar?

Just like in the extraction process, carbon particles in CBD water kind of act as a cocoon for the cannabinoids.

At Joy Organics, we formulate some of our products using microemulsion technology. That is how we pack the phytocannabinoids into our full spectrum, water soluble CBD softgels.

Why Drink CBD Water?

The biggest issue with supplementation is how our body absorbs the nutrients. One Reader’s Digest article found that 46% of multivitamins don’t do what they promise. That’s because the consumer can’t just pop a pill and hope for the best. You need other agents that will help your body make the most of what your supplements are trying to offer you.

Knowing that the customer base isn’t going to change many of its lifestyle habits, it’s a business’s responsibility to evolve its practice to suit its clients’ needs. That is why homeopathic companies create blends that accentuate the bioavailability of all the other active ingredients. For instance, at Joy Organics we have a CBD Curcumin blend.

Curcumin is a strong anti-inflammatory. Yet, it is almost impossible for our body to absorb on its own. That is why we include another anti-inflammatory in the formula, CBD. Studies show that CBD has an entourage effect. These compounds boost the benefits of phytochemicals they come into contact with.

In addition, there are also medium-chain triglycerides in the formula. Fats help us absorb nutrients better because it saves them from harsh stomach acids. The fat takes the fall and the nutrients get released into the bloodstream.

See all the thought and effort that goes into making a CBD Curcumin Softgel? CBD water also takes that sort of care. Just like fat blankets CBD in the softgels, carbon molecules do the same in the water.

As you ingest CBD water, the cannabinoids are ripe for the bloodstream. It offers them a clear path to stress receptors on the way down to the gut lining. Also, since the CBD isn’t tied to a solid material like an edible, these nanoparticles may be able to pass the blood-brain barrier.

Being so small gives CBD water molecules free rein to receptors in areas of the brain as well as the spinal column. Due to such wide-open access, CBD water has a high bioavailability rate.

What Does CBD Water Taste Like?

CBD water tastes like…water. Some say it has a bit of a nutty aftertaste. However, it’s made out of the key to life — water. So, you can make it taste however you’d like. Infuse it with some fruits. Add some CBD energy mix for an extra kick. Drop in some flavored CBD tinctures.

Right now, the CBD water is niche is still in its infant stages. As it continues to grow, we’re sure companies will find natural (and synthetic) ways to flavor their products. Just be sure to read the label to get the highest-quality CBD products.

What Are Brands of CBD Water?

In such an unknown market like CBD water, it’s best to start with brands that have been around for a while. Here are some of the most reputable CBD water brands.

Canna Nano

It’s important to make sure the water you consume isn’t coming straight from a tap. Water treated with fluoride and other chemicals may degrade the overall quality of CBD. That’s not saying these chemicals are bad for you. It just harkens back to the old days of science class. Any time a chemical comes into contact with another chemical, it causes a reaction. This reaction always creates a new compound. In this case, it may alter the positive benefits of CBD.

That is why Canna Nano is a great CBD water. They purify their water by imitating the water cycle. That’s right, the water is captured during a process of:

  • Evaporation
  • Condensation
  • Precipitation

All of this is done by using a three-point filtration system. Prior to bottling, the CBD water is ozonated for 99.9% organic and locally sourced CBD water.

CBD Living Water

Over 70,000 people suffer from overly acidic guts. This is a big reason why the world isn’t getting the most out of their supplements. The nutrients we are consuming don’t stand a chance. In order to fight acid, you need acid. No, not that kind. We’re talking water with a pH level of 7.4.

CBD Living Water formulates a pH-balanced water that will help even out the rocky gut you have going on. As a result, you will absorb the CBD more effectively.

CBD Naturals

Following on the heels of La Croix and Bubly, CBD Naturals offers their own unique take on the sparkling craze. They carry regular CBD Natural water in both regular and sparkling.

CBD Naturals captures their water from the Great Salt Lake. Their product boasts 72 unique minerals that will serve as electrolytes for athletes…and those fighting a hangover.

If you want to up the effervescence ante, CBD Naturals offers another unique line of beverages known as Hemp Rain. These tantalizing flavors are all made with non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan ingredients.

Hemp Rain flavors include:

As you’ll notice, the prices are a lot lower for CBD Naturals, making it a great brand for beginners to dip their toes in. 

As with any new CBD product, make sure to review or request lab reports before purchasing.

Is CBD Water the Most Effective Way to Take CBD?

CBD water is a great innovation. It has a high level of bioavailability. The fact that no solid materials are involved may make CBD water more effective than CBD edibles.

However, just as reputable are CBD tinctures or CBD vape pens. When you use a CBD tincture or CBD vape pen, the cannabinoids sit right under your tongue.  In this cozy little nook, cannabinoids penetrate the thin layer of skin. That means the cannabinoids get instant access to the bloodstream.

When you swallow the vapor from a CBD vape pen, it can also bypass the blood-brain barrier. The vapor can reach areas that the liquids of water can as well.

Lastly, CBD water may be more effective than some CBD softgels. However, Joy Organics implements the same microemulsion technology that’s found in CBD water. Therefore, Joy Organics CBD Softgels are up to 4 times more bioavailable than regular softgels. This makes Joy Organics one of the most potent CBD products out there.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to preferences. CBD water is an easy way to consume CBD. With that being said, it can be the most expensive. Unless you’re Daddy Warbucks, CBD water can’t be your number one source of water intake. But hey, if a bottle or two won’t break the bank, then CBD water is a solid way to go!

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