Where to Buy Bulk CBD Pet Products

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Successful businesses must ensure their top-selling items are always in stock. As a precaution, many business owners buy their products in bulk. Financial experts anticipate CBD sales to top $1.8 billion by 2022, which will drive up the demand for CBD products in bulk. Join this growing industry while simultaneously targeting the $38.4-billion pet care market. Purchase premium CBD pet products in bulk and help your business grow exponentially!

Why Buying Bulk CBD Pet Products Is Beneficial for Your Business

Most pet owners would do everything in their power to ensure the comfort of their furbabies. Many people actively seek natural ways to help their animals with everything from mood to joint health. CBD oil happens to help with many common goals of pet owners!

Although the CBD pet industry is still in its infancy, it generated $29.9 million in sales during 2019. This growing sector’s steady climb has prompted financial experts to predict a 40.3% increase in CBD pet sales by 2027!

As a business owner, you will never have to worry about a lack of potential customers. About 67% of American households have at least one animal. The percentage of households with a pet has steadily climbed every year since the 1980s.

Pet owners are seeing firsthand how CBD oil can support their pet’s healthy and active lifestyle. They are likely to keep using their CBD pet products with future pets and recommend these products to other pet owners.

Therefore, selling a high-quality CBD pet product can promote lifelong customer loyalty! Quality is paramount when you’re purchasing in bulk. Otherwise, you’re stuck with unwanted inventory. Invest in your business wisely by partnering with a reputable CBD pet product manufacturer, like Joy Organics.

High-Quality CBD Pet Products

Our four-legged family members deserve the same quality care as our two-legged loved ones. That’s why pet food and over-the-counter (OTC) care are the top two pet industry sectors. Consumers are willing to spend more money on pet items if they meet their animals’ needs.

Pets have been staples in the Joy family for generations. We would never sell a product that we wouldn’t give to one of our cats or dogs. If you’re an animal lover too, you’ll love hearing about the difference these products make in your furry customers’ lives!

Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Pet Tincture

Joy Organics CBD Oil for Pets is certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture. We are one of the few companies to carry USDA certified organic CBD pet tinctures with broad spectrum extract.

Joy Organics premium CBD tincture for pets

Most organic CBD products are made with full spectrum hemp extract. Full spectrum means that all naturally occurring phytocannabinoids are present in the formula. Minor phytocannabinoids promote the maximum benefits of CBD oil.

Full spectrum hemp extract contains 0.3% THC or less. This amount isn’t enough to promote a psychoactive experience for humans.

However, animals have a sensitive endocannabinoid system. Any THC can cause adverse reactions for pets, so most pet products contain CBD isolate. While there are advantages to using CBD isolate, it doesn’t promote the maximum benefits experienced with other phytocannabinoids present.

Our organic CBD pet formula is 0.0% THC. However, it contains a broad spectrum of other minor phytocannabinoids that still promote beneficial effects.

CBD Dog Treats

Joy Organics CBD Dog Treats are a favorite among furbabies. Pets have been known to do tricks in anticipation of these beef-flavored chews!

Many commercial pet treats are formulated with allergens, food dyes, and meat byproducts. These ingredients have little nutritional value and can cause long-term health issues.

Joy Organics CBD Dog Chews

Joy Organics uses natural ingredients that support health maintenance for pets. These chews are fortified with real foods that provide high-quality nutrition and flavor, such as sweet potato powder, citrus pectin, and beef liver powder.

Each morsel provides an exact serving of 2mg of broad spectrum hemp extract. These precise servings make it easier for pet owners to monitor their pet’s care.

Lastly, these dog-approved chews are crafted to improve the absorption of CBD. We implement CO2 extraction to maintain the integrity of the phytocannabinoids. We also transform the hemp extract into a water-soluble powder for these treats. Dogs are about 80% water in weight. Therefore, our proprietary extract integrates better into their system.

Once the owner sees their dog’s inner pup shining through again, you will earn a lifetime client.

Why Joy Organics Is the Best Bulk CBD Pet Product Distributor

Once you choose a product you want to sell in your store, you become reliant on the distributor. Any hold up on their deliveries or change in their formulas can impact your business. It’s important you partner with a brand that communicates and operates with transparency, like Joy Organics.

Transparent Lab Results

premium CBD pet products

Just because these are pet products doesn’t mean these items don’t undergo the same rigorous testing as our human products. All of Joy Organics’ CBD pet products are inspected thoroughly by lab experts for purity.

Every item receives a Certificate of Analysis. A third-party laboratory also produces their own certificate. All of our packaging contains QR codes so customers can quickly verify the purity and potency of the products.

Free Shipping on All Orders

Running a business comes with a lot of added expenses. You’re already purchasing CBD pet products in bulk. Your business shouldn’t also have to cover the shipping. That’s why we offer free shipping on every order.

We also understand that business demands can be dynamic. There are expedited shipping methods available upon request. Our team is here seven days per week to help meet your needs!

The pet and CBD industries are two thriving markets with plenty of opportunities for success. Grow with these booming industries by partnering with Joy Organics today!

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