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Change the World with Us This Year

Change the World with Us This Year

We’re so excited to share our new give-back initiative with you! Every month this year, we’ll choose a nonprofit or nonprofits to give a portion of our profits to. Beginning this January, this project is called Joy in Action. We invite you to join and change the world with us this year!

This month we’re partnering with two Fort Collins, Colorado nonprofits: Homeward Alliance and Neighbor-to-Neighbor. Both groups are dedicated to making homelessness here rare, short-lived and non-recurring.

Their programs help prevent homelessness in the first place, provide shelter opportunities when it does happen and empower people to build a path to home security through homeownership. These groups will be the first to say they don’t work in isolation, but they are clearly impactful in the fight against homelessness in Fort Collins. They tirelessly advocate for humane city and county policies to address the complexity of the issue at both the individual and system levels.

change the world with us: Homeward Alliance

The groups work to create permanent supportive housing projects, housing assistance programs and employment training. They also provide counseling on eviction, reverse mortgage and foreclosure. (Those are just the highlights, we assure you!)

As we learned more about the impact of Homeward Alliance and Neighbor-to-Neighbor and the heavy work they do in this community of over 160,000 people, we saw alignment between our missions. They work to share hope for the future of our community, while we strive to enable hope by supporting this kind of critical grassroots work.

Joy in Action finds and supports sustainable and dignifying programs that help people build better lives. We’re incredibly inspired by the work done by Neighbor-to-Neighbor and Homeward Alliance in our hometown — we know they make our world a better place. We also know there’s much to be done around the globe, and that’s why we’re returning to Uganda for Joy in Action next month.

Stay tuned to learn more about Joy in Action and what we’re doing locally and globally by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks for reading! To show how much we appreciate you, we’re going to give you 16% off your next order. Just use code READER16 at checkout!

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