How to Get High-Quality Bulk CBD Cream

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Skincare is more than just preventing wrinkles and having radiant skin. Our skin is our largest organ and plays a vital role in our health, so it’s important to take care of it. Having glowing skin is just a plus. Millions are supporting their health and beauty by incorporating CBD into their skincare routine. Take advantage of the increasing interest in the CBD and skincare industries by buying CBD cream in bulk from Joy Organics!

Why Buy Bulk CBD Cream?

The current economy has inspired many people to become self-employed or to expand their business ventures. Starting a CBD business or adding CBD products to your catalog are excellent ways to generate income. First, you must choose the right products to feature in your inventory.

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The skincare industry is one of the world’s strongest markets, generating over $62 billion globally. Of these sales, $17 billion is generated in the United States. These numbers continue to grow year over year, with the demand for more unique products increasing simultaneously.

The leader of the next skincare boom is going to be high-quality CBD cream. Economists believe that CBD sales are expected to reach around $1.8 billion by 2025.

Burgeoning CBD sales coincide with an already healthy skincare market that continues to see growth. By purchasing bulk CBD cream from Joy Organics, you will be at the forefront of a thriving industry. Create a solid foundation for the next chapter of your career by partnering with Joy Organics.

Hottest CBD Cream on the Market

Joy Organics’ CBD topicals are luxurious, ultra-hydrating, and skin-renewing. All of our products are made with ingredients that improve the overall formula.

These cruelty-free products are fortified with broad spectrum hemp extract that supports healthy skin. Each of these premium CBD creams is like a spa trip in a bottle, and your clients will be more than happy to indulge!

Joy Organics CBD Cream

The average person exposes themselves to 85-168 chemical ingredients in their skincare products daily. Joy Organics’ CBD Cream is a simple formula fortified with broad spectrum hemp extract and botanicals that moisturize while supporting a healthy skin barrier.

This one-ounce bottle is enriched with 250mg of CBD oil that helps soothe dry skin all day long. Your clients will love how this cream locks in moisture and promotes radiant skin.

Plus, this fragrance-free formula won’t leave any potent odors behind. Nobody will know that CBD cream is the secret behind your customers’ radiant glow.

Joy Organics CBD Sports Cream

Many post-workout creams have an abrasive odor that forces some people not to seek the support they need. Your followers won’t have to worry about that embarrassment when they use Joy Organics’ CBD Sports Cream.

This silky-smooth cream is enriched with 400mg of CBD oil and a unique blend of organic essential oils. These natural ingredients synergistically promote a cooling effect that soothes achy muscles and joints while simultaneously supporting blood circulation and glowing skin.

Joy Organics’ CBD Sports Cream comes in a sleek bottle that fits perfectly in a gym bag. It comes with a tight turn-top pump to ensure mess-free transit. This velvety cream is ideal for post-exercise support or daily skin maintenance!

Why Is Joy Organics Best for Bulk CBD Cream?

It is vital to sell high-quality products that will promote repeat customers. Even on the internet, word of mouth is essential for a healthy business. Creating a negative reputation by selling inferior products can be catastrophic for your business. Eliminate those concerns by getting your CBD cream in bulk from Joy Organics.

Third-Party Tested for Quality

Every item in the Joy Organics catalog goes through extensive in-house testing. Our Certificates of Analysis are verified by third-party laboratories. All of our premium skincare items are free of pollutants and contaminants, and are 0.0% THC!

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CBD products aren’t as regulated as other items in the skincare industry. As a business owner, you should be aware of the active and inactive ingredients in anything you sell. We make this knowledge easy to attain for both you and your followers.

Each bottle of Joy Organics CBD Cream comes with a QR code that is linked to the lab reports associated with the product. This act of transparency helps foster trust between your clients and your business.

Free Shipping

Buying CBD cream in bulk is already an expense for your business. We want you to invest your time and resources in selling high-quality products. You shouldn’t have to worry about the added costs of shipping. That’s why we offer free shipping on all orders!

Sometimes businesses need a product faster. We understand the urgency and are more than happy to help. Our team is here seven days per week to help fulfill your orders and offer expedited shipping options for rush orders.

Inventory Management Support

One of the most challenging aspects of running an online business is managing your inventory. When you find products your customers enjoy, it’s imperative to keep those items in stock. That leaves your business’s success at the mercy of your CBD distributor.

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We can help you manage your Joy Organics inventory stock. The Joy Organics Fulfillment Program provides you a designated space in our climate-controlled distribution center.

Our team uses ShipStation to fulfill orders placed through your online shop. Once your stock gets low, we will auto-fill your inventory. That way, your shipments never experience a delay!

The CBD and skincare industries are very healthy and continue to see steady growth. Both sectors are seeing innovations, with a lot of crossover between both demographics.

Partnering with Joy Organics by selling our premium CBD cream is the perfect way to market your business to two distinct and successful industries.

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