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The Least Expensive Way to Start Your CBD Business

The Least Expensive Way to Start Your CBD Business


This is for those of you who are budget-conscious; you want to get into the CBD business, but you don’t have a lot of money and you want to know how you can get started with the least amount of money invested. The least expensive way to start your CBD business is to identify an existing brand that you respect that you would want to partner with, such as Joy Organics.

Something to keep in mind is that about 80% of the brands in this industry are not companies that you would want to partner with, but there are some “golden egg” companies that you can find through research. Get a good feel for their website, read their reviews and even look into their social media pages and what their following is like.

partner with Joy Organics

One of the advantages of partnering with Joy Organics is that you can buy our branded products. They’re presented in nice, professional packaging and labels so you can present a reliable, reputable product that you already know is going to sell.

While there are other CBD brands to consider, you can reach out to Joy Organics at if you decide to take it one step further and find out more about partnering with our brand.

To provide a little insight ahead of time, when Joy Organics sets you up as one of our wholesale partners, you’re given a unique coupon code and then you place an order. Whenever you enter in the coupon code, you get at least 50% off your order of $500 or more. For larger orders, you can get 60% or even 65% off the overall order.

You want to identify an existing brand that you trust to partner with when you’re first starting out in the CBD world. However, if you have enough money to start your own private label brand, it’s recommended to start with the most popular products first for success.

tinctures are popular

The most popular products are typically 250mg tinctures and 500mg tinctures (and more recently 10 or 25mg softgels) by the Joy Organics standards. Our tinctures are now also USDA certified organic. Depending on the type of CBD product you get, the serving size will have more or less CBD. There are some bottles that have 1,000mg to 5,000mg depending on the extra strength you choose; it comes down to preference and sometimes, more importantly, price.

Tinctures available through Joy Organics are the best combination of both quality and value. The 250mg tinctures, for example, are typically the best budget-friendly option for someone to see how their body reacts to cannabidiol extract. Likewise, it’s a budget-conscious decision to start with for selling as it’s a strength many are comfortable starting out with.

Whenever those who start out with the 250mg tincture come back, though, they generally come back for the 500mg bottle instead. If their budget calls for it, most of them will buy the 500mg instead of the 250mg, typically to see if they can get an even better or more intense effect than they received with the 250mg bottle.

If you do decide to partner with Joy Organics, we recommend the most popular flavors and strengths to start with, the 250mg Tranquil Mint and the 500mg Tranquil Mint tinctures. If you’re able to go for a third product to sell, we also recommend our softgels. If you can afford four, the 10mg and the 25mg softgels are the best options.

Joy Organics pet chews and oil

We also have a one-ounce container of CBD salve. It’s something to put on hands for a variety of reasons and is extremely popular. Plus, our Jarred salves are also USDA certified organic. If you can afford another one, dog chews are also a viable option. CBD is just as helpful for man’s best friend as it is for us.

If you are searching for the least expensive way to start your CBD business, pick a popular product that you can trust is going to sell. If you want to start out on the more affordable side, partner with an existing CBD business and sell one or multiple of their products. In order to get started inexpensively, pick the most popular products, and as you start to get sales and your profits increase, you can branch out and sell a variety of others.

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