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How to Improve Relationships and Avoid Blunders While Social Distancing

How to Improve Relationships and Avoid Blunders While Social Distancing


Curious how to improve relationships while social distancing? We still don’t know the long-term fallout of social distancing, but we know one thing for sure: it complicates our relationships. Whether you’re forced into a long-distance romance or are quarantined together, this pandemic is bound to put some strain on your relationship. Here are a few tips that both sides of the river can appreciate.

Tips for Improving Relationships While Social Distancing Apart

The challenges facing couples who don’t get to see each other every day can be difficult. These roadblocks can be even more frustrating for couples who already live a longer commute apart. Couples who only see each other on the weekends are facing the reality that travel bans may turn them into a modern-day Romeo and Juliet. Here are some tips for keeping the spark alive and the conflict at a minimum.

FaceTime Each Other

For a relationship to work in the 2020s, you need face-time. The perfect way to achieve that in the era of social distancing is with an app of the same name. While you may habitually text your significant other during the day, don’t let that be your only means of communication.

Instead of texting at night, check in. Say hi. See the face of the person you love. It will make the loneliness of social distancing more bearable.

Have A Virtual Date

Right now is the ultimate time to plan a date night. Have a romantic night in together. Order the same meal from similar takeout or delivery joints. Enjoy an identical brand of wine or CBD mocktail together as if everything was prepped in the same kitchen.

For those really trying to set the mood, set up your virtual date through Playlist. This app allows you to video chat with your loved one while you both listen to the same tunes in real-time. Make the best out of the current reality by creating a fantasy world made for two.

Don’t Go Down The Social Media Rabbit Hole

improve relationships while social distancing - avoid social media

With more alone time on your hands, you may be tempted to check up on an ex. If you don’t have a regular friendship with them, now is not the time to reminisce or stalk through their past year’s social media history. Most importantly, don’t send the “WYD” text!

Be Honest

Being in social isolation can lead you to realize a lot of things about yourself. Your wandering mind can be a glorious or dangerous tool. Sometimes it can go running amok, and other times it’s really onto something. Use this time to reflect and discover how you truly feel.

If you’re having reservations about the future, have an honest conversation with your loved one. Share your fears, doubts and concerns so you can move forward together.

Tips for Avoiding Relationship Blunders While Social Distancing Together

Being stuck in close quarters is trying for any relationship, no matter how long you have been together. Not having a buffer like work can really challenge a relationship. Throw kids in the mix, and you have even more chances for relationship blunders. Here are tips for surviving quarantine together.

Find Me-Time

Even in the time of a pandemic, we still need a little self-care. Me-time is essential for anyone’s sanity. It’s even more vital when you’re isolated with another person.

Carve out time in the day to do things alone. Read a book in another room. Go for a run in the neighborhood. Listen to music in your bedroom. Taking moments for yourselves will make you less likely to be at each other’s throats.

CBD Mocktails

Joy Organics CBD cocktail

A lot of people are turning to alcohol to help cure the boredom during these trying times. We like a nice drink or two. However, excessive alcohol can be hazardous to healthy relationships.

Try cutting back on the booze and relax a bit with CBD. CBD-infused drinks will help you unwind without the habit-forming and mind-altering effects of alcohol. Of course, you can always add a bit of alcohol to your mocktails, too. Just make sure you’re drinking responsibly.

Limit the Binge-Watching

Turn off the television. It’s stealing conversations and making us mindless drones on the couch. Binge-watching does nothing for our overall enrichment and leads to unnecessary caloric intake. You want to look good for your loved one, right?

Play Games

Instead of TV, play games with each other. Pull out a deck of cards, dust off the old Scrabble board or download Jackbox.TV. These activities will not only stimulate your mind more than the TV will, but playing games also creates a stronger bond with your loved one. It encourages far more interaction and creates many more memories.

Hang Out With Others

The healthiest of relationships are ones that have time for the other people they care about. We may be in social isolation, but we’re not excommunicated. FaceTime with your family and friends away from your loved one.

Also, download the Houseparty app and have group hangouts with your crew. Maintaining normalcy will help you maintain your sanity during this crisis.

How are you handling your relationship during these trying times? Help others by giving advice in the comments below.

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