Why Bulk CBD Tinctures Can Boost Your Sales!

Orange Bliss Bulk CBD Tincture

A recent report by Yahoo! Finance found that the demand for natural wellness products is on the rise. This data coincides with current financial analysts projecting that CBD sales will top $1.8 billion by 2022. That makes now a better time than ever to get involved! Earn steady income by offering organic CBD tinctures by Joy Organics to your customers, followers, or clients. Bulk CBD tinctures can boost sales!

Why Are CBD Tinctures Good for Business?

Tinctures are one of the most popular ways for people to use CBD oil. Tinctures are simple and effective formulas that provide fast-acting benefits. CBD oil drops are also very versatile, which is why people enjoy using them. Here are some reasons why your audience might enjoy premium CBD tinctures.

Quick Absorption

bulk CBD broad spectrum tinctures

CBD users feel the effects much faster by using tinctures instead of other popular methods, such as softgels or edibles. These other methods require your body to digest other ingredients before it can absorb the CBD.

Tinctures bypass the digestion process because most of the absorption happens in the mouth. Joy Organics’ Tranquil Mint CBD Tincture is perfect for promoting balance and dealing with everyday stress.

DIY Topicals

CBD tinctures are also an excellent way for your followers to incorporate cannabis into their beauty routine. These drops integrate seamlessly with many topicals.

Just a few drops of Joy Organics’ Orange Bliss CBD Tincture will transform regular lotions, creams, and shampoos into energizing and invigorating experiences.


Our premium CBD tinctures are formulated with natural ingredients. Their distinct flavors are bold, delicious, and just as nature intended! Add these tinctures to food or beverages for a little something extra.

Joy Organics’ CBD Summer Lemon Tincture will brighten up any whipped topping for cupcakes. Meanwhile, Joy Organics’ Unflavored CBD Tincture blends magnificently with a morning latte.

Why Buy Bulk CBD Tinctures from Joy Organics?

Once you grow sales and customer loyalty, replenishing your inventory can become burdensome. Buying CBD tinctures in bulk is the ideal way to maintain a healthy inventory.

Nobody wants to sit on inferior CBD tinctures that don’t sell. You won’t have these worries when you partner with a reputable CBD tincture manufacturer like Joy Organics.

USDA Certified Organic

All of Joy Organics’ CBD tinctures are formulated with hemp and other ingredients that are certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). We are one of the few brands that have USDA certified organic broad spectrum and full spectrum tinctures.

Most cannabis companies procure organic full spectrum hemp. Full spectrum products contain 0.3% THC or less.

While we do have a full spectrum tincture available, most of our products are broad spectrum. Offering our organic 0.0% THC broad spectrum tinctures differentiates your shop from competitors. You will carry a unique product that is rare in this burgeoning industry.

Lab Tested for Purity

bulk CBD tincture in a bag

All of Joy Organics’ products endure strict in-house testing for purity. Every batch gets a Certificate of Analysis. These results are then verified by an outside laboratory and posted on our easily accessible lab results page.

We act with complete transparency so that you can as well. All of our products have a QR code so that your customers can verify their tincture’s purity and phytocannabinoid content with just a quick scan on their smartphone!

Unmatched Customer Service

The Joy Organics team has witnessed the difference our products can make firsthand. They want others to experience the same. That’s why our dedicated team is here seven days per week to answer any and all of your questions.

Our team delicately packs each order by hand. Every item is eligible for free shipping. However, we also have expedited shipping options available. Contact our team any day of the week to ensure your order arrives on time!

Which Bulk CBD Tinctures Should I Buy?

Joy Organics carries an assortment of flavors that will appeal to every type of client you have.

Joy Organics Tranquil Mint CBD Tincture

Joy Organics’ Tranquil Mint CBD Tincture will leave your customers’ minds (and breath) refreshed! This natural formula contains broad spectrum hemp extract, organic extra virgin olive oil, and organic peppermint essential oil. These CBD tinctures are great in hot chocolate on a cold day!

Joy Organics Orange Bliss CBD Tincture

Joy Organics’ Orange Bliss CBD Tincture is one of our most popular items. It contains broad spectrum hemp extract, organic MCT, and organic orange essential oil. This tincture has a creamy and citrusy flavor that pairs splendidly with apple cider vinegar for a light salad dressing.

Joy Organics Summer Lemon CBD Tincture

using bulk CBD tinctures boost sales

Joy Organics’ Summer Lemon CBD Tincture will brighten up your clients’ days! This proprietary blend contains broad spectrum hemp extract, organic MCT, and organic lemon essential oil. A couple of drops in iced tea will accentuate the flavors and help calm the jitters of a caffeine comedown.

Joy Organics Unflavored CBD Tincture

Joy Organics’ Unflavored CBD Tincture is a clean formula that contains just two ingredients: broad spectrum hemp extract and organic extra virgin olive oil. While we love its earthy flavor, it’s also a great skincare companion!

Joy Organics Fresh Lime CBD Tincture

Joy Organics’ Fresh Lime CBD Tincture is our first full spectrum offering. This product contains less than 0.3% THC. THC and other minor phytocannabinoids help maximize the benefits of CBD oil. This product contains full spectrum hemp extract, organic MCT, organic key lime oil, and organic stevia.

Joy Organics Pet CBD Tincture

Bulk Pet CBD Tincture

The United States pet industry generates almost $99 billion annually. If your customers are in the market for CBD tinctures for themselves, they might get one for their four-legged companion, too.

Pets have a more sensitive endocannabinoid system than humans. That’s why it’s essential to have a 0.0% THC formula. Joy Organics’ Pet CBD Tincture is a clean formula containing USDA certified organic broad spectrum hemp extract and organic extra virgin olive oil.

Animals love this natural flavor by itself; however, it also integrates seamlessly with wet food. You will earn customer loyalty by offering high-quality CBD tinctures to your followers—and their pets.

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