How to Get Bulk CBD Edibles

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Ordering CBD products in bulk is an excellent way to ensure your inventory always remains stocked with your most popular items. With CBD sales on track to hit $1.8 billion by 2022, the demand for high-quality CBD products will increase. It’s wise for business owners to stay ahead of customer demand by partnering with reputable CBD distributors for bulk orders on top-selling items. Get free shipping on bulk purchases of premium CBD edibles with Joy Organics!

Why Purchase Bulk CBD Edibles?

Purchasing CBD edibles in bulk is a proactive way to maintain a healthy inventory. These measures will be necessary as you grow your CBD business because edibles are an emerging sector in this booming market. 

Financial analysts believe edibles will become the fastest-rising niche in CBD. By 2027, experts project CBD edibles sales will increase by 25%. 

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A report by The New York Times found that cannabis edibles sales surged in the face of the pandemic. CBD gummies are an excellent way to receive the benefits of cannabis, minus the high. They help support a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Since people are familiar with gummies, they are a great introduction to CBD for new users who don’t want to try pills or tinctures. Gummies are also a much easier method for people who don’t like to, or can’t, swallow pills. They are ideal to market to experienced CBD users looking to quit vaping or smoking hemp flowers. 

CBD gummies are a fun and easy way to increase business sales. These popular CBD items can also become the cornerstone item you build your next online shop around. You just need to make sure you’re partnering with the right brand.

Why Order Joy Organics CBD Gummies in Bulk?

Ordering in bulk is a savvy business move that frees up time from inventory management, ensures there are no losses in potential sales from being out of stock, and improves the overall customer service experience. 

Nobody wants to be stuck with inventory that doesn’t move the needle. Selling inferior CBD edibles is certain to slow down your sales. 

Earn customer loyalty by partnering with a respected brand that has a following of its own. Choose Joy Organics as your bulk CBD edibles supplier. 

Independently Lab Tested

The CBD edible industry is still a new market. CBD products are not as closely regulated as other edible items. Companies that use low-quality products or inferior CBD oil can get away with false label claims.

These practices are dangerous to consumers. They’re also not good for the longevity of your business. For the sake of your reputation, only sell CBD products that are third-party lab tested. 

Joy Organics CBD Gummies, as well as all of our other products, undergo strict in-house lab testing to ensure our proprietary CBD oil and natural ingredients never get contaminated. Every item is given a Certificate of Quality Assurance that a third-party laboratory verifies.

All of our lab reports are readily available at any time. You can check them to verify the purity and THC content (0.0%) of these premium gummies. 

High Potency and Absorption

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While Joy Organics’ CBD Gummies are 0.0% THC, they do contain other minor phytocannabinoids and terpenes. These plant-based compounds help maximize the benefits of CBD through a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. 

Low Minimum Orders and Dropshipping Opportunities

Buying CBD edibles in bulk means spending more money upfront to ensure you have products to sell. You don’t get that money back until you make a sale. Therefore, investing in inventory can become an expensive endeavor for burgeoning entrepreneurs. 

Joy Organics makes joining the CBD industry a low-risk decision. We offer a low minimum of $250 on all wholesale orders. 

There is also no minimum number of units to qualify for delivery. You can order both flavors of Joy Organics’ premium CBD gummies, as well as other Joy Organics products, to meet your low order minimum.

Businesses don’t always have the warehouse space necessary to fulfill a high quantity of orders. You can keep your Joy Organics products in our climate-controlled warehouse by renting space through the Joy Organics Fulfillment Program

This exciting initiative allows you to manage and fulfill your online orders remotely. We use encrypted ShipStation software to receive the shipping information for your customers. Our customer service team works seven days per week to hand-pack your orders, ensuring each item arrives in perfect condition. 

Natural, Vegan Ingredients

Many gummy-based products are made with artificial ingredients that act as fillers, flavoring agents, or preservatives. None of these ingredients are used in any of Joy Organics’ products!

Our CBD Gummies use fruit-based pectin to create vegan-friendly edibles. Both of these premium flavors are crafted with a blend of natural fruit and vegetable juices that give them their delicious flavors and fun colors. 

Best Bulk CBD Edibles 

Gummies are a fun way for your customers to incorporate CBD into their wellness routine. Your followers will love how these tasty gummies support healthy joints, moods, and restful sleep. Each gummy contains exactly 10mg of broad spectrum CBD oil, providing a consistent experience that your loyal customers can rely on. 

Joy Organics Strawberry Lemonade CBD Gummies

Joy Organics Strawberry Lemonade CBD Gummies are one of our top-selling items. They’re sure to become one of yours, too! These natural CBD gummies are bursting with bright flavors that your customers will crave. With 10mg of CBD oil to offer daily wellness support, these gummies are sure to create a loyal consumer base. 

Joy Organics Green Apple CBD Gummies

Joy Organics Green Apple CBD Gummies are mouth-puckeringly delicious. The tart bite and refreshing bursts of natural fruit and vegetable juices in these premium gummies will have your customers stocking up. Good thing you know a reliable CBD gummy distributor!

Start Your CBD Business Today

There are plenty of opportunities to create a foothold for your business in the ever-expanding CBD industry. Selling CBD gummies is a practical way to enter this burgeoning market. Start your CBD business with low risks by selling premium edibles by Joy Organics. Place your first CBD edibles order today!

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