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Stories of Joy

Stories of Joy


The stories of Joy: At Joy Organics, we’ve spent the past year building the #1 0.0% THC CBD brand that offers a wide variety of products for everyone. We follow rigorous standards, such as testing products through third-party labs and using premium ingredients, to ensure that we create the highest quality products possible.

But why do we do all of this?

The answer is simple — for you.

We wouldn’t want to give a low-quality CBD product to our friends and family, so why would we treat our customers any differently? Joy has been on the consumer’s side and understands that there’s a lack of reliable CBD products out there. When she felt the impact of a good product, though, she wanted others to be able to experience the same benefits.

That’s why, while there are many things we love about Joy Organics, one of the things we love most is hearing the stories of our customers and fellow employees. It wasn’t that long ago that many of us discovered CBD for the first time and felt its impact on our lives, so watching our products impact the lives of others is truly a joyful experience.

Some of our biggest supporters have been with us from early on, helping us to build the company from the ground up.

A couple of months after founding Joy Organics, Joy’s team knew they needed someone who could bring our customer experience to the next level. That’s when they met Carolyn McGuinness, who would later become an integral part of the Joy team.

Brian McGuinness

Carolyn’s husband, Brian, lived in almost constant pain after a life-threatening car accident kicked off several congenital conditions related to his spine. He couldn’t play with his kids, could barely climb the stairs and, whenever he wasn’t working, the couch offered only a semblance of relief.

Carolyn had heard that CBD might provide support but had yet to be convinced it wasn’t all hype.

If this stuff really works, she thought, it might work for Brian. So she offered Brian a couple of curcumin softgels. Later that day, she received a text from her husband.

“This company is going places.”

Today, both Brian and Carolyn work for Joy Organics and are proud to be part of a company that improves lives every day.

Hear more about the McGuinness story:

The McGuinness Story from Joy Organics on Vimeo.

If you’ve been around for a while, you might know that everything started with our storefront in Fort Collins, Colorado. There was just something special about face-to-face connection.

Our CBD Educators work in the store every day, providing customers with information on our products and CBD in general. They often share their own stories with the individuals who visit.


The store’s assistant manager, Courtney, has also found support from our CBD. Before working for Joy Organics, she experienced regular discomfort related to TMJ disorder. This daily discomfort greatly impacted Courtney’s quality of life and nothing seemed to help.

When she started working for Joy Organics, Courtney decided to try our 25mg softgels and found the support she was looking for. “Not only am I now able to enthusiastically start my day,” Courtney said, “I’ve also experienced a decrease of stress and a dramatic increase in focus.”

These are just a couple of the multitude of stories of Joy that we’ve heard throughout our first year of business. Nothing provides as much motivation to do what we do as these deeply personal stories of triumph. We’re incredibly thankful to play a part in anyone’s journey to wellness and look forward to another year (and many more) of doing the same.

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