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Top 8 CBD Waxes

Top 8 CBD Waxes


Many who get into hemp-based products quickly become familiar with CBD oil. Did you know that there are other types of CBD extracts that boast even higher concentrations of this potent cannabinoid? Perhaps the best way to get a stronger serving of CBD is by vaping CBD wax.

Also known as dabbing, vaping wax is growing in popularity. These little nuggets of sticky hemp residue are heralded for their abundance of CBD and quick absorption rates. So, let’s take a closer look at the nature of CBD wax and the top 8 CBD waxes you should check out today.

What is CBD Wax?

Wax is a natural byproduct of the CBD oil extraction process. Credible CBD companies will use high-quality equipment such as CO2 extraction to produce oil. From there, CBD is isolated from the group.

8 CBD waxes

As the carbon dioxide dissipates from the opaque oil, it starts to create a sticky residue. This residue is known as CBD wax. There are many types of CBD wax products that have different flavor profiles, textures and consistencies.

Types of CBD Wax

For someone new to CBD, the concept of vaping wax can be confusing. There are a number of varieties of CBD wax, all with slight differences that can make it a bit harder to understand. Here are some differences in CBD wax products.

CBD Shatter

CBD shatter, also known as a slab, is one of the most popular CBD wax products. It gets its name because it looks like broken glass. After undergoing CO2 extraction, the pure CBD is then heated slightly. Once the residue cools, it hardens with pieces that look shattered within the structure of the wax.

Be careful when purchasing CBD shatter. Some companies will use butane to make shatter. These harsh chemicals can have an adverse reaction to the terpenes and CBD in your shatter. Ultimately, this might dull your highly-concentrated wax.

CBD Budder

Not to be confused with cannabutter, CBD budder is a wax that looks like creamy butter. Once your CBD is extracted, the molecules in the oil are agitated. This makes it easier to purge cannabinoids. As the purging comes to an end, the oil is whipped. That creates the creamy consistency that users expect from CBD budder.

While CBD shatter is like hard candy and may break off into pieces, CBD budder has a more whipped texture. You may find that CBD budder is easier to work with due to its consistency.

CBD Crumble

CBD crumble is created in a process similar to CBD budder. The difference is that this process uses a pre-purged CBD oil. Therefore, the structure has already been agitated. When the wax is formulated, it creates an even more fragile product, resulting in its crumbly texture.

CBD crumble is less sticky than budder and easier to break off than CBD shatter. However, it’s a pre-purged CBD oil. While still highly-concentrated, CBD crumble may lack some potency compared to other products.

How to Vape CBD Wax

Now that you know what to look for when you’re shopping for CBD wax, let’s give you a quick tutorial on how to vape it. You will need one of two devices to accomplish this task.

Dab Rig

The most popular and more expensive way to vape CBD wax is with a dab rig. A dab rig resembles a hookah in many ways but it requires a little more work to light.

A dab rig comes with a heating mechanism known as a nail. Some of these need to be lit with a blowtorch. More expensive dab rings come with a computerized nail called an e-nail. Coiling mechanisms will take care of the heat, so you don’t have to worry about torching your fingers.

Once the nail is hot, you will use a pair of tongs known as a dabber to pick up the wax. Place the pieces of wax on the hot nail. The hot temperatures cause the CBD wax to combust. This reaction creates an effect known as “flash vaporization.”

Vapors from the wax will filter through the water in the basin and then circulate through the stem to reach the mouthpiece. All you have to do is inhale your high concentration of CBD.

Vape Pen

vape pen

The most convenient method for vaping CBD waxes is through a vape pen. However, you can’t use the same vape pen as you would use for Joy Organics CBD Vape Cartridges. That’s because wax pens require a bit more work.

You need a vape pen where you can separate the atomizer from the battery. Once you expose the coils, turn them on. Place the wax on with a dabber. Reattach the atomizer to the battery and secure the mouthpiece. When you press the button, the wax will combust in the chamber. Inhale the vapors for a powerful serving of CBD.

While convenient, CBD wax pens require a lot of cleaning. Once the wax combusts, it leaves behind a sticky residue. If you don’t maintain cleaning, the wax can impact the strength of the coils and hinder future CBD wax from reaching a flash vaporization point.

Top 8 CBD Waxes

Now you know which type of products you are shopping for and how you plan on vaping them. It’s time to pick which CBD wax brand is right for you. Here are eight of the best brands you will find on the market.

Try the CBD Girl Scout Cookie Shatter

Try the CBD is a game-changing brand in the world of CBD wax. They take 97% pure CBD and give it the power of the entourage effect that many enjoy with broad spectrum hemp extract. The way Try the CBD achieves this is by injecting their formula with terpenes found in their proprietary blend of hemp known as Girl Scout Cookie.

Assisting in the bioavailability of CBD are the following terpenes:

  • Caryophyllene
  • Myrcene
  • L-alpha-Pinene
  • D-Limonene
  • L-beta-Pinene
  • Beta-Ocimene
  • Cineol
  • Linalool

Enriching the CBD wax with these terpenes doesn’t just improve the overall potency. It also improves the flavor. For instance, terpenes such as D-Limonene give the product a citrus kiss. Meanwhile, linalool provides an earthy, almost floral aftertaste. For wellness support, be sure to try Try the CBD.

Highland Pharms Wax Crumble

What stands out about this wax is that Highland Pharms makes one of the least crumbly CBD crumbles. Almost bordering a budder, this crumble is whipped with air after the purge process. This last-minute alteration allows the crumbles to have a more whipped consistency. Since it gets fluffier, it actually holds together quite well like a piece of peanut brittle.

Highland Pharms likes to keep their formula simple, allowing the high concentration of CBD to take center stage. All they add to their CBD is a bit of grapeseed oil.

Grapeseed oil helps add moisture, so the crumble stays in one piece until you are ready to use them. Plus, grapeseed oil is rich in healthy fats. Therefore, adding grapeseed oil may help your body with the absorption of CBD as you inhale the vapor.

Rad Dabs

Every wellness sector has a company that may put taste preferences over quality. Unfortunately, Rad Dabs is one of those brands. If you’re wondering why we included them on the list, it’s because everyone has a right to decide what is right for them.

The reason we are a bit skeptical about Rad Dabs is what sets them apart. This brand has a line of dabs that sound absolutely delicious.

You can get CBD wax in flavors that include:

  • Natural
  • Strawberry
  • Wild Berry
  • Bubble Gum
  • Peach Melba

We understand that some people like to indulge in “flavored” products. To Rad Dabs’ credit, they use what they describe as “food-based flavoring.” We aren’t quite sure what that means, but it doesn’t necessarily indicate that this product is harmful. As a health-conscious crew, we just want you to be fully informed.

Instead of harping on the negatives, let’s point out a positive about this product. Rad Dabs has 24% CBD per gram of wax. They fortify their formula with a spectrum of terpenes, amino acids and Vitamin E. So, while the flavors might be a red flag, there are plenty of other ingredients that can complement a healthy lifestyle.

CBDistillery Isolate Slab

As we mentioned earlier, slab is another word for shatter. CBDistillery Isolate Slab brings forth perhaps the purest CBD isolate on the market. This shatter boasts a whopping 99% CBD in a one-gram nugget.

What we appreciate about CBDistillery is that all of their products are third-party tested. You can see the lab results for any product right next to the item on their landing page. As you can see, their formula only has one other cannabinoid, which is a trace of CBDv. Therefore, you are getting the purest CBD wax on the market when you choose CBDistillery Isolate Slab.

While pure CBD isolate may promote wellness, others may need a little extra help. Experience the entourage effect by opting for CBDistillery Broad Spectrum Wax. This formula is 80% CBD with the added potential benefits of cannabigerol (CBG).


One of the most difficult parts of using a dab rig is breaking off your wax. Depending on its texture, you might break off too much. In other cases, the wax may be too sticky to break off the amount you desire. CBD Genesis finds a simple solution with its DABWAX. This CBD wax is broken into little shards that are more accessible for a dabber to pick up and place onto a rig.

This formula is one of the most potent CBD waxes on the market. DABWAX is a full spectrum CBD wax that has a load of cannabinoids, including 0.02% THC. While they implement third-party testing, their results only show CBD and THC. Be sure you contact CBD Genesis for a full lab report before making your purchase.

CBD Living Orange Cookiez Dab Shatter

CBD Living also incorporates flavor into their dabs. The difference between this company and Rad Dabs is that flavors like Orange Cookiez Dabz are made with terpenes. Therefore, essential oils were used to create the taste of the vapor, rather than “Natural” flavorings.

While Orange Cookiez is its top-seller, CBD Living has other flavors including:

In addition to using terpenes for flavor and for promoting the entourage effect, we also appreciate the way CBD Living extracts their cannabinoids. They implement a similar technology to Joy Organics.

By using nanoemulsion technology, CBD particles in Orange Cookiez Dabz are smaller than others on this list. This practice allows for greater coverage and bioavailability.

Pure CBD Vapors iHemp CBD Dabs

iHemp CBD Dabs is a great middle-of-the-road CBD wax. This product by Pure CBD Vapors contains a respectable 56.8% CBD within one gram of wax.

What we love about Pure CBD Vapors iHemp is that they make it easier for you to vape your product. They offer a hefty discount when you bundle the iHemp CBD Dabs with a dab rig. You can get a rig for just $30 extra as a combo deal.

Speaking of boosting value, Pure CBD Vapors also fortifies their CBD wax with terpenes, amino acids and Vitamin E. Therefore, you get a complete entourage effect experience with each inhale from your dab rig.

Chakra Extracts Terpene Slab

What better way to find homeostasis than with Chakra Extracts Terpene Slab? We love everything about this brand, including their mantra “from soil to oil”. This brand uses terpenes derived from food-grade botanicals to make the widest variety of naturally-flavored CBD concentrates.

Choose from delicious flavors such as:

  • Pineapple Express
  • Headband
  • SuperLemonHaze
  • BlueberryKush
  • StrawNana
  • Zkittles
  • Sour Allen
  • Mango
  • Tangle

On top of delicious flavors, Chakra Extracts Terpene Slab does its due diligence. Each batch is tested three times for purity. In addition, this brand has one of the most in-depth lab reports we have ever seen. This commitment to quality and safety makes Chakra one of the most trusted CBD wax brands on the market.

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