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Top Benefits of Becoming a Wholesale Partner With Joy Organics

Top Benefits of Becoming a Wholesale Partner With Joy Organics


Are you looking to become a wholesale partner with Joy Organics? What began as a family business selling hemp-based CBD products is now a rapidly growing venture that is ready to bring on some partners who want to help make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Joy Organics was founded by Joy and Todd Smith, a couple who has spent a lot of time growing businesses in the nutritional space. Throughout his entrepreneurial career, Todd has always strived for excellence by paying attention to the details and the little things that separate the best of the best in health and wellness products. It is this mentality that has allowed Joy Organics to come up with a winning CBD extraction process that allows us to create and sell products that truly impact a person’s quality of life. There are dozens of reasons to join forces with Joy Organics, but here are the top 10 benefits of becoming a wholesale CBD partner with us.

1. The Ability to Tap into Our Superior Product Line

wholesale partner with joy organicsWith 28 years of experience in the health and nutrition space and having worked with thousands of healthcare and medical professionals to understand what really works, Joy and Todd did extensive research to find Folium Biosciences, the largest vertically integrated producer of CBD in the United States. Everything Joy Organics does, from their seeds to the end result, produces the highest quality, most consistent CBD oil available on the marketplace today. Our proprietary nanoemulsion technology reduces the particle size of CBD, thus enhancing the bioavailability in the system of some of our products. Plus, our tinctures and Jarred salves are now USDA certified organic! 

This is just one of the reasons why more than 50% of people keep coming back and referring their friends to us. Many doctors, chiropractors and integrative medicine professionals are also recommending Joy Organics to their customers and patients due to the fact that we offer full plant extract products without the THC, which is something that distinguishes us from all the other CBD companies in the marketplace.

2. Our Excellent Customer Service

Consistent with Joy Organics’ overall business mentality, we are all about excellence and striving to do our very best in the products that we offer. We have built this company on that type of culture, which extends to our customers and wholesale partners. Whether you send an email to Joy Organics on a Sunday afternoon or on a national holiday, you are going to get a response that same day. We take great pride in our service and always do what we say we’re going to do. We treat our partners with respect, promptness and professionalism, ensuring that you are going to have a great experience with Joy Organics.

3. Our Packaging

One big differentiator of Joy Organics’ products is that they all come in nice white attractive decorator boxes that can proudly be displayed in your place of business. Our packaging presents a brand that appears to be high quality and represents your business in a positive way. All Joy Organics’ products come attractively packaged.

4. Our Photography

Joy Organics has proudly built the company to the size it is now, but we want to take it to the top so we have brought in a branding expert to help take us to the next level. Our new branding and wellness philosophy will be reflected in our photography, our brochures and our various marketing materials. And the best part is that all of that is provided to you free of charge as part of our wholesale partnership through a link to our media assets, so that you’ve got every kind of photo that you might need to help you promote your business.

5. Low Order Minimums

Whether you want to order two bottles of the melatonin softgels or three boxes of our energy packs, there’s a low minimum purchase amount of $250 ($500 retail). Just get whatever it is that you want to sell and as your inventories run low, simply go to our website and enter the unique coupon code that we provided to get 50% off and your order will be shipped that same day. It’s very easy for you to get product back in stock very quickly. And if you’re a brand-new business it’s a less expensive way of getting started because you don’t need to buy a lot in the beginning and can replenish your inventory as needed.

6. Free Shipping

Did we mention free shipping on all orders through the U.S. Postal Service? Not only do you get 50% off of everything you buy on our website, but then it is shipped for free anywhere in the United States.

7. Our Product Displays

You will have access to beautiful displays for our wholesale partners and retail stores that can proudly display Joy Organics products and further increase the chance of selling your inventory rather than just placing it on the shelf.

8. Our Marketing Tools

Along with providing media assets, product displays, and attractive packaging, our wholesale partners can receive banners and decals that can proudly be hung in windows and storefronts in your place of business, further enhancing your ability to sell Joy Organics products. Plus, we provide educational videos for your employees so that they can fully understand the science and benefits behind our CBD tinctures, softgels, and dog treats.

9. We Offer Product Samples, Too

Brochures and best-in-class marketing materials are available to all Joy Organics wholesale partners, but sometimes people just need to try the product for themselves. When people come into the Fort Collins store and they’re skeptical about CBD, we just give them a sample pack of 25mg softgels. It’s amazing when people come back and say, “Wow — I have not felt this good in years.” These little sample packs go a long way in promoting a return visit.

Joy Organics offers a lot of benefits because we love our wholesale partners and understand the value in building a successful business together. If you have any questions or are ready to become a wholesale partner with Joy Organics, visit our Wholesale CBD Partnership Page.

Thanks for reading! To show how much we appreciate you, we’re going to give you 16% off your next order. Just use code READER16 at checkout!

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